The Summing Up and Conclusion

So just about a week ago I wrote the post, I am Still Alive where in I gave myself a bit of a personal challenge with a random post title creator thingie. I not only managed all five posts, but squeezed in an extra because I think Saturday morning cartoons just begs for their own post.

In summation, I had fun. It was a good combination of posts, including a couple I could write about forever – very long and thoughtful, an easy one (top nature stories), a somewhat challenging one (haiku). and one that was certainly OUT of my comfort zone (the next big thing in anime). In case you missed one or more, let me stick the box in here with titles and links.

I had fun. I like to think, write, and ramble. I’m enjoying, also, being able to just ramble without the “professional” type standards I usually hold myself to of a POINT, a beginning, middle and end, etc. The thing is, you, my dear readers, seem to like the stream of thought posts as well! Since I don’t have a boss or editorial standards committee or anyone other than me and you to worry about – we’re just going to roll with it.

The best thing to me, was having some really good long intense and intelligent discussion with people who I like and respect on these subjects. I miss intelligent discussion. I used to get that with my gaming groups and (believe it or not) working at the bars. I barely speak to anyone these days who isn’t a doctor or nurse in a hurry. And I swear, I either met more intelligent people in bars than I do on the bus or other people’s intelligence increases the more vodka I’ve had to drink. Maybe a bit of both. That siad, I found myself getting a bit tired, too, with thinking and all. I couldn’t do this as a full time schedule.

I would totally do this again. Maybe with five different nouns, just for fun and variety. But when? Well, look, it’s Shark Week, plus Rally Estonia starts early tomorrow morning (my time). Fact, this blog’s schedule will always be wrapped around the WRC rally schedule. How about starting next Monday or Tuesday – July 19/20. I’ll set myself a reminder.

Surprisingly enough I gained a couple of followers, too! Hi there! Thanks for hopping onboard this crazy train.

So – much of the fun here has been in the discussions. So let me toss this out to you guys – what subject (or any number of subjects) would YOU like me to ramble on about next time? And, hey, if I get more than five or whatever, I’ll use them later. So dump ’em on me. What do YOU want to talk about?

One last note; yeah, rally Saturday means no cartoons. I’ll bring it back next week though 😀

Anyone want rally rambling? Mind you, you don’t get that until its over 😛

Thanks for reading, even more for commenting, and in general for showing an interest! Blessedbe. See ya next week.


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