Gaming Explained in Fewer than 140 Characters

I’ve been kidding that I’m writing a haiku for my blog post today. But I did. Well, the Wikipedia entry says since I’m writing in English I can call just about any short poem that mentions a season or nature and has a break a haiku. So here it is.

The sun pounds asphalt brutal outside
Durice is still frozen
Asphalt 9 under the cool night lights of Shanghai
The dungeons of RAID

Pokemon SNAP
Shanghai in Asphalt 9
Icer Golem Dungeon in RAID

And yes, in fact, when it is 117F outside I sit inside and play at Durice, and the Ice Golems dungeon and I watch documentaries about Penguins. It’s HOT here LOL.

Meanwhile I’ve stretched my skills to the limit to get screencaps off the Switch and the new computer so that’s it for me and blogging today. I’m going to go play now! Have a lovely Sunday! Blessedbe.


  1. My concern is that this heat is the new normal and that it will only get worse. The southwest might become uninhabitable without spending large amounts of electricity on air conditioning for half the year. The Jeffrey pine forest will die and turn to pinon pine or oak savanna. The oaks with turn into chaparral and the chaparral into true desert. The desert will just get hotter.

    Don’t wanna think about how hot Death Valley could get. Already this year we had the 5th hottest temperature in recorded weather history in the entire world.

    1. I absolutely share that fear. In New Mexico the beautiful hummingbird sized Yucca moths have to have Yucca to live. Yucca also has to have the moths – their major pollinator. But it’s getting so hot that the Yucca are moving up the mountainsides to survive. The moths are following but at a significant slower pace. Pronghorn and deer love the delicacy of yucca flowers every monsoon season – it was so amazing to step outside and see pronghorn and deer right up by the house – anything for those yucca blossums. Will any of that unique Chihuahua Desert wildlife and flora survive? And yes, what if the Southwest becomes uninhabitable? Most of what is left of America’s wild horses are in the Southwest. If we can keep the BLM from killing them all – will the heat do it for them? But then, if the horses can’t survive, cattle won’t either. What’s going to happen to the Colorado River? Everyone this side of the mountains depends on it for water – Nevada and New Mexico. I know I say I want to live to be 100 – but I don’t think I want to see my beloved Southwest burst into flames or evaporate 😦 Our weather people have admitted Las Vegas is getting hotter, FASTER because of the urban heat island effect – in addition to the fact that we are a valley surrounded by mountains. Our 117 yesterday was a record tying heat – only 4 times in history has Las Vegas hit 117. We’re predicted to hit 118 today 😦

      It’s heartbreaking, really. This must be what it felt like to the Plains Indians to watch the buffalo be killed off. But we don’t have anyone else to blame for this.

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