Saturday Morning Cartoons – Reinventing my Childhood

Back in April of this year my blogging bestie Pinkie started watching cartoons, well, anime, on Saturday mornings, complete with commercials and kiddie cereal. It really sounded like fun – read about it here. It’s an ongoing adventure that has evolved as it went along.

I had a rather bizarre childhood that wasn’t really a childhood at all as I was expected to act like an adult from about the age of 2. Sometimes I got to watch cartoons, sometimes not, sometimes with a running dialogue in the background of how stupid, how childish, how ridiculous and so on going on in the background until the cartoons were snapped off and I was sent to my room or we watched something my Mother preferred. At any rate, I wasn’t allowed to laugh, be loud, run around or well, be a kid, because all of that annoyed my Mother and was stupid, childish, wasteful and oh yeah, how dare I be happy when I had ruined her life. Blah blah blah. Like many severely abused children I had a total loss of affect. I didn’t express emotion because I didn’t dare feel any. Happy was punished. Hurt was punished. I couldn’t win for losing but if I was a really quiet little robot I might just slide under the radar. This was ingrained bone deep and I didn’t even realize what I was missing until my 20s. I also learned to not “like” anything because if I liked it, it was taken away, denigrated, whatever to ruin it. So I had no preferences on anything.

All that is a long long time ago and I have long since started reclaiming my lost childhood. Some people think that I’m having a second childhood, but I’m really just finally having the first one and fuck you if you don’t like it 😛 LOL.

In spite of everything, I find I do actually remember a few cartoons that were favorites I looked forward to or hoped I might happen to see. And I just LIKED the idea. It sounded like FUN.

So on Saturday, May 10 of this year I started my own Saturday morning cartoon tradition. I never really intended to blog about it, it was just for me. And guess what? It is FUN. My indulgent husband has gotten into the spirit and makes sure I have kiddie cereal and snacks. Now and then he joins and/or suggests cartoons that he loved to add to the program. Since I am 8 years older than he is, and he had sisters 8 years younger than he, there’s plenty of room for me to introduce him to ones he hasn’t seen, and visa versa. Again, FUN.

My Saturdays have evolved over the last six months or so. Some cartoons have stayed, some have simply run out, some got moved to the binge list (because I’m really only allowed ONE episode but I’m an anime binger and sometimes…), and a very few got dropped for reasons.

Although I wasn’t blogging about them, I did keep a journal, first on my Penzu journal and later in a spiral notebook simply because I was using several different streaming services and some of them can be a bit iffy about keeping your place, so to speak. I switched to the paper and pen method because I found it easier if I wanted to jot a note to not have to pause the cartoon to go to the Penzu journal since I do both on the computer. So I certainly COULD inflict a rather detailed listing upon you. Muwahahaha.

My selections do not tend to the intellectual. Although it does include some kinda snarky sort of almost adult intended cartoons, like Pinkie and the Brain. And a few that appeal the the little boy in me – adventures like Jonny Quest. And then there is my little sentimental thing that loves REALLY old cartoons, like the MGM cartoons that used to preceed movies in the theatre.

I’m not even sure if I should divide blog posts up by Saturdays, or by cartoons, or by themes. I’m not obligated to make sense here on my blog, so I won’t. That is to say, I’m going to blog sometime Sunday (usually) about my Saturday cartoons but it could be almost anything about them. Like, I’m going to make a category for them, but who knows if Gutenburg will let me keep it. Snark.

I have now written about 1000 words about absolutely nothing and with no point whatsoever. I got this far once before and accidentally deleted the whole draft.

So before I bore you right off the ends of the planet, I’m going to just list what is currently on my watch list for Saturdays so we’re kind of oriented here. Maybe next week I’ll have a look at the things that were on the list that are now gone and explain what happened to each of them.

The current list includes: Elena of Avenor, The Lone Ranger, Wacky Racers, Tom & Jerry, Pepe LePew, My Little Pony, Transformers Prime, Pokemon Sun & Moon, Domeku Dobutsu, Pinkie & The Brain, Ranma 1/2, and last but far from least the icing on the cake are two or three old MGM cartoons.

For comparison, the list for the first Saturday back in May was; Yokai Watch, Wander Over Yonder, Pokemon Sun & Moon, and Gargoyles.

Clearly the time block has grown considerably! What can I say, sitting around laughing or on the edge of my seat non-stop with snacks has grown on me. The first two, Yokai Watch, and Wander Over Yonder, quickly succumbed to realities of budgeting. Which is to say, the first season for Yokai Watch is free on Netflix (well, considering I pay for Netflix anyway) but the next two seasons are on Amazon Prime and cost money. Wander Over Yonder has episodes available free on YouTube, but to get the full set costs money again. I’m perfectly willing to pay for both because I love them both to death (for different reasons) but I just haven’t been able to do it yet. I will. I want them back!

Considering that I am still watching Elena of Avenor, you may find it really weird that I dropped Gargoyles because it got “Disney-ed”. The third time they re-wrote the origin story to try and force some sort of fairy tale romance weird thing I was just done with that. I don’t like time travel stories either, or anything that branches off and has multiple time lines/story lines. I can handle one episode – you know, the Spock and anti-Spock with a beard episode of the original Star Trek, but to basically reset the whole premise every season just doesn’t work for me.

Now Elena of Avenor – at first it was a bit of a lark. You see….I went to a nerdy sort of pop-up market and I ran onto these super cute Jaquins and bought them. THEN I had to look them up and find out who and what they were. So when I started Saturday morning cartoons I thought, why not? And found I love the colors, I love this imaginative world building with it’s beautiful creatures and architecture and oh yeah, there’s princesses and singing but look at the Jaquins!

Which brings me to another aspect of this Saturday morning ritual. The audience. As of this week, I am up to 120 plushies sharing my home. And, of course, they all want to watch Saturday morning cartoons with me. Some of them are even IN the cartoons, like the Jaquins (I have Luna and Skylar), Tom & Jerry, and My Little Pony (Twilight Sparkle and Pinkie Pie). So I am probably going to talk about some of that now and then, too. I was looking for a photo of them but now that I want one I can’t find one.

So this is just fair warning. I’m going to inflict babbling about Saturday morning cartoon ritual on you on Sunday. Unless you just want to skip it and read something else.

If I have a point at all, it’s that this is FUN. Just happy silly FUN for a few hours once a week. And I think we could all use a bit of this these days, don’t you? Maybe you’ve got a few hours you could carve out somewhere to sit down with a box of Lucky Charms, a glass of chocolate milk, a plate of cookies, and some of your favorite cartoons. Don’t answer the phone or read your email – just INDULGE.


WooWoo FooFoo Friday

So – I broke my Friday art streak. I was going to restart at one, but then something else came up that I so very much wanted to share. After some thought, I’m making some changes. Some changes that mean you are going to get more of me. Sorry. 😛 You know how to turn off notifications, right? LOL.

From here on out, Fridays will be the day for “woo-woo stuff” as certain people refer to all subjects that do not fit into their world view – like meditations, astrology, numerology, crystals, spells, and spirit stuff. Like this VERY important and intense event in the heavens TODAY, November 27, 2020 that has the potential to change life on earth, or your life, if you let it. And if you don’t believe in this kind of stuff, well peruse with an open mind, or skip it.

Let us all make a few minutes today to stop and contemplate, to meditate, to peek through or even step through the gate and open to a new age of peace, love, acceptance, and enlightenment.

I know it is really difficult right now to open up and to send love when even the best of us look around and think how greedy and selfish others are who won’t even wear a mask or isolate when COVID numbers are surging and the most vulnerable are practically hiding in their homes . When the United States is so deeply divided, no, FRAGMENTED into a thousand little groups each with their own agenda and concerns and FEAR.

But we have to make a choice now. Do a Keystone Cops level door jam with each of us fighting for our own space and needs:

Or realize that the spirit has provided this abundant universe for us which does indeed provide enough space, food, air, and water for all of us to thrive (the problems comes from distribution, from people who gather and hoard out of fear and greed) and open ourselves and our lives to love and peace and trust and acceptance.

So right now you think I’m pretty woo-woo don’t you? I’ll remind you I am also a Science Nerd. And it’s so wonderful when science and woo-woo come together. Because if you walk outside after dark, right now, you can SEE with your naked eye this once in every 4000 years event happening in the sky. You can see some beautiful photos of this event right here (and I highly recommend that website for sky watchers) and read about it here.

Look at me – trying out a new Gutenburg feature. Well, I am talking about blogging more and I don’t want to have to reinvent the wheel every other day.

Soooo – woowoo foofoo Fridays. I want to start talking about my Saturday cartoons/analog gaming on Sunday. Sorry, I don’t have time to blog ON Saturday. I’m watching cartoons and playing analog games with hubby. I’m leaning towards Monday Art – as that would give me the weekend and you might get something other than a quick sketch whipped up when I’m tired after the Friday morning clinic run. There’s three designated days of blogging right there. I’m scared. I may even panic. I can’t think about fiction, let alone miscelaneous subjects I may decide to blather about (you ought to see my drafts folder) and this little dude in yellow who mostly hangs around Pinkies Paradise fishing but now and then runs over and asks me to WRITE SOMETHING. So I’m going to hold there for right now and see how it goes over the next…say…four weeks. Thanks for reading!


Summer Foovay

Thank You, Fred (Thankful tag)

Let me just begin this post with a big thank you to Fred for creating this inspired Thankful tag.

Witches Thanksgiving comes on Mabon, which is on or around September 21st. Due to my own spiritual choices, however, I give thanks first thing every morning and all through the day every day. I can get a bit snarky about selfish, greedy Americans who say a grudging thank you once a year before gobbling down (and wasting) enormous amounts of food, complaining about having to spend time with their family and how you can’t invite Aunt Grim if Uncle Gripe is coming, and then rush out to fight over purchasing whatever newest widgets the advertising says you and your “loved ones” must have right now or at least Xmas day, even if it means you are in desperate debt all of next year.

Compared to some I have so little, and yet I’m so very grateful for it.

Compared to some I am so very blessed and I don’t know if I deserve it, but I am surely deeply grateful for it.

(And if you didn’t know, let me share this little nugget of wisdom with you. Comparing yourself to others – like on social media – is the swiftest possible trip to misery for most people)

I am thankful every single morning I wake up and the first thing I see is my beloved husband sitting up at his computer playing his games. I’m so grateful he is alive, and in my life, and that we managed to find each other and come together and create this infinite bond of love and caring that has brought me bliss beyond anything I ever thought I might experience.

I am so grateful that we have finally found the perfect nephrologist, who owns his own dialysis clinic and runs it on the principles of love, compassion, and healing – rather than corporate profit. This doctor and the quality people he hires have greatly improved my husband’s life, health, and longevity and turned this life saving treatment into a source of peace of mind based on harmony and cooperation, rather than an never ending war to receive even the minimum of care from people who truly do not care.

I am so very grateful the moment I wake up, for my cozy and comfortable bed with warm blankets, soft pillows and so many beloved plush toys it’s a wonder they don’t crowd me off the bed altogether. I’m so very grateful for my very own home, sweet home; Firefly. Be she ever so humble, she is cozy and comfortable, has been reliable and dependable as a source of transportation, and best of all, she is mine, all mine and no one can ever take her away from me or kick me out.

I am so very grateful when I manage to pry myself out of bed and walk to the bathroom under my own power. Fragile as my mind and emotions can be, my physical body has been strong and healthy outside of injuries for most of my life. I may have some aches and pains, but I look around me at the suffering of others, and I am so grateful for my body and my health. And grateful that my good physical health allows me to be there and do things for others they may not be able to do for themselves.

I am so grateful for all of our electronic devices, phones, tablet, and laptops and this amazing thing called the Internet that has set the world at my fingertips right here on my little table, and now even almost anywhere I go. I’m a reader and a researcher and so much is available to me now that would have been difficult or even impossible for me to access even 20 years ago. I am grateful, too, for the beautiful souls I have had the opportunity to meet and get to know through this medium. Introvert and weirdo that I am, through the Internet I can speak up and share my truth and find like minded people all over the world who have shared and improved and added so much love and joy to my life that I do not have the words to say how thankful I am.

I am so grateful for this warm, loving, accepting little community of bloggers I have been so blessed to get to know here at WordPress. I love you guys.

I am so very grateful for all the amazing artists and game developers who make this truly amazing form of entertainment available to us, often free of cost to us to play.

I am so grateful for anime, and live action shows and movies that have blessed and entertained me and sometimes even changed my life. And yet again, to the Internet, and to all of the amazing streaming services that make even more of these available to me from all around the world and all time, from the Archives of the oldest, silent videos to streaming services that specialize in bringing the East to the West so we may all see how very much we are all ONE.

I am grateful for the animals who have done me the honor of sharing my life. Some for only a moment, others for a lifetime. You have blessed me with so much joy and beauty and frustration and lessons and simple, unconditional love and acceptance.

I am grateful for my life, every horrible, terrifying, desperate, ugly, beautiful, hopeful, joyful, sexy, crazy, learning moment of it because it all taught me something and it all brought me here. And this is a pretty good place to be.

Most years, on Mabon, we make a list of all the things we are grateful for. The list can run for many pages. Once you start you just keep thinking of more and more good things that grace your life. I save them in a notebook, to peruse on bad days. They can drag us up from the darkest depths when we acknowledge how truly blessed our life is.

So while I could go on and on and on, instead I’ll try and find a few people to tag that Fred didn’t beat me to (we clearly run in the same circles, LOL) because I not only want to know what you are grateful for, more importantly, I want YOU to know what you are grateful for. And if I somehow fail to nominate you, feel free to grab the tag for yourself, or even comment with your own list. Or even on Facebook if you don’t have an i.d. here.


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It’s a Sunny Day- Thanks to Fred

Oh boy, another swing at the Sunshine Blogger Award, thanks to Fred!


Display the Sunshine Blogger logo. (Yup, there it is)
Thank whoever tagged you. (Oh boy, thank you Fred!)
Answer their 11 questions (I tried)
Write up 11 questions of your own. (Did I?)
Tag 11 people (well…)

Fred’s Questions

Do you have any friends you would consider family?

Yes. My family is abusive, and I cut all ties with the last of ’em 30 years ago. Since then I’ve been blessed with a truly great family of friends. Older people I would consider mentors, my own age like siblings only closer, and even some younger people hubby and I call (and kind of consider) kids. I don’t know what I’d do without some of these folx, they’ve been such a support to me.

Has your family ever pressured you to act a certain way?

Oh yes. But It really had more to do with abuse than standard middle class expectations. The oft repeated mantra was, “You’ll never do anything, you’ll never be anything, you’ll never have anything.” Basically anything I wanted to do was either ridiculed as stupid, or I was too stupid, or I couldn’t do it because I was a girl and girls don’t do that. Therein lies one big part of the problem – not really a girl. If a goal was set and I reached it – then the goalposts were moved. There was no way to win ever. I sadly disappointed their expectation (and hope) of me being a drug addicted, mentally ill prostitute who O.D.ed young so they could play oh martyred us having to try to deal with her and her lies about us. I lived, and left, and prospered. Pfffft.

The best revenge is living well.

Do you have a favorite cooking anime?

I love Restaurant to Another World. A great combo of fantasy and food. Anime food always looks so amazingly delicious!

What personality traits do you share with your relatives?

Mental illness. But we have different ones 😛 And I believe that I get being a witch from my Great Grandmother by both heredity and being with her when I was very young. Otherwise, since they’re not very nice humans (I often just cut this conversation short by saying I was raised by wolves) I certainly hope not.

What’s your favorite season and why?

It has changed over time.

First, autumn because school was a welcome relief from home. I loved school and I loved learning.

Then Summer, because I love WARM and water and outdoor activities like hiking and kayaking and horses and animals and just being outside.

And now I’m kind of back to autumn since we moved to Las Vegas with it’s 115F summer days that don’t even cool off at night. I actually kind of don’t have a favorite season anymore. It’s almost always awful outdoors here so I’m inside with my anime and games and books and there’s very little change in my life from one season to the next now.

Did you ever want to eat someone’s pancreas?

I can’t say I ever had that EXACT thought but…someone once told me they knew someone who would kill my ex-husband for $100. I had $100 in my shoe at that exact moment (it’s a dancer thing). I thought about it.

Much later in life a friend had a habit of saying “Some people need killing.” I agree, but I don’t want the karma myself. Mostly people like that bring it on themselves sooner or later – karma, you know.

Did you ever get to meet your great-grandparents?

My family basically treats men like toilet tissue meal tickets. Used, discarded. Which is to say I haven’t a clue who my great grandfather IS. Hell, I don’t know who my father is.

However, I do remember my Great Grandmother. I believe that she took care of me until I was close to two years old, and I also spent a very little time with her when I was older. I remember her as quiet, and very forceful. She was the only person I think my mother (and all the rest of the family to various extents) was afraid of. And I mean VERY AFRAID. Because…she was a witch. She was the epitome of a matriarch and no one argued with her, or even risked maybe crossing her even a tiny bit. She was a force of nature with an aura of power, yet physically I remember a tiny woman in a black dress. She wasn’t much bigger than me and I was a tiny child.

When my Great Grandmother died, my mother went back to the family home, as did her sisters. When she came back she told a story of how the day of Great Grandmother’s funeral, one of the sisters was coming down stairs and passed by Great Grandmother. She greeted her and excused herself around her. When the sister got to the bottom of the stairs, with the other sisters, everyone kind of freaked out. They all saw Great Grandmother on the stairs quite clearly. And then she vanished.

Have you really disliked an anime but changed your mind?

I’m going to say I can’t answer this because unlike the brave souls who do those awesome insightful reviews I read, I have no sort of obligation to finished anything I don’t like. So if it doesn’t grab me in three episodes, meh. If I really dislike something in the first episode, like the art, or I dropped one anime because of a main character who screamed constantly, then I just drop it and I’m gone.

What’s your favorite board game?

Horrified! There’s a review here on the blog. It’s a new vice. Until then I’d have to say probably good old fashioned Monopoly with Clue a VERY close second. I also love PENTE, but my hubby hates it so I don’t have anyone to play with any more. (whine)

Is there anything you’d want me to write about?

I bet you have some good stories. If we were sitting around naked in the wilderness, having a few drinks, talking about life – tell me a couple of your best life stories.

What is the meaning to life, the universe and everything?

Don’t tempt me, because you know I really would tackle this and go on for years.

In short, listen to your heart and be of service. Try to leave the world a little better place than it was when you got here. This life, this planet even, is one tiny little speck of the Universal Spirit which seeks to learn and grow and create. Choose to create love, beauty, harmony, balance and compassion. Be open to learning, both spirit wisdom and science wisdom. Someday we will figure out it’s all the same. The only real power is love.

Not really knowing what I wanted, just a break from wisdom to tagging, I put in community. I got all these pictures of PHONES. Maybe they thought I meant communication? Anyway, I got this “women’s team” – they all look like productive little workers – like WP bloggers! Yeah!


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I’m one short – volunteers?

My 11 Questions

Now that the pandemic has thrown all the building blocks of our lives up in the air, shuffled them, and dropped them randomly – have you made any significant life changes, either day to day or in your future plans? What have you learned?

Of all the many streaming services now offering anime, who is your favorite and why? Which one do you watch most?

Do you even know what a CD is? 3.5 Floppy Disk? Vinyl record? Owned any? Still own any? Is this one question or five?

What do you think is going to happen after you die?

What is your favorite bird?

Do you think you have a totem animal? Or Spirit animal? What is it?

What is a comfortable indoor temperature for you? No, really, I’m curious. What’s your thermostat on, if you have one?

How do you feel about slice of life anime?

Do you watch the same genres in live action as you do in anime?

Do you remember the very first anime you saw? Was it love at first sight?

The EMP hit. Everything with a computer chip is fried. Will you survive?

Whoa, what magic is this? Categories returns! Sigh.

Thank you everyone and Blessedbe.

Friday Art #15 – #Designacastlecat6 Anything but Ordinary Addie!

And today we introduce Anything but Ordinary Addie – Khaos most beautiful assistant!

She is named in honor of Anything But Ordinary Addie – a fantastic little read! Since links no longer can be added and work properly in this piece of shit Gutenburg, here’s the link so you can copy and paste:

#Castlecats #Designacastlecat6

Okay, I think MAYBE I’ve done all that right! It was fun at any rate.

Blessedbe this fine, magical Friday the 13th as we move forward into the real Age of Aquarius. Please find a few minutes to visualize the world you want us to share, full of love, compassion, and acceptance.

Summer Foovay

Nanowrimo 2020

It’s that time again! Nanowrimo 2020 has begun. As per usual, I am a week late getting started. This is habitual because my husbands birthday is on November 3rd, and we make a pretty big deal of it. At best I might get going on November 4th but this year I sat on the fence saying, yeah, no, yeah, no, yeah, maybe for three more days. I really finally made the decision to go for it today, helped along by knowing I do have several friends I can also share the experience with. That said, Nanowrimo seems to have deleted all my buddies. Where are you guys? Come find me…

Man does Gutenburg suck big green donkey dick. I can’t even put in a link the way I want it. Maybe it will work at least.

Part of my block this year has been trying to figure out where my writing time has vanished to. I have a hard time getting one or two 1000 word blog posts up a week, let alone write a novel.

I finally figured it out. My husband used to WORK. Oftentimes almost non-stop (at one point I told him to just put a cot in his office and don’t bother coming home). And I used to be far more of a night owl. These days, he is retired and home and has a tendency to assume I am at his beck and call (I am – for good reasons). In addition, I get up with him at 5 am several days a week to accompany him to dialysis, so that’s put an end to me being up all night while he is sleeping peacefully. And last, but hardly least, I used to get PAID to write and it was much easier then to say, “I’m writing, please don’t interrupt me for a while”. I don’t tell him anything like that anymore as, well, I am at his beck and call for good reasons. So that’s where all my time went! At least, time I could do anything that required any concentration for more than 30 minutes or so.

But I figured out where I could get a little back. Even though I do go to bed with him around 10 p.m., I am still in the habit of sitting up to read for a couple hours. A lifetime of insomnia doesn’t give up easy (although legal marijuana is a GREAT help). Once he is out he doesn’t know or care where I am and he tends not to interrupt 😛 so I shall give up some of my reading time and write instead. With that decision made, I went in and updated my profile.

I also am in the process of downloading and installing Shaxpir as I recall quite liking the program the last time I used it. I’d put widgets on the blog and all that bix but of course now that we have this WONDERFUL new set-up at WordPress, anything like that is completely impossible.

Oh, categories are a thing of the past here also. So if you want to see all the friday art – good luck with that. Or any other thing you want, like you are only interested in my anime reviews or game posts – nope, you can’t ask for the category any more and read them all or find any you missed. I can’t add categories any more either. I suspect the idea is they are forcing us to use tags. Which I don’t like and never have. Actually, I haven’t seen the add tags thingie lately either.

Luckily, I am no longer writing for any good commercial reason, because that has been made impossible. Wonder how long before the people who write for money or have a blog to suck people into their company/products or whatever figure out how useless this is. You really would have to be paying me to get me to fight this bastard Gutenburg into submission.

Which brings me to another decision I have made. IF I decide to share my fiction on WordPress, I will set up a new blog for each book since I can’t just make a category with a page with links to chapters or anything easy for you and for me. I mean, you see how much fun it is trying to put in a link, a simple link and get it to look the way I want.

Man, Gutenburg sucks.

But, hey, I’ve got 20 followers who, in the main, actually are friends, so WP isn’t concerned about me. I don’t even pay for a domain any more. (I used to own like 20 of the things) and I would take a wild guess you’d read whatever drivel I write.

Retirement is good 😀

And I’m only going to say this one time. I am relieved that Biden won, although I do not think this is over with. I expect Trump to be dragged out kicking and screaming by troops. And there have been estimates already that it will take 20 years to roll back the damage he has done to the environment and other things. Some things will never roll back. You can’t replace wild American Mustangs who have been slaughtered. Once dead, they are dead, with all their genetic material. The COVID death toll, which we haven’t even begun to truly know (like AIDS, everyone who dies of pneumonia – caused by AIDS or COVID – gets pneumonia, or “old age” as cause of death) let alone the number of people who survived – with significant heart. lung and kidney damage (the dialysis companies and their investors are already counting the money with joy and greed) can certainly at least partially be laid at his feet. But I am truly sickened that it was even CLOSE. That half of the people who live around me worship greed, and hate, and anger and selfishness above all other things. And their cruelty and evil could cause the death of those of us who believe in love and kindness and compassion. Maybe next election they’ll win. I’ve been ashamed of the U.S.A. for a very long time. I don’t see that changing anytime soon.

Recently I read a quote from an Edgar Cayce reading that stated if you put your hope and trust in government you will have chaos and trouble in government. Your hope and trust belongs in yourself and your circle. You can only send out love, and hope, and kindness and surround yourself with beauty in every way. You must have ideals in your own heart and mind, and live up to them every day. Only in that way will hope and compassion and beauty spread, from person to person.

Most of us will never be president of anything, and as even the Great Pumpkinhead discovered, being president is NOT being God or even King – there is still opposition. But we can all give love, and compassion, and hope, and service every single day in every way we can to everyone that we can and make a difference in our corner of the Universe, however small it may be. Please, let us concentrate on that and let this other crap just wash over, around, and past us. Fighting and anger does not create love, only love creates love. And that one is from Martin Luther King, Jr. A few of you might have heard of him.


Summer Foovay

Friday Art #14 – Design A Castle Cats Contest

Hopefully I did everything right here as far as posting on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter with hashtags and all that biz so Castle Cats will see this crazy guy – Khaos the mad magician Kat. Next week I’m considering his beautiful assistant Addie since the contest is open until the end of the month I think. Mixed media; pencil, colored pencil, and marker on paper.

The contest post is here, in case you’d like to have a shot at it! I’d put this in the Castle Cats category and tag it, but WordPress seems to have moved or removed those functions and I can’t find them. Fuck you Gutenburg.

Life is good. Have a great weekend! Blessedbe.

Summer Foovay

Friday Art #13

Well you see…I have this marvelous new little tablet that someone gave me. I thought I’d use it for Friday Art. Try out a new program. Only I simply cannot draw with the tip of my finger, and it does not respond adequately to any stylus I have in this house. Suffice to say, I pushed myself to frustration trying to find a way to get it to work because it would just be so EASY to create and share if only…

By the time I gave up and grabbed a pencil, I wasn’t able to draw that lovely lounging lioness with a pencil either. Suddenly I seemingly had lost ALL ability to draw.

So I finally settled for a nice, simple straight line and shading shape. There. See. I can draw. Really, I can. I can draw complex and marvelous things. I have artwork hanging on walls from Canada to Australia to Great Britain. People have paid me good money for art. I swear, I really can draw.

Just not today apparently. And not with my finger.

Oh and apparently WordPress has again canceled access to categories. So I can’t put this in a category either.


It’s Hallotober!

It’s just altogether too perfect to skip this Hallotober tag my blogging bestie Pinkie shared. How could I resist? And if I do it RIGHT NOW I won’t be late!

So with no further ado:

Thanks to Ofaglasgowgirl for the graphic!

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  4. Tag 13 people to do the tag! Dear Pinkie went full on anarchy and broke all the rules. I’m only going to break this one. Well, and one other. Because Hallotober is nearly over and because I’d be hard put to list 13 people I haven’t tagged to death already, I’m not doing it. But if you want to do the tag, please, leap on in. Just comment, “I can’t resist” in the comments and carry on!
  5. Delete question 13 and add one of your own. I’m going to dent this rule a little. I won’t delete 13, but I will add one, in case anyone wants to do the tag 😀
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What’s your favorite thing about October?

Well, uh, HALLOWEEN.

But also now that we are living here in Vegas, I enjoy the week or maybe if we are lucky, two weeks of actually decent weather. Less than 115F, over 70F in the afternoon, cool at night to sleep. Enjoy it while you can. Next it’s blasting wind and cold outside but even colder inside. The stores and busses here think that 70 outside is TOO HOT and so they continue to BLAST the air conditioner so the indoors is about 50 degrees with a cold breeze. I usually carry a coat to PUT ON WHEN I GO INSIDE. Outside: jeans and a t-shirt, Inside: Parka, scarf, gloves, knit hat, long sleeve shirt over my t-shirt and I kid you not I have been known to wrap myself in a blanket.

Are you a big celebrator of Halloween? How do you celebrate it?

Yes and well, it varies. There is the secular; candy, trick or treaters, costumes, decorating – and the religious, because as a Pagan this is a religious holiday. And it has also changed over time.

As far as secular, I love to dress up in a costume and find a party, or host a party. This has been known to range from a bar party (at a bar where I worked or just hung out alot), to a public sort of party (in one New Mexico town everyone but EVERYONE would dress up and go walk up and down Main Street. Stores would open and give out candy, all sorts of stuff), to a smaller party of friends which tended towards gaming, treats, and scary movies. As well as tarot readings and ritual.

So, ritual. This is the last great harvest festival for Pagans, as well as the Witches New Year. I set up an altar to loved ones who have crossed the bridge with some photos, keepsakes, and offerings from a shot glass of whiskey to carrots and biscuits for four legged loved ones. The last few years in the RV I haven’t had an altar, or a place to set one up outside. I hope to remedy that by next year. Still, those things are safely tucked away and will probably get a visit late Halloween night. I set up two candles, an orange one and a black one. On small slips of paper I write down some things I want to go away, and things I want to bring into our life. With a bit of chanting, the things to pass away are burnt in the black candle and the things to come are burnt in the orange. It’s a good time for a Tarot reading, as the guiding spirits are all close by and it’s a good time to look back at last year, and into the next. And I pour a libation to the Lady under the moon with prayers. We generally share a shot of vodka.

What’s your favorite scary movie?

I don’t actually like scary movies all that much. I do have a little group of movies I watch every Halloween, or somewhere near. Witches with Bette Midler. The Nightmare before Chistmas. And the 1975 version of The Rocky Horror Picture Show (and my were THOSE some wild Halloween parties at the theatres).

Cozy night watching horrors or a big night out in costume?

Nowadays it’s mostly cozy nights in for various reasons. One of these days, though, I hear Fremont Street in downtown Vegas is a hella party and that might be fun.

Which has been your most favorite costume to date?

I make a really good Columbia (RHPS) and did so quite often in the years I went to RHPS at the theatre every Saturday at midnight. But I think one of the coolest I ever did was I had this spandex outfit in Cheetah pattern, and I got shiny gold metallic face paint and painted a Cheetah face and hands, and even had matching high heels. Not too long ago I did Pippi Longstocking. That was fun.

What is your favorite horror monster?

Besides Godzilla? For some unknown reason I’ve always liked The Creature From The Black Lagoon.

I think it’s a water thing…

What’s your least favorite horror?

I really, really HATE gratuitous violence and blood and guts spewing everywhere. Just. Yuck. And it’s one thing when it adds to the story, but when there is no story, just spewing blood and guts. Yuck. Oh, and I admit it – I never made it past the projectile green vomit on The Exorcist. I read the book. Liked the book. Haven’t seen but the first ten minutes of the movie. I had to leave the room.

Do you have a favorite trick or treating memory?

Yes, well, I was raised by wolves and we did not go trick or treating. I’d have to say my favorite memories were the few times I was lucky enough to live in a neighborhood that actually had kids trick or treating, and we decorated the house and dressed up and had a huge cauldron full of candy to share. I had so much fun seeing everyones costumes! More and more I guess that custom is going away. I understand why, but it’s sad.

What’s your favourite thing about Halloween? 

The fellowship. Followed very closely by candy because I have serious sweet tooth. But my favorite memories are ones with a close warm feeling of friends or fellowship like the RHPS theatre parties back in the late 70s.

Scary Costume or Silly Costume?

Can I have another category please? Campy costume? Nerdy costume? Fandom costume? Or beautiful costume? Beautiful and scary is okay. No silly costumes for me please.

What’s your favorite Halloween candy?

I love all candy, all the time. But probably my favorite Halloween candy is that candy corn that has chocolate.

But yeah, all of it, aaalllllllllllll of it!

Ghost decorations or skeleton decorations?

Witch decorations. Black cats. Witches. Pointy hats. And since we lived in New Mexico, I really fell in love with the wonderful, creative skeleton decorations and beautiful sugar skulls.

Me and Hubby last year with some interesting friends

So did you realize in the United States Halloween is now the second highest spending holiday after Xmas? Sorry, sidetracked. Story of my life today.

My new question is… Do you believe in the spirit side of Halloween, that the veil is thin and our dearly departed come to visit us?

Wheeeeeeee that was fun 😀 Now I’m ready! Blessedbe.