Crisis Averted

Okay, far as I can tell everything is now secured – but let me know if you see something weird somewhere. I seem to have acquired a very stubborn sort of keystroke recorder somewhere some how that is sharing my passwords far and wide. I am no longer using the computer that it is on… Continue reading Crisis Averted

This account Hacked

Apparently basically all of my passwords for everything, including my WordPress account, have been compromised and tossed out on the dark web or whatever. So if you see something strange from me on here or any social media please disregard. It seems there must be a tracker of some kind actually on my computer as… Continue reading This account Hacked

The Female Power Tag

I have been quite enjoying watching this tag make it’s way around the blogosphere and learning about so many different women, real and fictional who are powerful in different ways. But I wasn’t sure if I really wanted to tackle it. Alas, Pinkie, my beloved blogging bestie got me. And so I procrastinated about it… Continue reading The Female Power Tag

Why I can’t watch fighting sports anymore

I was listening to a Conspiracy Theories podcast today about the Muhammad Ali/Sonny Liston fights, two of the most controversial boxing matches of all time. It made me think of, and remember Muhammad Ali. He was a remarkable man, and a once in a lifetime athlete. Like a Samurai of old, he was a fighter… Continue reading Why I can’t watch fighting sports anymore

Murder Among The Mormons – quick impression

You should watch it. Murder Among The Mormons is a documentary about Mark Hofman, who was a well known and trusted seller of historical documents – until it was learned that he was actually a skilled forger who also killed two people to cover up his crimes. The killings, bombings, occurred in the mid 1980s… Continue reading Murder Among The Mormons – quick impression

Scam alert – Zolucky

Isn’t this a pretty coat? Looks like it is knit, with embroidered flowers and details as well as some lace, doesn’t it? I’ve wanted it for ages. I ordered it with the stimulus, because I also desperately need a winter coat. I went through this whole winter without one. This is what I got:… Continue reading Scam alert – Zolucky

Saturday Cartoons Steaming consciousness

It’s only fair to warn you. It’s been a weird Saturday. This is going to be one of those stream of consciousness type posts that I generally consider myself above writing. You know, I like a beginning, middle, conclusion. a POINT. Well, today is round. For starters, it’s Saturday. Cartooooooons!!!! Except we started with a… Continue reading Saturday Cartoons Steaming consciousness

The Sad Truth

A couple of years ago I had to unpublish all of my books on Kindle, and undo, destroy, and demolish all the web work I had done over the last decade or two. It was a gut punch I may never in my life recover from. And it was because I was earning a piddly… Continue reading The Sad Truth