Wednesday AI Art

The challenge was “bird” and I chose a bunch of bird images and then was completely and totally unhappy with the deformed results. SO – I tried again with just the anime style and “rainbow bird” and got these lovely images, any of which could be used as a story prompt or key visual for… Continue reading Wednesday AI Art

Another AI Art

I’ll probably get sued for this, but I was just piddling around with some photos of Rally Sweden… I like it but… maybe I’ll piddle around some more later this week. I need Irina’s screencap program 😉 Again, I suppose I’ll end up being sued…

AI art and stupid WP

I’ve been wanting to play with this AI art site for a while. I have a friend who is doing amazing things with it. This is my second one because I didn’t like the first one. In response to the prompt of the day which is “balloon” – I went with Fairy rather than “Chinese”.… Continue reading AI art and stupid WP

Art today

I may have mentioned that in 2023 I have one little plan to get some ore artwork and sketching in. Thus the new sketchbook with exactly the right number of pages for a sketch on every Tuesday, Thursday, and on the weekend. I may or may not spare a few minutes to share, but here… Continue reading Art today

Martin Luther King, Jr. gave us all a gift that we can still use today

I remember watching Martin Luther King, Jr. on TV in black and white giving inspiring speeches. At the time, I was pretty small – about four to nine years old. But I was precocious and smart and in a way, invisible and I listened to the adults around me. It was before anyone thought you… Continue reading Martin Luther King, Jr. gave us all a gift that we can still use today

Medical Professionals to include Doctors, Nurses, and Medical Techs

Do they include a unit in your training on how to talk down to people as though they are very young children, a dog, or mentally disabled? Why is it that the moment someone becomes a patient, or the patient’s family – you assume they must be dumb as a plank? Isn’t it possible they,… Continue reading Medical Professionals to include Doctors, Nurses, and Medical Techs

How About That

The U. S. Federal Reserve wrote me back. They more or less use that ever so tired excuse “you know, COVID” (pet peeve – since 2019 anything I complain about to anyone – especially customer service types – gets an answer that starts with “you know, COVID”) Me but they had the decency to write… Continue reading How About That

A little pocket change

My hubby is sick of listening to me bitch about not being able to buy quarters and therefore not being able to do laundry or buy water. He told me yesterday to write my Congressman. So I did. And I also wrote the Federal Reserve for good measure. This is what I sent them. For… Continue reading A little pocket change

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