Will Healing Ever Rule The World?

I know I gripe about the heat alot. I never ever expected to be TOO HOT. I LIKE warmth and sunshine and..

?????? My brain cannot parse this title. Maybe it’s the heat. It’s 110F outside at noon. Yesterday it was 114 at 5 pm outside, and 104 inside. Our 5000 BTU GE air conditioner, 4 years old, gave up. Poor thing. It never signed up for Nevada.

I tried replacing it last year. I bought this neat “portable” Norpole a/c which I thought would sit neatly between the front seats and shoot cold air straight through the whole RV. Which it did. It was great until the temp went over 100 degrees, then it shot HOT AIR through the RV. Not helping. After much folderol and bullshit, during which we turned the old GE back on, the company agreed to send me a brand new piece of shit to replace the piece of shit that didn’t work in the first place. Annoyed, I stuck it under the bench/bed in the back of the RV and left it. So last night, with faint hope, I yanked that bastard out and plugged it in. Exactly half an hour later it blew the breaker and when it came back on it blew HOT AIR. Just like the one it replaced. *eyeroll*

Luckily after a nice long break the GE managed to dibble out some slightly cooler air and we made it through the night. This morning a kind neighbor ran us first to the pawn shop where I got $40 for a $300+ dollar Norpole so new it still had tape wrapped around it. I’m just glad to be rid of it. Just taking up space, which is at a premium in our tiny home. Then to (UGH) Walmart to buy a new a/c. Hubby is now installing. We got a 8K BTU this time. Although by the numbers the 5K BTU should have cooled the RV, it never really cooled it much more than ten, fifteen degrees below the outdoors. Which matters when it’s 120F outdoors. So we bought a bigger one – let’s think happy thoughts. We don’t ask for much. We both like it warm, so we keep the house around 80F to 85F anyway. I’m not asking for much…

So, the title. The blog post. Oh yeah. When the a/c quit I blamed myself for making this ambitous plan to blog everyday for a week. I knew something would happen to eat all my days and make me have to give up on that intention. But here I am. Well, my part now is to cheer for the hubby. I think I can do that and blog. So yay me, first off, for trying.

Will healing ever rule the world? Well, first, I think I have to sort out the title. The randomizer asked for five nouns. To me, healing is a noun, but – oh wait – the dictionary online says it IS a noun (also an adjective) and defines the noun as :

  1. the process of making or becoming sound or healthy again.”the gift of healing

Which is pretty much what I mean by “healing”. So it just doesn’t really work in the sentence, “Will _____ ever rule the world?” That’s just all there is to it. Well, that’s okay, I can certainly ramble around the subject and say lots while saying it doesn’t work in the sentence.

I come from a line of matriarchal witches. My maternal great grandmother was of the hedge witch variety. For all her flaws, my mother was a strong advocate of natural healing and home remedies. So I grew up in an atmosphere that did not rush to the medical doctor, or worship them as Gods. In fact, they were viewed with a fairly healthy dose of skepticism. This may seem counterintuitive, but this also created a really huge dose of gratitude when we did run onto an allopathic doctor (that’s the modern M.D. throw a pill at it and make my next BMW payment type) turned out to be an ACTUAL HEALER, which is something quite different.

This is where I insert the rant about medicine FOR PROFIT being a bad thing. When health decisions are based on “how much can we gouge out of the insurance company” as opposed to “what will improve this person’s quality of life, or cure this particular condition” you get different results. When the insurance company – a FOR PROFIT entity – is actually in charge of your treatment (more than once I’ve dealt with a situation where the doctor prescribes something, and insurance refuses to pay for it because THEY don’t think you need it, or they think you should use a less expensive but similar drug – which it sometimes happens, doesn’t work or has horrific side effects), again, decisions are based on cost rather than on healing or quality of life.

Take a pill, or make good dietary choices? Well, one is EASIER…and insurance pays for it…

And a P.S. about insurance not paying for proven alternative healing treatments, such as marijuana for pain and inflammation and a few thousand other things, chiropractic treatment for pain and other things (yes, I know they finally conceeded that chiropractic care is acceptable for car wreck injuries such as whiplash), herbal cures, etc. so that in the long run only the rich get to have alternative healing that works and the poor can either suffer or…well, suffer.

If I wasn’t woowoo enough yet, I’m going to go one more level of woo woo. I believe your eternal soul chose this planet, and the place and circumstances of it’s next life here based on what it (because english lacks non-gendered pronouns) wanted or needed to experience. To make this nice and easy, countries in this world have “themes”. The U.S.A. is money = power, money = god, profit above all other things. You can reincarnate here to learn about money by being rich, getting rich, or learning how to survive poor in a country that hates you. Among a few million other themes, obviously. So medicine for profit, I don’t see that going away – I see us learning to live with, and sometimes in spite of, that given.

But keep in mind that to me, “medicine” is NOT “healing”.

So there’s that. I was talking about where I was coming from. So I am a big animal lover and among other things I was a Vet Tech. This gave me a reasonably good grounding in allopathic medicine, to go with a good grounding in herbal and other alternative remedies. I have been really blessed and lucky in this life to have the opportunity to learn so many things, and to have some terrific mentors (some were terrific at showing me what I don’t want to be – still good). One of the best was a large animal vet who was a curious and open minded person. In fact, she started me on the path to Paganism, although she isn’t Pagan. She also provided a great example of someone who used BOTH allopathic and alternative medicine based on which one would be best for the situation. This, to me, would be an ideal world for healing – one where healers were knowledgable about all forms of healing, and where experts would work together as a team to give health to any given individual.

The apparent limits to the capacity of the human mind are such that no one, NO ONE can really be a complete expert on everything about the heart, or brain, or reiki, or bones. The human body is a complex wonder of nature. Face it, this whole world is a complex wonder and no one human brain can truly understand it all.

However, the current nature of our allopathic medicine is such that your heart doctor can blithely prescribe a drug for a patient with kidney disease that will destroy what little kidney function he has left, or have some other devastating effect – and his kidney doctor doesn’t find out about it until the damage is done. Two drugs can be prescribed by two different doctors that in combination can cause convulsions and death. I speak from experience and luckily a nurse caught it. (She didn’t SAY anything to us – not allowed – but she slipped me a print out of the information) So we’ve got to work on somehow networking, becoming a team who works together for health. It isn’t all the doctors fault. Did you know that insurance companies expect a doctor to see, diagnose and prescribe for a patient every nine minutes. NINE MINUTES.

So later in my life I also helped a friend go through nursing school. Let me rephrase that. I did ALL of his homework. On top of that I’ve done a great deal of personal study on nutritional healing, herbalism, massage, and in the last decade or so added subliminal and binural music (thank you YouTube), accupressure and reiki to my reprotoire which has neatly combined it’s way into crystals and spellwork from my religion. (This is something us generalists can do that specialists never even encounter) The reason for that has largely been an often desperate effort to find relief for my husband and to keep him as healthy and having the best quality of life that he can given his minimal kidney function. With the help of so many others I won’t list them because I know I’ll leave someone out, he has had a much better and longer life than we ever expected, and still has a good quality of life today – eleven years of dialysis (most dialysis patients die in the first five years). But because of that, much of my knowledge is a bit specialized to the needs of a kidney patient. I can probably help you with an upset tummy, but if you have a major ailment of some other system, the best I have for you is probably some supportive work like reiki, prayers/spellwork, maybe some suggestions for nutrition (which is not taught to doctors in the U.S.A.), or a nudge in the direction of some real healer who can help you. See, even I – the ultimate generalist – am a little bit of a specialist!

Lemon and Ginger – for your upset tummy

And, not bragging, just saying – for someone who is 62 years old, I’m in good health. Not on any medications. Not living with any terrible health conditions. Some of it is taking care of myself, some of it is genetic gifting.

I’m going to try to not add another lengthy rant to this, but I have to give a shout out to legal marijuana also giving hubby considerable relief and improvement of his quality of life. There’s an herbal remedy for you!

Green Witches are happy people…

So, yeah, health and healing is a big part of my life and always have been. Seriously, I think everyone really could improve their life by learning a modicum about taking care of the body they live in. I understand if it seems too overwhelming and you don’t want to. After all, your big brain might be super busy learning everything about colonizing Mars or something. We all have our path.

So, will healing ever rule the world? No. But I do have to say that it has certainly come to the forefront of many peoples mind’s due to the COVID-19 pandemic. And while the pandemic wasn’t what you’d call a good thing, that might be one good result of it. Healing is an important part of life, something you know all too well if you have ever had a life threatening condition, or if you live with serious health issues every day. I think that healing is very uneven across the world, with some countries having far more access to allopathic healing, some having more access to alternative methods, some countries having something approaching that perfect balance of the two, and some countries woefully underserved in many ways, including healing. Healing is just one important part of life on this planet. One of many other important things. Again, this planet is too complex and diverse to say this one thing is most important. You can only say, perhaps, this one thing is most important to me.

Now enjoy a nice calming cup of Camomile tea and Blessedbe

Ah, WordPress. I wanted to tag this, and then I wanted to add it to The Covid Transformation category – but I don’t seem to have the ability to do that. I went to another tab trying to find out what exactly I called that Covid category and now it’s all gone, the tags and category part of the editor just went away. I’m going to quit trying to use any form of organization at all. Welcome to my chaos.

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  1. I have a strong bias towards what I think of as modern medicine. And that’s why — and this might not be the direction you expect this to go! — I’m a big proponent of taking a look at anything that might work.

    I’ve been profoundly lucky, and only recently have I realized just how lucky. Almost all of the doctors and nurses I’ve worked with were motivated by an honest desire to help their patients. So I’ve seen the good modern medicine can do.

    Within the last couple of decades, though, I’ve seen some of the trends you talk about here gathering momentum. The insurance companies are just the visible instrument. The only concern behind too much of the entire medical system is profit — and it’s not your profit or mine!

    Look at one of the most astonishing achievements of modern medicine: None one, not two, but three effective vaccines against COVID 19! I recently read a story from a financial expert lamenting that the vaccines were _too_ effective. They might last too long, and that might mean reduced profits for Pfizer, Moderna, and Johnson and Johnson.

    Huh? The medicines are more effective than expected, and that’s bad?

    Goldman Sachs said the same thing about a gene therapy (I’ve forgotten the details). The treatment was wildly expensive, but it was nearly 100% effective after one dose. Goldman Sachs took the company to task because there was no opportunity for recurring revenue.

    You mentioned medical marijuana. It has few side effects — certainly fewer than almost any other medicine associated with pain or mental health. The number of people dying from a marijuana overdose remained steady at zero last year. It’s cheap, it’s easy to produce, and it’s stunning effective as a treatment for PTSD, generalized anxiety disorder, obsession/compulsive disorder, chronic pain management, etc. etc. etc.

    And it’s taken decades of pitched legislative battle to stop the blunt force of the state from throwing people into jail for trying to stay alive by using an effective and safe medicine.

    I said I supported taking a look at anything that might work. Applying the scientific method to quantifying when ginger and lemon is most effective, and at what dosages, would benefit everyone. Especially two under-served populations: patients and farmers. It’s not the method that’s the problem. It’s not the honest doctors and nurses. Heck, the last doctor I went to gave me specific dietary recommendations as treatments.

    I’d suggest single payer as a way to reduce the power money has, and that would help. But you’ve brought up the downside to that before — then the government has the power to bring us down! Of course, it does anyway. And if we get singer payer, I have a single target to go after. Right now, there are dozens of legal entities between me and the decision of whether or not to fund a given treatment…

    And I’m about to hijack your site with an article length post! Actually, I hope you take that as a compliment. You talked about an important topic here, and I really enjoyed reading your take on it. I can’t tell you how much of a relief it is to read a reasonable take on this stuff!

    1. DISCUSSION! COMMUNITY! Was I not just raving about this on another blog in a lengthy comment of my own? Please, DO feel free to write a whole ‘nother article below mine because I love it, okay?

      We are actually on the same page. YES, please, fund the research to find out the EXACT proportions of ginger and lemon – rather than research determined to prove it doesn’t work, that then gets buried because it prove that it does.

      Here’s my own biggest pet peeve about what gets research dollars and what doesn’t. Kidney transplants, or rather, replacements. One university was trying to figure out how to make kidneys on a 3d printer. Research stopped – no funding (even kidney patients were sending them money – but not the amounts needed). There is an experimental treatment for gene therapy to stop organ rejection so transplant patients don’t have to take upwards of 13 drugs PER DAY to stop rejection – no funding (drug companies fund something to let you take fewer drugs? HAH) (SO you know what happens? 3 years after transplant surgery, Medicare stops paying for your rejection drugs – you’re supposed to be well enough to work. What do you figure most jobs say when they find out what your medical costs are? Their insurance rejects you. And you know what happens? Some (no percentage seems available) transplant patients end up losing the kidney to rejection and back on dialysis or dead because they can’t afford their drugs) Another research to grow your own kidneys from your own cells by cloning them – no funding for that either. Why? Because Fresenius, a german company who provides over one third of dialysis in the world, and ALL OF THE DIALYSIS MACHINES AND THEIR COMPONENT PARTS – has a full time lobbyist or 100 or so in D.C. to put a stop to anything that would stop their profit making machine in the dialysis industry. Now that’s profit in medicine at work!

      Single payer – I think it would be a big improvement over what we have now. But I also have an upclose and personal look at what happens when a single payer – say Medicare – pays for the majority of dialysis in the U.S.A. Although Medicare pays less than private insurers (yep, same treatment, different price) Medicare pays far more for dialysis per treatment in the U.S. than dialysis per treatment costs in say, Mexico. The difference is in Mexico people pay for their dialysis out of pocket. And if your pockets aren’t deep enough – you just die. (It could be worse, there are countries that have few or NO dialysis clinics at all) So there are ways for the for profit medical sector to “scam” the single payer system, too. Still, we would be spared the bullshit of New Mexico; Medicaid and Medicare between them paid for 100% of my husbands dialysis. In Nevada, however, because he gets SO MUCH on disability he does not qualify for Medicaid (essentially he is being punished for working and for going to college and getting a good job when he could probably have sat on disability his entire life). So Medicare pays for 80% and we are billed for the other 20%, which comes to about 90% of his entire (HUGE -sarcasm) income. Just for dialysis, never mind anything else. How do they think we’ll live? Well, they hope we won’t! (We get by because we have an ANGEL, a TRUE HEALER, who owns his own dialysis clinics and says NO ONE is going to die for lack of money if he can help it. And I keep my cheers quiet because he is constantly harassed by the powers that be who want to stop what he is doing)

      As far as marijuana – I have an addendum to your discussion. I am old enough to remember when we had Perkoset, Dilaudid, Quaaludes – pain medications that were strong and NON-ADDICTIVE – a whole raft of them. You never got an opiod because, man, that shit is addictive and can be abused. Then ONE pharmaceutical company decided to push opiods. I mean…they’re addictive…right? (Watch The Pharmacist at Netflix) Now you cannot get ANY other painkiller for the least little booboo. It goes from take a couple Tylenol, to here’s your Oxycontin. No stops between. What happened to all those other drugs? Well they weren’t paying your doctors to prescribe them. And your doctors weren’t guarenteed a never ending income stream by prescribing them.

      On the same line – that treatment they were touting from the rooftops for Hepatitis C a few years ago? Again, the stockholders had a shit fit because although something like 1% of all adult Americans have Hep C which leads to other more awful things… the damn treatment cured them and then they didn’t need it anymore and they weren’t even spreading the disease either. GASP. Where’s the continuing income? The for profit medical business doesn’t want to CURE you, they want you to stay just sick enough to keep coming back.

      So, we are in agreement overall. When you do find a true healer in the allopathic for profit medical community – give thanks and appreciate and count your lucky stars. I’m so glad they are out there. My husband would be dead right now if not for a few angels. But let’s also take the medical community off their god pillar because there’s also a whole lot of them who just go with the flow, or are as eager to pull profit as any faceless corporation. I also have nothing against allopathic medicine, nothing could be better if what you need is a heart transplant or a broken leg set. Or dialysis. But many other ailments can be treated with less invasive, less poisonous treatments offered by the alternative health community. So let’s get the research done, quantify it, and then insurance will pay (that’s why they say they won’t pay for alternative care – no quantity – no 100 pills of this will treat that – plus in general alternative healing takes more than nine minutes per patient :P)



      1. I’ve been trying to think of a way through this problem. No matter how much energy or how many years I spend, I come up against two roadblocks.

        First, the idea of a “government of the people, by the people, for the people” is a gloriously beautiful idea, but, in practice, it has proven unattainable; at least by current methods and practices.

        Second, to paraphrase Churchill, capitalization is the absolute worse economic system ever conceived, from the dawn of time until now, with a single exception: All other economic systems before it.

        If we can solve the first problem, we can begin to adjust the incentive systems that drive the second. But we are losing ground.

        If we could somehow harness the power of the second, we can incentivize the right behaviors that will reward the right outcomes: Human who are healthy, with “healthy” being defined as whatever that individual decides.

        If I go head to head with the Powers that desire control, I’ll lose. I have not optimized my mind for the power of command. I have optimized my mind for the cultivation of creativity and of collaborative problem solving. At the end of the day, faced with the darkest threats to myself and my family, those are the powers that have proven most effective. Yet, on the battlefield of the Powers, I can only hold my position. I cannot advance.

        I don’t know how to stop the orchestrated attacks against voting rights, which is the foundation of power. In other words, I can’t protect even the fragile gains we’d made until now, which weren’t sufficient.

        It’s late, and it’s probably best I don’t dwell on this. But of all the failures that haunt me, this is the most painful. I can see the solution. It’s right there! But it’s completely out of reach.

      2. I feel your pain. I do remember the U.S.A. in the 60s and 70s and because my own mother was a minority (Native American) who in Oklahoma had possibly LESS rights than a black person – yeah. Things WERE worse. Really. They were. but they aren’t right now by a long shot either. Better, but way not what they should be, not what we were dreaming of. Hell, I think we’re going to gain federal approval of marijuana (there’s money in it) and lose abortion (not AGAIN). And we (hubby and I) are certainly in no position to take any risky stances. Democracy on paper is a great idea. So is, I understand, communism. On paper. Then you get real flesh humans involved and it goes to shit. Here, we’ve also included Capitalism as our freaking God and what a nightmare that is – even while it does (less and less frequently) offer the common plebe a small chance at maybe getting a piece of the pie and then being in a position to make a difference. I can tell you the system is broken, but it is beyond me to fix it. It’s all I can do to send a little money to the people trying to preserve at least a few of our wild horses from extinction. I wish I DID have a solution. Meanwhile, I pray for all living beings. I do.

  2. Money is a big problem in the world of medicine and it does make life way more complicated than it needs to be, As someone who has taken a fair bit of medicine, and isn’t done yet I had my medicine of choice cheapened so many times.
    Once we get something that kinda works as medicine.. it’s not the first priority to research what works better.. but now to do the same…but cheaper. I COULD have more energy.. I COULD sleep better.. but that costs the companies a few cents profit margin! so clearly it is better to just leave me with much less energy.. I should be HAPPY I am not dead right?!
    Medicine could develop so much faster if it focussed on being progressive rather than being cost effective. I am pretty darn sure I would cost less money if I was given better medicine and actually improved.. but that would mean they have to plan over a few years.

    I might be hit by a car… I might go live abroad.. the state can’t take that risk so they have to cheapen everything I can get my hands on…. I feel it is the wrong way to approach things. In a way medical sciences is in a sort of self imposed dark ages.. because we are not trying to progress.. we are trying to make more profit out of it. Purely because insurance companies determine what medicine we can get. I think this needs to change.. with the state/hospital deciding what brand of medicine we get and the insurance companies being forced to pay whatever the dr orders. Or at least create a mediation instance that balances in between those parties.

    I think good medicine can do what holistic medicine does as well.. Yet that is the stuff they leave out to make it cheaper… I could get a medicine that doesn’t trash my melatonine levels and makes me super insomniac…but to the state I could just drink some tomato juice or chamomile tea as “that usually” helps.. they don’t need to pay for that.. or insurance companies .. So I honestly think that traditional medicine, and nature based medicine might be a blessing AND a curse.. that is much more acknowledged than people give it credit for. Why should an insurance company pay to reduce the side effect of a scratchy throat .. if I could drink some ginger tea with honey…which I just can get myself… I am not sure if this is true.. but I have a suspicion.. because it is always those things I CAN heal myself with and feel myself well with.. that I CAN get from more natural means that get left out… I just get the bare minimum that just the modern medicine does… it is just a theory but it might be an interesting one.

    I can talk much about medicinal marihuana because well, it’s not that hard to get the stuff here either way.

    1. “Purely because insurance companies determine what medicine we can get. I think this needs to change.. with the state/hospital deciding what brand of medicine we get and the insurance companies being forced to pay whatever the dr orders. Or at least create a mediation instance that balances in between those parties.”

      That is such a huge pet peeve of mine. There is a medication my husband NEEDS. However, there’s a cheaper medication that supposedly does the same thing. Only it has a hideous side effect on him and he canNOT take it. Well, then, he just doesn’t get any medication for that problem then. Insurance won’t buy it and we sure as hell can’t afford it. And he is certainly not alone in this situation at all.

      Of course, they would say he could take that cheaper med and also take two ro three or four other meds for the side effects and then medicines for their side effects – and that is the medical advice you would get from a doctor here. Of course, the insurance may or may not choose to pay for that. Yeah, it’s a mess.

      I think it’s not so much that you can use a home remedy for say the scratchy throat or insomnia – here what you’d get is a prescription to counter the side effects of your prescription OR be told, bascially, tough shit that’s the side effect you have to live with it.

      And yeah, I haven’t a bit of doubt that research could find medications that would completely cure most problems but there’s more money in not quite curing the problem so you have to keep coming back. Never mnd what that might do to your quality of life because that is NOT their priority, their priority is profit.

  3. Well, you already know my opinion of for-profit healthcare. It’s a total mess and I find it hard to understand people who champion our medical system as the best in the world. Slightly delusional.
    I have a court-certified witch on my family tree (Rebecca Nurse of Salem) but her neighbors all said she was a good person. She was hung anyway.
    My mother always said that we should be careful what we wish for. I think she felt we might put the evil eye on someone or something. Hard to tell if any special powers descended to us from our Celtic ancestors. My sister could answer something that wandered through my head but I did not verbalize it. Too bad that I didn’t inherit that particular gift.

    1. That whole Salem thing was also about greed and profit and some men seeing some widows inheriting property that they thought should belong to a man. What a woman with a bit of power? Well, isn’t that by definition a witch? Once that bit of magic is in the blood, I think it’s there whether you consciously choose to use it or not. I wouldn’t worry about hexing anyone so long as you keep your mind and thoughts in a good place. If hexing or cursing was that easy a whole lot of bad things and people wouldn’t exist anymore 😉

      Oh yes, our medical system the best? Don’t make me laugh. The only people who believe that particular fantasy are those same people who are sure the U.S.A. is simply the perfect system in every way. They hang onto that belief because if they let it go then they’d be adrift and personally responsible for their lives, morals, decision making, etc. Much easier to go along with whatever your preacher told you, or the doctor, or the president, or whatever… Rush Limbaugh 😛 Meanwhile the rest of the world looks at us and wonders WTF makes us think that. Sigh.

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