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I know. Try not to faint. Well, I had some shit to say and I’ve figured out how to at least kind of balance the ranting with some good.

Warming up the soapbox

As no doubt any of you who pays your own bills has noticed, everything is going up. The cost of food, fuel for the car, our lot rent, our electric bill, our phone bill, all of these have gone up this year. Of course, no one has brought up the notion of raising our retirement and disability incomes – so we are supposed to magically make the same amount of money pay more in bills when we are already (like most retired or chronically ill people) pretty much against the wall. Compared to many, we are very fortunate, but I have to wonder where the breaking point will be. I think a few companies who raised their prices, literally, because everyone else raised theirs, will find out that their customers are going to draw a line between what is necessary and what is not.

I’ve already cancelled some of our streaming services. As of today I cancelled two more. One of which I thought I would never cancel in a million years.

Today, Crunchyroll’s head hit the chopping block. But there are also some – not mitigating – but aggravating factors. Remember when Sony bought Funimation and Crunchyroll and said, soon everything will be on CR? So they emailed me and said, hey, cancel your Funi sub? So, I did. And actually, at the time, I also dropped VRV – because VRV was dropping channels I watched like crazy – and went back to “just” good old CR with joy in my heart. I’ve been a subscriber for like two decades. Only then what happened is everything did NOT move to CR. So much I wanted to watch did NOT move that I recently ended up restarting my Funi sub. AND THEN Funi wrote to say they had to raise their subscription prices “to be in line with CR prices”. Except they are raising their price HIGHER than my CR sub. And if all their catalog is on CR – never mind.

Meanwhile, I had also broken down and started HiDive, which is priced at about half of the two anime streaming services mentioned above.

Half. Simucasting. Streaming. Anime.

May I also point out that Crackle, YouTube, and Tubi.tv – all free services – now have quite a bit of anime. In addition, Netflix and Hulu – which we subscribe to mainly so we can watch K-dramas, movies, and “regular” TV all also now have a considerable anime catalog. Among other things. Once upon a time I absolutely HAD to pay for a specifically anime streaming service – but those days are gone Sony.

When I got that email from Funi I really had to laugh. You see, my landlord had just handed me a letter saying they had to raise the lot rent because other properties in the area have raised their rent. Yeah. They are literally saying, well, the neighbors raised their rent and got it so we are going to raise ours too. And then Funi said, well the other streaming services are getting more, so we want more, too. Neither Funi nor my landlord are providing any additional services or improvements for this additional fee. I don’t see where either of them have suddenly had higher expenses to run their business. It’s just that – well, everyone else raised prices. So we can, too.

Boys and girls, this is not a REASON. This is GREED. And the fallout of GREED and of having near monopolistic companies.

I’m old. I’ve been around. And I remember being outraged at gas at 50 cents a gallon. ROFLMAO. Sorry, small digression, but in the area – some 30 years ago in Tulsa, OK there was a big monopolistic company called QuikTrip that had a convienence store on every corner. By and large, I loved them, cheap gas, cheap half decent food and coffee, and pretty much anything you needed when you swung by a conbini in a hurry on your way to work. Well there came a time that QT (as they were known) raised their gas prices – considerably. I mean, considerably. And what happened? Every other conbini and gas station in town raised theirs to the same price. When interviewed the station owners said that when QT raised prices, they had to raise prices, too, or QT would put them out of business.


Supply and demand would say that if a few brave station owners said fuck that shit and stayed at the same price (there was no actual reason for the price rise but greed) they should make a killing and have a line of cars down the road. One station owner did that. One. He made it on the news. And what happened to him? I dunno. He vanished. I suppose QT put him out of business by undercutting him on everything from sodas to potato chips to water and air (I remember air being free, too). Why? They could afford to take a brief loss on some things in order to run him out, but the smaller business could not. QT the near monopoly wants to raise prices, so the rest of you better go along. And that’s what is happening here (and there, and everywhere). And that’s the problem. It’s not so much that capitalism doesn’t work. It’s that is it not being allowed to work because we have these greedy monopolies that drive other companies out of business if they dare offer any real competition.

So, you see, this is how this works. I drop Funi and CR – the higher priced services. I keep the lowest priced service of HiDive. And I keep the services that offer not just anime, but other media as well. That’s how capitalism is supposed to work from the consumer’s end. Proper capitalism would have Funi and CR looking over at HiDive and LOWERING THEIR PRICE. (Hang in there HiDive) Or offering me something other than lies and promises to lure me back by making their service WORTH more.

*putting my soap box away*

So, CR and Funi are cancelled. I am tired of bullshit and being lied to. That will just about cover the rise in rent and a tiny bit more.

Which I’m going to give to these guys:

https://www.patreon.com/m/74353/posts – Deerstalker Pictures. They make a cute little YouTube video series about an erstwhile D&D playing group that reminds hubby & I of good times, good friends, and makes us laugh. And you know, yay Indies. I love seeing the Internet community finding lots of ways to support small independent creators. I like seeing independent creators doing what they do and making a buck or two at it.

So that’s the good stuff to balance out the ranty stuff.

No telling how that link is going to come out. Effin block editor.

I just discovered one of my very most favorite public domain free pictures websites is apparently gone. SHIT.

ANARCHY (that ought to get me back on the gov’t watch list)



  1. I’ve been watching more and more HIDIVE. I not only like the price, I like their attitude!

    I remember Funimation’s promise to move the catalog. Which is why I cancelled my subscription.

    Monopolies (Ayn Rand’s opinion notwithstanding) are a plague. I’ve always thought it’s an interesting paradox that the only way for a free market to work is to have the right laws and regulations in place. Otherwise, human nature being what it is, we’ll end up with a handful of companies owning everything.

    Which is kind of where we are now, isn’t it?

    Glad to see a new post!

    1. Indeed and thank you. This has always been a flaw in our market (among others) that anyone who gets to be of sufficent size tends to use their resources to crush the competition, rather than trying to simply offer more, do more, charge less, or otherwise incentivize their loyal customers to stay. You know, competition – another thing that is supposed to make the free market work. When there’s only one, not really a free (market) choice is there?

      One thing I really noticed was that when CR owned CR and I cancelled my sub, I got an email asking why and how they could get me back. I had to cancel once for financial reasons (due to some hubby health issues), and their response then was to send me a code for a free month. One reason I’ve been so loyal to them for so long – even though I detest the new “beta” site. Now that Sony owns them, I just filled out an exit survey and that’s it. No concern at losing a customer at all.

      What I’m thinking is that, it’s okay to be that way with people who want movies and TV series. There’s zillions of them and they have quite a few choices these days. But anime is a bit more niche and I kind of think that over time this bullshit is going to cost them – and benefit HiDive, among others. This is why I have to live to be 100, I’m eternally curious to watch out it works out…

  2. I’ve been watching a lot of my anime over on Hulu lately and it’s been nice. I’ve cancelled my CR and Funi subs a while ago and I’m surprised by how much I don’t miss them that much at all.

    Wishing you the best.

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