WARNING: Masseys/Stoneberry/Mason Easy-Pay/k. Jordon/Fifth Glam

Well boys and girls, here’s another online company to beware of. I’m going to end up paying $17 for my hard lesson and I have no merchandise to show for it. Let me save you from making the same mistake.

I ordered a thermal shirt, and a sweater coat. When the “thermal” shirt arrived, I’m not sure, but I think it was actually PAPER. If not, then it was the thinnest cloth I have ever seen or touched. The collar, waist and sleeves were jnot even hemmed. I was a little afraid to unfold it, it was so thin and fragile. Certainly not going to work as a fall fashion! So I looked up the online instructions (not easy to find) and followed them to the letter using the ENCLOSED return label (they clearly know that some of us aren’t going to accept that shit) and sent it back – well aware I would be charged $7.95 in shipping. I canceled the rest of the order for the sweater coat which had (thankfully) been on back order. I didn’t take photos or anything because I didn’t expect to be writing this. The shirt only cost $25, I figured I was only out less than $10, live and learn.

Then I got the bill for almost $50.

After a phone call it seems that I’m being charged over $10 for the original shipping, $7.95 for the return, and full price plus tax for the shirt which they claim that have not received. Very cute – by using their label I have no proof of whether they received it or not. So lesson two – go to the UPS store and pay for a shipping that includes a receipt when they get the item.

Apparently I still have to pay sales tax on an item I returned. ????

The paper bill has three phone numbers on it, and the one for “disputes” goes to a conference line that requests a code to be added to the conference. In other words, it’s a bogus phone number.

Going online I was able to get a phone number that let me speak to an actual human, who explained why I am out $50 for absolutely nothing, since I returned the paper shirt.

Overall, this experience leads me to question another situation I had with an air conditioner I ordered from Stoneberry. It arrived and worked fine – for about 30 days. Just long enough, obviously, to be out of any kind of warranty. I called Stoneberry and they hooked me up for a replacement from the manufacturer, leaving me paying over $300 for…nothing. We did receive the new air conditioner, but assuming it was not going to work we did not go to the considerable effort involved to install it and eventually I just dumped it at a pawn shop – still in the sealed box.

I wonder now if it might have worked, if the one that came from Stoneberry was…well, like a paper shirt…while the second one directly from the manufacturer might have been the real thing. That was a $300 lesson, but I didn’t blame Stoneberry, I blamed the manufacturer if anyone and really…figured it was just the items inability to deal with the brutal Las Vegas summer temperatures last year. Although the inexpensive Walmart air conditioner we bought to replace it has been just fine.

Just makes me wonder.

Anyhow – save yourself some trouble and stay away from all the companies listed above. They are all basically the same company.



  1. You miss the entire point of the post.

    I am not begging for help here. I do not need your mansplanation, thank you.

    By the way, you don’t usually receive a bill for monies already paid. I guess I didn’t make that clear enough for you, but I don’t think I need to reveal the details of my finances in order to share the information that this company is a rip off operation.

    I am sharing this information so that hopefully others will find this when researching the company before ordering and save them some trouble. THAT was my point and my reason for sharing this experience.

    Again, don’t need help. Thanks. Trying to help OTHERS. Like you do! 😀

    Also, I really want to thank you for some personal insight. I just realized while trying to not go into a rant here that I am far more angry over being repeatedly judged as a total idiot, than I am over being ripped off for $50. Maybe I should offer you $50 to stop commenting on my blog.

    Well, much easier to just stop blogging again. Ta!

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