A few thoughts on Usagi Drop

At first glance, Usagi Drop doesn’t appear to be an anime that would appeal to me on any level. I am not one of those people who drools over babies or young children. In fact, I find them rather annoying. I like children best when they belong to other people. I can borrow them, stuff… Continue reading A few thoughts on Usagi Drop

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Railgunfan75’s Anime Favorites A-Z Challenge

My new friend, Tiny Ugly Animal, tagged me for this challenge. I’m really glad because I’ve been seeing it around and thinking it would be fun, and I’ve quite enjoyed other people’s lists. Something in the nature of the challenge brings out those little animes that are lesser known but really good. So with no… Continue reading Railgunfan75’s Anime Favorites A-Z Challenge

Totally Awesome Tomodachi!

I’ve been tagged a Totally Awesome Tomodachi! I feel so special! No, that’s 100% totally true. It is one of those interesting quirks about life that if there is something you really, truly, deeply desire then the minute you give up and stop looking for it, it will come into your life. I have been… Continue reading Totally Awesome Tomodachi!

Saturday Morning Cartoons Reinvented

Pinkie over at Pinkie’s Paradise started an intriguing reinvention of the Saturday morning cartoons some weeks ago. From the inception of the series, I really liked the idea and very quickly got to work on setting that time slot aside in my own life, for the same use. I had a crappy childhood. Saturday morning… Continue reading Saturday Morning Cartoons Reinvented

Winter to Spring in Anime 2020

Tis the season for round-up posts. You know, what I watched of the winter season, how I liked it and even what I’m looking forward to this spring. This is sort of a difficult thing for me, since I prefer to binge anime over watching simulcasts. Some seasons I don’t watch anything simulcast. I may… Continue reading Winter to Spring in Anime 2020

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