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Because I rather enjoyed it, I am going to adopt a form of blogging here where I put together a half dozen or so random subjects/titles and blog daily until they’re done. Then take a little break – like maybe a week – and do it again. I’m enjoying this. I get time to think, reflect, laugh a little, and then my minute little group of followers weighs in and we have a discussion and it’s fun. Which is what blogging and writing needs to be for me these days, fun.

I was rather happily surprised to see I’m up to 43 followers. Whoot. LOL. Ah the old days when I would have considered that such a failure I would have dropped this blog. Well, now we’re just having fun, and if I had a room big enough for 43 people to sit around a table and chat that would be more than enough. It’s okay, only about six actually show up to chat (there seems to be a core of about 12 but some are interested in anime, some in games, you know how it goes) and about the same number are only here to attempt to get more traffic to their blog by liking posts. I don’t have a problem with that, but I don’t think liking my posts is going to help you much.


Isn’t that old piano a charmer? I like it. Once upon a time I played. Long time ago. As a child I was a rock’n’roller addicted to the AM radio. I decided I wanted to learn to play bass guitar. My more classically inclined (social climber) parents said I had to learn to play piano first, for a solid music foundation. So I had a few years of lessons and learned to enjoy the piano, but as life went on – well, you can’t exactly tuck a piano in your pocket. You can now. I should think about that. I never did learn to play bass guitar.

Anyhow, I picked this photo as a segue into the first post of this batch. Oh! Let’s call them arcs – so this will be the… second arc – proof of concept! (The first arc was just mentally named “testing” in my head). A couple times this last year I was tasked with a post listing a few songs for one theme or another, and I found them really fun. So I was already thinking about once a month I’d do a post of songs/music. The reminder came around from my online journal to do that – so this Proof of Concept Second Arc will include a song post – Six Songs That Center My Life.

As I go along, I’ll also come back to this post and link the post titles to the actual posts – like I did last time.

Witches are happy!

Another thing I did for a while was the Friday Woowoo post. Looking back in my stats I see that those posts are actually some of my most popular. And I enjoy writing them. So the Friday Woowoo will be a thing. Probably not every Friday – but every Friday in an arc 😀 Now, this could change, but while I was fiddling with the random blog subject type generators one title it came up with sort of suggested a woowoo post to me. So – subject to possible change – the Friday Woowoo will be 3 questions every woowoo person should be able to answer.

Wonder if there are fairy shrimp or tadpoles there?

Another post I quite enjoyed was the Top Stories in Nature. So I’m doing that one again.

I also did a haiku because one of the randoms was 140 characters about or somesuch thing. I wanted another short, fun thing – so I’ve chosen Five Things You Should Never Do With A Platypus. It will make more sense when we get there. Or not.

Aren’t they cute?

As it happens, this arc will also fall over a weekend, so we will have our Saturday Cartoon Highlights of Arc Two.

But is it Odible? is a post that you get when you combine random generators of blog titles and odd words…but I like it so you’re getting it.

So here’s our Second Arc – Proof of Concept list:

  1. Six Songs That Center My Life
  2. Five Things You Should Never Do With A Platypus
  3. Three Questions Any Woowoo Person Should Be Able to Answer (Friday woowoo)
  4. Saturday Cartoon Highlights – Second Arc
  5. Top Stories In Nature
  6. But is it Odible?

Wouldn’t it look great if I could somehow like frame that and put it on a different background color? Can’t figure it out in this marvelous new editor though so oh well. No, please, I don’t even want instructions unless they are super easy. Fun and easy are the important themes here. Nothing that’s going to make me pound my head on the desk or wish I could cry.

I am thinking about changing the blog a little looks-wise also. Maybe it’s just me or my devices but I find the supposedly pastel toned purple background with black text – which I thought would be easy on the eyes – bothers my eyes. The text seems to have a pale outline which makes it looks a little double vision to me. It’s probably me. But I read these things a lot of times and so I may change it for me.

So that’s it. I just wanted to give you a heads up – a warning if you like – that babble may soon be tumbling from my tapping fingers, in case you want to get out of the way of falling words.


EDIT 7/27/2021 – yeah. Changed my mind. Reasons.


  1. I could never fit what not to do with a platypus within a haiku.

    Do not make a Platypus your wingman! That thing will steal the heart of everyone before you can!
    Do not mate a Platypus with a duck! The kid might seem cute.. but OMG… run!
    There are many things a Platypus should not do! Yet there might be even more I’d want to see a playpus do!

    I am happy at least you found your blog spark again!

    1. Dang, now what do I have left to write? 😛 I love it 😀 I’m not sure it’s even a spark. More of a fizzle. We’ll see how it goes.

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