It’s a Sunny Day- Thanks to Fred

Oh boy, another swing at the Sunshine Blogger Award, thanks to Fred!


Display the Sunshine Blogger logo. (Yup, there it is)
Thank whoever tagged you. (Oh boy, thank you Fred!)
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Fred’s Questions

Do you have any friends you would consider family?

Yes. My family is abusive, and I cut all ties with the last of ’em 30 years ago. Since then I’ve been blessed with a truly great family of friends. Older people I would consider mentors, my own age like siblings only closer, and even some younger people hubby and I call (and kind of consider) kids. I don’t know what I’d do without some of these folx, they’ve been such a support to me.

Has your family ever pressured you to act a certain way?

Oh yes. But It really had more to do with abuse than standard middle class expectations. The oft repeated mantra was, “You’ll never do anything, you’ll never be anything, you’ll never have anything.” Basically anything I wanted to do was either ridiculed as stupid, or I was too stupid, or I couldn’t do it because I was a girl and girls don’t do that. Therein lies one big part of the problem – not really a girl. If a goal was set and I reached it – then the goalposts were moved. There was no way to win ever. I sadly disappointed their expectation (and hope) of me being a drug addicted, mentally ill prostitute who O.D.ed young so they could play oh martyred us having to try to deal with her and her lies about us. I lived, and left, and prospered. Pfffft.

The best revenge is living well.

Do you have a favorite cooking anime?

I love Restaurant to Another World. A great combo of fantasy and food. Anime food always looks so amazingly delicious!

What personality traits do you share with your relatives?

Mental illness. But we have different ones 😛 And I believe that I get being a witch from my Great Grandmother by both heredity and being with her when I was very young. Otherwise, since they’re not very nice humans (I often just cut this conversation short by saying I was raised by wolves) I certainly hope not.

What’s your favorite season and why?

It has changed over time.

First, autumn because school was a welcome relief from home. I loved school and I loved learning.

Then Summer, because I love WARM and water and outdoor activities like hiking and kayaking and horses and animals and just being outside.

And now I’m kind of back to autumn since we moved to Las Vegas with it’s 115F summer days that don’t even cool off at night. I actually kind of don’t have a favorite season anymore. It’s almost always awful outdoors here so I’m inside with my anime and games and books and there’s very little change in my life from one season to the next now.

Did you ever want to eat someone’s pancreas?

I can’t say I ever had that EXACT thought but…someone once told me they knew someone who would kill my ex-husband for $100. I had $100 in my shoe at that exact moment (it’s a dancer thing). I thought about it.

Much later in life a friend had a habit of saying “Some people need killing.” I agree, but I don’t want the karma myself. Mostly people like that bring it on themselves sooner or later – karma, you know.

Did you ever get to meet your great-grandparents?

My family basically treats men like toilet tissue meal tickets. Used, discarded. Which is to say I haven’t a clue who my great grandfather IS. Hell, I don’t know who my father is.

However, I do remember my Great Grandmother. I believe that she took care of me until I was close to two years old, and I also spent a very little time with her when I was older. I remember her as quiet, and very forceful. She was the only person I think my mother (and all the rest of the family to various extents) was afraid of. And I mean VERY AFRAID. Because…she was a witch. She was the epitome of a matriarch and no one argued with her, or even risked maybe crossing her even a tiny bit. She was a force of nature with an aura of power, yet physically I remember a tiny woman in a black dress. She wasn’t much bigger than me and I was a tiny child.

When my Great Grandmother died, my mother went back to the family home, as did her sisters. When she came back she told a story of how the day of Great Grandmother’s funeral, one of the sisters was coming down stairs and passed by Great Grandmother. She greeted her and excused herself around her. When the sister got to the bottom of the stairs, with the other sisters, everyone kind of freaked out. They all saw Great Grandmother on the stairs quite clearly. And then she vanished.

Have you really disliked an anime but changed your mind?

I’m going to say I can’t answer this because unlike the brave souls who do those awesome insightful reviews I read, I have no sort of obligation to finished anything I don’t like. So if it doesn’t grab me in three episodes, meh. If I really dislike something in the first episode, like the art, or I dropped one anime because of a main character who screamed constantly, then I just drop it and I’m gone.

What’s your favorite board game?

Horrified! There’s a review here on the blog. It’s a new vice. Until then I’d have to say probably good old fashioned Monopoly with Clue a VERY close second. I also love PENTE, but my hubby hates it so I don’t have anyone to play with any more. (whine)

Is there anything you’d want me to write about?

I bet you have some good stories. If we were sitting around naked in the wilderness, having a few drinks, talking about life – tell me a couple of your best life stories.

What is the meaning to life, the universe and everything?

Don’t tempt me, because you know I really would tackle this and go on for years.

In short, listen to your heart and be of service. Try to leave the world a little better place than it was when you got here. This life, this planet even, is one tiny little speck of the Universal Spirit which seeks to learn and grow and create. Choose to create love, beauty, harmony, balance and compassion. Be open to learning, both spirit wisdom and science wisdom. Someday we will figure out it’s all the same. The only real power is love.

Not really knowing what I wanted, just a break from wisdom to tagging, I put in community. I got all these pictures of PHONES. Maybe they thought I meant communication? Anyway, I got this “women’s team” – they all look like productive little workers – like WP bloggers! Yeah!


Pinkie’s Paradise

Crow’s World of Anime

The Djinn Reader

I Drink and Watch Anime

LitaKino Anime Corner

The Anime Madhouse

That RandomEditors Anime Blog

9Tailed Kitsune

The AniManga Spellbook

Fun With Philosophy

I’m one short – volunteers?

My 11 Questions

Now that the pandemic has thrown all the building blocks of our lives up in the air, shuffled them, and dropped them randomly – have you made any significant life changes, either day to day or in your future plans? What have you learned?

Of all the many streaming services now offering anime, who is your favorite and why? Which one do you watch most?

Do you even know what a CD is? 3.5 Floppy Disk? Vinyl record? Owned any? Still own any? Is this one question or five?

What do you think is going to happen after you die?

What is your favorite bird?

Do you think you have a totem animal? Or Spirit animal? What is it?

What is a comfortable indoor temperature for you? No, really, I’m curious. What’s your thermostat on, if you have one?

How do you feel about slice of life anime?

Do you watch the same genres in live action as you do in anime?

Do you remember the very first anime you saw? Was it love at first sight?

The EMP hit. Everything with a computer chip is fried. Will you survive?

Whoa, what magic is this? Categories returns! Sigh.

Thank you everyone and Blessedbe.


  1. Thank you for answering!

    That peleton of stationary bikes gave me an idea for an indoor World Naked Bike ride.

    LOL! The stories I’d would tell you are probably not something I’d want on WordPress. Especially not after a few hits/drinks.

    1. Muwahahahahaha. Those are the best kind. Email me 😛 j/k. well, not really but…

      World Naked Bike ride makes me want to sing “Big Bottomed Girls”

      1. I do have another blog where things are a little more exposed. It was intended to accompany a one-man show in the Hollywood Fringe Festival where an old man wonders about his mortality and if there is any purpose to staying alive. He’s drunk as a skunk, high as a kite, and naked as a jaybird and slowly fading out as the overdose kicks in.

        Well, the Fringe was canceled and I don’t expect one next spring either. I’m not sure my mental acuity would be up to it anymore.

      2. Cause you know, old, high, drunk, and nekkid… wait, why would that affect your brain? I believe the world may have missed a great performance. But yeah, these are the reasons Irina doesn’t get the dancer stories she craves. Not sure I want them written down and out in the world but I have some good ones. Muwahahahaha. So where is this other blog? *smiles hopefully*

  2. Congrats on the award, and thank you very much for tagging me! 🙂

    You had a lot of great answers to these questions – especially the last one. That was very profound and beautiful (and very true!)

  3. “I thought about it.”

    Ummm… Should I ask what you thought when you thought? Or, like, is it better I don’t know? Plausible deniability and all…

    “one of the sisters was coming down stairs and passed by Great Grandmother”

    That’s usually not a good sign. Well, for the sisters. I wonder if she gave you a hand behind the scenes? There are modes of existence that I don’t understand, with their attendant paths of operation. I’m not even sure why that occurred to me.

    I doubt _she_ mentioned it to me.

    Now I have the willies.

    Anyway, thanks for the tag! I love the questions you came up with. I’m secretly looking forward to mentioning the 8 inch DisplayWriter floppy disk…

  4. Ooh thanks for the tag! These were soms interesting questions! I had the inverse great grandmother.

    I think she was a white witch! She could make all babies calm, if we got hurt while playing she could calm us down and the candy she gaves tasted sweeter, everyone flocked to her as she sat in grandma’s living room.

    You had the scary one? I always wanted a scary family member to be more like the movies.

    Thanks for saying some people need to be killed, I agree. It’s not nice to say but sometimes I wonder where the civilised world would be if it did not have the Disney mentality.
    We should not move to far off.. but at least let us vote people of our country and use Auatralia what it was meant to be uses for…

    Just gotta save Karandi and Lita first!

    1. When I wrote about my Great Grandmother I was really sort of racking my memories for anything more of her because I suspect that the people who were afraid of her probably should have been. They weren’t nice people… therefore they were afraid because she was good and able to do something about them. Did that make sense?

      Personally, the state I grew up in, Oklahoma, is going to have an earthquake and turn into one big sinkhole soon. I think we should then top it with electrical fence and just drop criminals in and let them have at it.

      1. Kind of Reminds me of the Dark Knight Rises (The hole story) I can see that given birth to Bane.. Or well Talia Al Ghul I guess.. but yeah as long as you make sure you are safe I am content with the Sinkhole state Plan 😉

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