WooWoo FooFoo Friday

So – I broke my Friday art streak. I was going to restart at one, but then something else came up that I so very much wanted to share. After some thought, I’m making some changes. Some changes that mean you are going to get more of me. Sorry. 😛 You know how to turn… Continue reading WooWoo FooFoo Friday

Thank You, Fred (Thankful tag)

Let me just begin this post with a big thank you to Fred for creating this inspired Thankful tag. Witches Thanksgiving comes on Mabon, which is on or around September 21st. Due to my own spiritual choices, however, I give thanks first thing every morning and all through the day every day. I can get… Continue reading Thank You, Fred (Thankful tag)

The Real Neat Blog Award

Rules Display the award logo Thank the blogger who nominated you and post a link to their blog: Thanks Mononoke7 from Anime Rants! Answer the questions of the one who nominated you Nominate 5-10 bloggers. Ask them 7 questions. 7Mononoke’s Questions 1. What is your nationality, if you don’t mind sharing? I was born in… Continue reading The Real Neat Blog Award