Thank You, Fred (Thankful tag)

Let me just begin this post with a big thank you to Fred for creating this inspired Thankful tag.

Witches Thanksgiving comes on Mabon, which is on or around September 21st. Due to my own spiritual choices, however, I give thanks first thing every morning and all through the day every day. I can get a bit snarky about selfish, greedy Americans who say a grudging thank you once a year before gobbling down (and wasting) enormous amounts of food, complaining about having to spend time with their family and how you can’t invite Aunt Grim if Uncle Gripe is coming, and then rush out to fight over purchasing whatever newest widgets the advertising says you and your “loved ones” must have right now or at least Xmas day, even if it means you are in desperate debt all of next year.

Compared to some I have so little, and yet I’m so very grateful for it.

Compared to some I am so very blessed and I don’t know if I deserve it, but I am surely deeply grateful for it.

(And if you didn’t know, let me share this little nugget of wisdom with you. Comparing yourself to others – like on social media – is the swiftest possible trip to misery for most people)

I am thankful every single morning I wake up and the first thing I see is my beloved husband sitting up at his computer playing his games. I’m so grateful he is alive, and in my life, and that we managed to find each other and come together and create this infinite bond of love and caring that has brought me bliss beyond anything I ever thought I might experience.

I am so grateful that we have finally found the perfect nephrologist, who owns his own dialysis clinic and runs it on the principles of love, compassion, and healing – rather than corporate profit. This doctor and the quality people he hires have greatly improved my husband’s life, health, and longevity and turned this life saving treatment into a source of peace of mind based on harmony and cooperation, rather than an never ending war to receive even the minimum of care from people who truly do not care.

I am so very grateful the moment I wake up, for my cozy and comfortable bed with warm blankets, soft pillows and so many beloved plush toys it’s a wonder they don’t crowd me off the bed altogether. I’m so very grateful for my very own home, sweet home; Firefly. Be she ever so humble, she is cozy and comfortable, has been reliable and dependable as a source of transportation, and best of all, she is mine, all mine and no one can ever take her away from me or kick me out.

I am so very grateful when I manage to pry myself out of bed and walk to the bathroom under my own power. Fragile as my mind and emotions can be, my physical body has been strong and healthy outside of injuries for most of my life. I may have some aches and pains, but I look around me at the suffering of others, and I am so grateful for my body and my health. And grateful that my good physical health allows me to be there and do things for others they may not be able to do for themselves.

I am so grateful for all of our electronic devices, phones, tablet, and laptops and this amazing thing called the Internet that has set the world at my fingertips right here on my little table, and now even almost anywhere I go. I’m a reader and a researcher and so much is available to me now that would have been difficult or even impossible for me to access even 20 years ago. I am grateful, too, for the beautiful souls I have had the opportunity to meet and get to know through this medium. Introvert and weirdo that I am, through the Internet I can speak up and share my truth and find like minded people all over the world who have shared and improved and added so much love and joy to my life that I do not have the words to say how thankful I am.

I am so grateful for this warm, loving, accepting little community of bloggers I have been so blessed to get to know here at WordPress. I love you guys.

I am so very grateful for all the amazing artists and game developers who make this truly amazing form of entertainment available to us, often free of cost to us to play.

I am so grateful for anime, and live action shows and movies that have blessed and entertained me and sometimes even changed my life. And yet again, to the Internet, and to all of the amazing streaming services that make even more of these available to me from all around the world and all time, from the Archives of the oldest, silent videos to streaming services that specialize in bringing the East to the West so we may all see how very much we are all ONE.

I am grateful for the animals who have done me the honor of sharing my life. Some for only a moment, others for a lifetime. You have blessed me with so much joy and beauty and frustration and lessons and simple, unconditional love and acceptance.

I am grateful for my life, every horrible, terrifying, desperate, ugly, beautiful, hopeful, joyful, sexy, crazy, learning moment of it because it all taught me something and it all brought me here. And this is a pretty good place to be.

Most years, on Mabon, we make a list of all the things we are grateful for. The list can run for many pages. Once you start you just keep thinking of more and more good things that grace your life. I save them in a notebook, to peruse on bad days. They can drag us up from the darkest depths when we acknowledge how truly blessed our life is.

So while I could go on and on and on, instead I’ll try and find a few people to tag that Fred didn’t beat me to (we clearly run in the same circles, LOL) because I not only want to know what you are grateful for, more importantly, I want YOU to know what you are grateful for. And if I somehow fail to nominate you, feel free to grab the tag for yourself, or even comment with your own list. Or even on Facebook if you don’t have an i.d. here.


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    1. The famous Pearlie the Psychic Kitty – she was totally deaf and came to use from a no-kill shelter I volunteered at. Lotsa a stories about Pearl…

      1. She was MEAN and not very friendly. No one understood her 😀 I wooed her 😉 when they realized she accepted SOMEONE (not liked, just accepted me) they gave her to me, fee waived. LOL. Basically, I could touch her without a suit of armer and welding gloves…

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