Winter to Spring in Anime 2020

Tis the season for round-up posts. You know, what I watched of the winter season, how I liked it and even what I’m looking forward to this spring.

This is sort of a difficult thing for me, since I prefer to binge anime over watching simulcasts. Some seasons I don’t watch anything simulcast. I may even decide I like something SO MUCH I do not want to have to wait a week for the next episode and set it aside so I can binge it later.

But as it happens I did watch simulcast of two animes here in Winter 2020 season.

Somali and the Forest Spirit captured my eyes and heart from the very first episode. Better reviewers than I have done far more insightful and in depth reviews (pointing at Irina of I Drink and Watch Anime and 100 Word Anime) that are well worth your time to read. I’ll settle for saying the artwork was so beautiful that I am willing to forgive the somewhat uneven story telling. There were some things about the overarching story that I did not like, but I am nurturing a hope that a second season may smooth them out. Meanwhile, the anime gives me a warm and fuzzy feeling that I love. I would recommend it to someone, and I would watch a second season if it comes out.

IN/Spectre started out interesting and smart with a pleasing combination of two of my favorite things; mystery and yokai. Sadly from there it went steadily downhill to the point that I nearly didn’t bother with the last two episodes. I had reached a saturation point with the convoluted explanations from Iwanaga, and watching Kuro die in ever increasingly gory ways. The last episode made up for it a little bit with some very sweet moments between the two and left me wishing I knew more about the missing space between their meeting and this full grown rather sweet relationship. I might recommend it, with a caveat that there is some gore and boredom involved. I might watch a second season if it promised to reveal those missing years.

Meanwhile, I also binged all of the Morose Mononokean. Something about innocent young men and yokai interacting gets me every time. (There are three words that are sure to make me at least give an anime a try; yokai, kaiju, mecha) But how innocent is Hanae Ashiya? He apparently has some powers to see yokai, and possibly to control or even kill them. There is a mystery around his father, who seems to have left his family when Hanae was quite young – and also to have left quite a legacy among yokai as someone who is dangerous. Hanae seems to have found a truthworthy, if reluctant, mentor in Hasuitski Abeno. Over two seasons Hanae slowly charms the aloof Abeno – and me, too. The art is lovely and I am really hoping for another season so we can learn what really happened to Hanae’s father and what Hanae’s future holds.

Speaking of almost ridiculously innocent young men and yokai, I also binged Yuuna and the Haunted Hot Springs. It actually took me two tries to finish this show as my initial impression was it was too silly for words and was nothing more than an excuse for lots of upskirt and boobs and other stuff that just isn’t my thing. However, on the second try I did finish the whole thing and the story did eventually reel me in once I gave it a chance.

Room Camp was another binge finished in two days during bus rides. It’s that short, sweet, and harmless.

I also binged No.6. I really loved this scifi and I guess rather bishounen anime. The story was really good and very much “my style” of speculative type science fiction. I gulped it down in three nights running and am considering a rewatch for details I probably missed the first time.

See, there’s reasons I don’t think of myself as an anime reviewer!

As far as Spring 2020, the main thing I am looking forward to is the return of Fruits Basket. The original Fruits Basket was my entry drug to anime, and I have never read the manga. I’m looking forward to getting “the rest of the story” hinted around at in the first series. I’m fairly sure I’ll be simulcasting this one.

As for the rest, I’ll do what I usually do. Wait for them to come out, watch a few episodes, put some in the never ending queue to binge later and perhaps, just maybe, be tempted into simulcasting a couple more.

Meanwhile, I’m bingeing SSSS. Gridman (kaiju AND mecha – oh my!), No Guns Life, and Astra Lost In Space. 

Now let me admit that I am too lazy to go through the gymnastics of getting my own screencaps today, too careful to just go grab something from Google Image search, and much too lazy to contribute some fan art even for my own blog. Today. I hold that out as a tempting possibility.

I have two laptop computers that I use. This one I write on and it has my good graphics tinkering programs. However, it will not open or run anime on VRV. I have another laptop that does nothing but let me watch VRV and play games, but it doesn’t have my writing and graphics programs installed, nor do I like to try to write or draw on that computer. (It’s an old laptop of my hubby’s cobbled into doing a FEW things after a major crash.) So good screen caps involve both computers (both of whom have rather iffy records of cooperation and crashes), Google Drive, emailing myself and well, gymnastics that could end up making this post show up just in time for the Summer 2020 roundup.

Stay safe, be well, blessedbe


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