Pagan Greeting Cards For Mabon And Samhain

Mabon will be here next week! In case you don’t know anything about this pagan holiday – Mabon is the Witches Thanksgiving, second of the three great harvest festivals in the pagan wheel of the year. Our family celebrates with a big thanksgiving dinner featuring pumpkin pie – a beloved treat I never get enough of. Later we sit back and list all our blessings, a delightful way to end the day. This year we have a very special treat – apples we picked ourselves from a friends organic apple orchard. Apples are very closely associated with Mabon – being harvested at just this time of year – and are also associated with love and romance. Mmmm….

There is still time to purchase Mabon greeting cards for your friends and family. Use the code DEALSONCARDS for 50% off at checkout through Sunday!

While you are at it, then, you might want to buy your Samhain Greeting Cards, too!


Summer Foovay

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Your Own Coloring Book For Adults

Copyright 2012 James Ray Moore

If you’ve never been to the Hatch Chili Festival in Hatch, NM you have missed out on the best chilies on earth. Since I am blessed to live less than 50 miles from the festival – you know where I was this weekend!

Which explains why I wasn’t reading books Sunday for the Monday book reviews. But I do have something exciting to offer you today.

I am in the process of creating a coloring book for adults from my own illustrations and drawings. I would like all of my friends, who have seen much of my work, as well as all of you who follow me from the old coloring pages, and my Coloring Book For Adults Blog, to share with me your dream coloring book for adults.

Imagine you could order from the artist the coloring book for adults you have always wanted. Well, you can! Drop me a line – either at my Facebook page for Coloring Books For Adults, or on Twitter or email me at with the subject line “coloring book for adults” and tell me what YOU would like to have in your coloring book! I will be compiling the requests and drawing coloring book pages all of September and in October I will publish your adult coloring books through CreateSpace on Amazon.

I’m looking forward to your request!

Summer Foovay

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My First Time In The Top 100 List on Amazon!

In A Heartbeat – a short story is #84 in Kindle Store > Kindle eBooks > Fiction > Short Stories! Yes, I did in fact just get up from the computer and do a happy dance around the room!!! Now to make Top 100 Free in Kindle Store! And Yes – it is FREEE today, tomorrow and Monday!

Thank you everyone who has “purchased” and downloaded. I’d love to hear your feedback, too!

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New Publication – Free Kindle Thriller Short Story

In A Heartbeat – a short story is a short thriller that captures the instant that everything changes. Ben is looking forward to a quiet day hiking his favorite trails in the beautiful green Pocono Mountains he calls home. A boy on the verge of becoming a man, he goes seeking solitude and finds something else instead. Denny is a boy on the run, from himself, from his past, and from the law. In a heartbeat their paths collide, sending them spinning in directions neither of them expected.

My newest offering on the Kindle! Free starting Saturday, August 25 for three days.

Summer Foovay

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Happy Anniversary to me…

As of today I have been married to the same poor abused man for twenty-two years!  He has now been married to me as long as he was not married to me – LOL – that is, he was 22 when we got married.  See, I got him before he knew any better 😉

Get ’em young, train ’em up the way you want ’em…

May all my readers find the happiness in life that I have…  and enjoyment in all my blogs and books, too, of course.

Summer Foovay

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Lughnasadh Greeting Cards

Lughnadadh, or Lammas, is a cross quarter holiday not celebrated by all pagans, but we enjoy it. It comes about the same time as the Green Corn Feast celebrated by many Native American tribes, for the same reason – now is the time of year that grains are ripened and ready to harvest. We have a corn feast, cooking up some delicious enchiladas, Mexicorn, and such like. If you have Pagan friends and family, you might want to send them an appropriate Lughnasadh greeting card and to make that easier I have a number of them I created on Zazzle, and I see some other talented artists have also made contributions.

Here are my top seven Lughnasadh greeting cards:

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Standard American Bridge By Jackie – Volume Two Is Out!

bridge bidding cheat sheet
Jacqueline Wilson continues her useful series of bridge bidding cheat sheets for beginning bridge players with American Standard Bridge By Jackie Vol.2. I am so proud to be able to work with Ms. Wilson. She is 83 years young and going strong, and no doubt playing bridge and keeping her mind active helps! Now she is embarking as a career writing about american standard bridge on Kindle (with a wee bit of help from me) and going great! With Vol.2 we are starting a tradition of changing the background color, but not the illustration for her bridge bidding cheat sheets on Kindle, so you’ll be able to tell her books apart and be sure you get them all in the right order! In case you missed it, Vol.1 is right here:
bridge bidding cheat sheet

Bidding in bridge can be quite a mystery for beginners, and even experts who have been playing for years can benefit with a refresher read through these bridge bidding cheat sheets for your Kindle.

As for me, I had so many things I wanted to blog about today – and so many various blogs that are often neglected, that I decided to spread the wealth! When I finish making the rounds, you’ll find a list of all the blog posts at my main blog, Foovay’s Cauldron.


Summer Foovay

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