Transcendental Meditation Instructions

Transcendental meditation instructions are not readily available online.  The official transcendental meditation instructions require a certified teacher.  The course costs about $1500.  For those of us who are interested in learning transcendental meditation, but cannot afford that cost or don’t have a local teacher available, I have created a reading list on my self hosted blog,… Continue reading Transcendental Meditation Instructions

Fedora Hats

It was over twenty years ago that a dark, handsome young man wearing a fedora hat walked past me in a bar. I dropped what I was doing and followed him to his table, sat down and introduced myself. He scared me half to death by replying “I know who you are. I’ve been watching… Continue reading Fedora Hats

Greeting Cards

Feb. 21st is Card Reading Day. You probably know, if know me, that I’m a bit anti-made up holidays. But I’ve changed my mind about Card Reading Day – you can read more about why at Foovay’s Cauldron, In Praise of Greeting Cards. It is cold and grey and rainy here today – hope you… Continue reading Greeting Cards

My Valentine’s Day Gift To You – My Readers – Free On Kindle

I have two, count ’em, two gifts for you my faithful and long-suffering readers for Valentine’s Day. And a third one if you can spare a minute. First – Cutting Away The Pain – which is, after all, a love story – will be free on Kindle starting today through Valentine’s Day. Second – Tales… Continue reading My Valentine’s Day Gift To You – My Readers – Free On Kindle

Blessed Imbolc

Whether you are celebrating Imbolc or Brighid’s Day or St. Brighid’s Day today (or tomorrow or the next day!) may the seeds of effort you plant be quickened into the success and prosperity you desire.   I’ve blessed our little yard and the inspiration for a container garden we hope to plant this year. I’ve… Continue reading Blessed Imbolc

Moving On is Free on Kindle

Usually when my blog headline is “free on Kindle” I’d have a nice long list for you of delicious (well, to me) free public domain books on Kindle. But today the free book on Kindle is Moving On – my first published novel. Moving On was a Nanowrimo novel written while I was going through… Continue reading Moving On is Free on Kindle

My novels are now available FREE through the Kindle Lending Library

I just released all three of my novels, Bloodline, The River Way (Moving On), and Cutting Away the Pain, in a program that makes them available on the Kindle Owners Lending Library. This means if you have a Kindle and you are a member of Amazon Prime, you can now borrow any of my books… Continue reading My novels are now available FREE through the Kindle Lending Library