Friday Art #11 (and a few words about Choice Of games)

Today’s art is freehand drawn digital art done on Paint Shop Pro 9 with a Wacom tablet and stylus. “I Met Inari” is inspired by the beautiful description of that very meeting in the game, Fox Spirit, A Two-Tailed Adventure written by Amy Claire Fontaine and published through Choice of Games. Fox Spirit is a… Continue reading Friday Art #11 (and a few words about Choice Of games)

Friday Art #8

I felt like a little color today. So this is colored pencil on paper. Photo reference shown – it’s a Birds and Blooms magazine. The camera flash did wash the colors out a bit. Sometimes featured image works, sometimes it doesn’t show up. Blessed block editor. Summer Foovay

Friday Art #2 – Shark Week

I’m afraid I’ve accidentally merged kawaii chibi studies with Shark Week. This was supposed to be a serious drawing. That Great White Shark is seriously smiling, isn’t he? #2 pencil on paper. 8 x 10 thereabouts. Colors are slightly off from the phone photo I think. I don’t think the light color on his head… Continue reading Friday Art #2 – Shark Week

Friday Drawing

I’m hoping to make a new habit of doing a little artwork or a bit of writing on Friday. Today I am playing around with some chibi horses. What do you think? Are they cute? Suggestions?