Friday Art #8

I felt like a little color today. So this is colored pencil on paper. Photo reference shown – it’s a Birds and Blooms magazine. The camera flash did wash the colors out a bit. Sometimes featured image works, sometimes it doesn’t show up. Blessed block editor. Summer Foovay

Friday Art #2 – Shark Week

I’m afraid I’ve accidentally merged kawaii chibi studies with Shark Week. This was supposed to be a serious drawing. That Great White Shark is seriously smiling, isn’t he? #2 pencil on paper. 8 x 10 thereabouts. Colors are slightly off from the phone photo I think. I don’t think the light color on his head… Continue reading Friday Art #2 – Shark Week

Friday Drawing

I’m hoping to make a new habit of doing a little artwork or a bit of writing on Friday. Today I am playing around with some chibi horses. What do you think? Are they cute? Suggestions?

Your Own Coloring Book For Adults

Copyright 2012 James Ray Moore

If you’ve never been to the Hatch Chili Festival in Hatch, NM you have missed out on the best chilies on earth. Since I am blessed to live less than 50 miles from the festival – you know where I was this weekend! Which explains why I wasn’t reading books Sunday for the Monday book… Continue reading Your Own Coloring Book For Adults

Lughnasadh Greeting Cards

Lughnadadh, or Lammas, is a cross quarter holiday not celebrated by all pagans, but we enjoy it. It comes about the same time as the Green Corn Feast celebrated by many Native American tribes, for the same reason – now is the time of year that grains are ripened and ready to harvest. We have… Continue reading Lughnasadh Greeting Cards

Standard American Bridge By Jackie – Volume Two Is Out!

Jacqueline Wilson continues her useful series of bridge bidding cheat sheets for beginning bridge players with American Standard Bridge By Jackie Vol.2. I am so proud to be able to work with Ms. Wilson. She is 83 years young and going strong, and no doubt playing bridge and keeping her mind active helps! Now she… Continue reading Standard American Bridge By Jackie – Volume Two Is Out!