Seven Things to love about Horse Haven

I’ve been a Horse Haven player since the old days when it was only on Facebook. Since then there has been so many great improvements!  Today I’d like to highlight seven of my favorite improvements to Horse Haven in the last few months, and especially with the current Carnival.

#7 – I’ve rated this lowest because it is sort of an anti-compliment, but I do want to include it and give the devs a big thank you for it. In the past when Horse Haven had an update, I admit to groaning and rolling my eyes. An “update” generally meant the game would be broken to the point of being unplayable for up to a week or more. That said, the last few updates have gone really smoothly. Of course there are small glitches, but nothing like “the old days” and most of them are quickly corrected over the next couple of days. Much better. Kudos. Thank you.

#6 – The new polished horses are by and large gorgeous! I especially appreciate the little nuances, such as the slight glow the fantasy horses have, and especially the sort of iridescent light effects where the sunbeams hit the horses coats while in the stable. Wonderful little touches of finesse. I am impressed. (By the way, I play both on Nox as you see in these screenshots, and on my phone)

2020-05-28 (4)

#5 – The expansion of the ability to watch a commercial in order to earn diamonds, or to skip a feeding, or skip the wait time for various things. Love it!

#4 – The new switchy button. I’m not sure how else to put it, but if you’ll look in the lower right hand corner of this screen shot, you’ll see that we can now easily bounce from the grand stable interior to the switch screen where you can switch horses from the grand stable to the outer stables and visa versa. It’s a little tweak – but I really like it. Thanks!

2020-05-28 (2)

#3 – Opportunity to earn Constellation II and Specials in the Carnival event. In fact, I’ve always really loved this one thing about Horse Haven. If you missed purchasing a special horse, sooner or later (and I have been playing a very long time) you get another opportunity to earn it through special events. Thank you!

2020-05-28 (3)

#2 -Speeding up the game. Crops grow faster. Feeds manufacture faster. And I especially love that the horses grow up faster. I dearly love being able to raise a foal to adult in (I timed it today) LESS THAN five minutes. Love it! Thank you!

#1 – Small packages!

AT LAST!!!!  For years all of the things you purchase with money at Horse Haven, have for the most part cost at least $15 and usually more. My gaming budget is small, and my discretionary income is really small, and often quite gone long before the end of the month. So especially if  something is only available for a few days in the middle or end of the month and costs $20, there is just no way I can buy it.

Once upon a time I played some other games that constantly sprinkled little specials throughout the month that cost $1 or $2. I would hate to tell you how much I spent over several years in $1 and $2 purchases! How I longed for Horse Haven to do the same.

And now, at last, they have!  $1 for a few diamonds, and a 50% increase in Carnival points for a day? I can do that! Wait – $5 for a few more diamonds and a 50% increase in Carnival points for the rest of the event? I’m in! I’ve bought several of the $1 packages just to encourage the devs to do it again! Do it forever!


Thank you, Horse Haven devs for all these great new improvements to the game!



Gaming Posts/Game Day

I’m actually going to make some attempt at organization as this blog reblooms. One thing I plan to blog about is games. The plan is to have an overarching game tag, as well as tags for particular games which will likely get more in depth posts. You know, the games I am clearly and completely addicted to. Those games include, but certainly are not limited to; Neko Atsume, CreatureQuest, Horse Haven, Castle Cats, Zen Koi 1 and 2, and last but hardly least Hungry Shark Evolution and World. These are all games I play on a daily basis. Hey, I’m retired. I may even get all fancy and figure out how to record my game play like those YouTubers do.

As this is a sort of introduction post, let me just summarize where I am and what I’m doing on each of my daily games in the order that I generally get around to them.

Neko Atsume is a very simple little collector game. It saves on the specific device, so if you switch devices you have to start over. For once, I don’t much mind this. I had practically everything you could get on my old phone, so I got to start over when I got my new phone. If you follow me over on Facebook, now and then you get a photo of a new cat or better yet a new memento. There aren’t really rules or goals or penalties if you miss a day. I just feel bad because I forgot to feed the cats. For me, it harkens back to great memories when I actually had upwards of 10 cats living with me at all times with rescues and homing and raising baby kittens going on all the time. I don’t have the facilities or income to do that any more, but I have my Neko Atsume kitties.


CreatureQuest is a strategy role playing game. It’s my next stop because once you run out of energy and money you have to wait around to build it back up. I’ve been playing it on the phone and Nox for about three months. I’m Level 92 and my best creature at the moment is a Frost Giant Besieger who is a 5 star L73. I can reach Level 33 in the Battle Tower, and I’m Prince or Lord level on most quests. But my favorite creature is:


Horse Haven is an addiction. I have a very long standing love/hate relationship with this sim game that has spanned Facebook and a number of devices, lost games, and frustration. And yet I always come back. With my current game – which I have hopes will now go with me if I change devices – I’m Level 55 and I have or have had all but seven of the current breeds in the game. They recently had a good update and the new graphics of the horses look great. I’m trying to think of which horse really looks best for a screencap and photo for this post and I can’t decide. How about a view of the Montana Grand Stable.


Castle Cats is an idle hero game that grabbed me from the very beginning. When I switched from an Amazon Kindle Fire to an Android tablet, saving my then level 91 game with purchased heros was a major nightmare, but I finally have it working again – and my old game – and saving – on Nox. Excuse me while I go do a happy dance. There are so many things that delight me about this game that I see many many posts under this tag in the future, from the graphics to the stories to the game play and events. And then there’s this, too:


These last 3 games I’ve been playing for many years. If you follow me on Instagram or Facebook you’ve seen many, many pictures of lovely dragons of Zen Koi 1 and the minute it came out, Zen Koi 2. Zen Koi is a lovely, peaceful relaxing collecting game that has kindly followed me from device to device for years. There aren’t levels, exactly, but in Zen Koi 1 I have 541 Dragon Points, and in Zen Koi 2 I have 318 Dragon Points.


Hungry Shark Evolution was probably one of the very first games I put on my Amazon Kindle and I’ve never stopped playing it. I hate to think how many years that might be. I don’t play daily anymore, but it is still a much beloved go-to game. It makes me laugh. And laugh. And laugh. Especially on the days when I feel like there are people who really do need to be eaten by a giant shark. And then they gave me a Godzilla inspired shark. I do play Hungry Shark World, but not as much. I’ve never quite liked it and it doesn’t play very well on my phone. I have to admit I haven’t got a single screenshot to share. Some times the electronics defeat me completely.

This doesn’t include VNs or games I play casually or only when I have time, or games that actually have a finish line. For some reason, I never seem to get hooked on a game I can finish. Well, not usually. I might have one to talk about next time I feel like talking about games… and for those I’ll just set up a tag of…what, other games, Miscellaneous games, casual games. Hmmm… all other games. Oh, and I did give Visual Novels a tag, too.

Stay home. Stay safe. Play lots of games 😀