Friday Art #11 (and a few words about Choice Of games)

Today’s art is freehand drawn digital art done on Paint Shop Pro 9 with a Wacom tablet and stylus. “I Met Inari” is inspired by the beautiful description of that very meeting in the game, Fox Spirit, A Two-Tailed Adventure written by Amy Claire Fontaine and published through Choice of Games. Fox Spirit is a… Continue reading Friday Art #11 (and a few words about Choice Of games)

Dungeon Dogs!

Dungeon Dogs – from PocApp who does Castle Cats – became available for the first time Friday night. I was notified, and immediately downloaded it onto the phone. A few levels in I was asked to download and play Castle Cats. Well, yes, I play Castle Cats but not on the phone – because there… Continue reading Dungeon Dogs!

Gone Fishin’

The last few weeks I’ve pretty well been neglecting things. I reached a point with my usual games where it felt like I was just treading water. I need a new drug. Fishing Clash 2020 attracted me at first because the graphics are pretty. IRL I haven’t fished in many years, but I did grow… Continue reading Gone Fishin’

Totally Awesome Tomodachi!

I’ve been tagged a Totally Awesome Tomodachi! I feel so special! No, that’s 100% totally true. It is one of those interesting quirks about life that if there is something you really, truly, deeply desire then the minute you give up and stop looking for it, it will come into your life. I have been… Continue reading Totally Awesome Tomodachi!