I Am Still Alive

And I’m a Pokemon! Thanks Pinkie, this is the coolest thing ever. And in case you are lost already, my blogging bestie Pinkie does this fun thing where she makes you a Pokemon. Here’s me. She really knows me, too. This is so spot on I could use it for an intro or an about… Continue reading I Am Still Alive

No offense meant

Just sayin’ – I’ve been fighting overflow in my email and noticing that a great deal of it these days are blog entries that I never get around to reading – much as I often want to. So if I just unsubscribed to you – no offense. I’ll still keep an eye on you in… Continue reading No offense meant

What I’m reading now

For a while now I’ve been doing a lot of rereading, and reading a whole lot of more or less fluff. That is painless sort of mysteries where the bad guy always gets caught, or fantasy where evil is always defeated. I imagine I’m not alone in that, given the way the last few years… Continue reading What I’m reading now

A few thoughts on Usagi Drop

At first glance, Usagi Drop doesn’t appear to be an anime that would appeal to me on any level. I am not one of those people who drools over babies or young children. In fact, I find them rather annoying. I like children best when they belong to other people. I can borrow them, stuff… Continue reading A few thoughts on Usagi Drop

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Crisis Averted

Okay, far as I can tell everything is now secured – but let me know if you see something weird somewhere. I seem to have acquired a very stubborn sort of keystroke recorder somewhere some how that is sharing my passwords far and wide. I am no longer using the computer that it is on… Continue reading Crisis Averted

This account Hacked

Apparently basically all of my passwords for everything, including my WordPress account, have been compromised and tossed out on the dark web or whatever. So if you see something strange from me on here or any social media please disregard. It seems there must be a tracker of some kind actually on my computer as… Continue reading This account Hacked