Hurricane Ian has left us with maybe 60% of an orange crop so they’re saying orange prices (and OJ) will go up. Of course I read this economist who say that the rent, electric, and fuel costs are being inflated for pure greed, that the supply chain hasn’t got any problems, basically the few huge companies who own everything have agreed what they are going to raise our prices until we stop buying altogether to see what we can bear. It’s hard to not believe that when I see our two little gas stations/combini down the road now having a price war selling gas at $4.19 a gallon, when the gas stations on the way out to the clinic, some of them, are asking over a dollar more a gallon. Clearly they are just gouging. It’s not suppy/demand, it’s greed/need. At this rate the “have nots” won’t be doing without a new bluetooth Bose speaker for their music on their phone, they’ll be doing without food because they cannot get to the grocery store or work.

Meanwhile about the Hurricane – I just read a few days ago about a child who got a brain eating amoeba from playing in Lake Mead and died in a week or so (don’t worry, they say, it’s rare, you have to get lake water up your nose…but it is fatal and there is no treatment), and now I see that Hurricane Ian has apparently spread flesh eating bacteria through Florida. All these things scientists and the CDC have been telling us is going to happen with global warming is fucking happening. In my lifetime. Well within my lifetime since I plan to live to 100. At this rate, for my last few decades I’ll get to live in a world that at least has a LOT fewer human beings in it, and maybe little if any technology left. Hope we haven’t also killed off all the (wild horses) Mustangs because we just might be needing a stout little horse that can pull a truck with no motor or no fuel. I wish I could say I’m not serious.

Damn, I’d hate it if I lost my little online journal! LOL. Well, you know… would it really help the future people to know what we had and squandered? Our spekky little world where people base their lives on what the Tiktok influencers say to do will go the way of Atlantis – and hopefully like ATlantis only the legends of the good things about this world will live on. I can see it now, archaologists getting excited about unearthing a new trove of cute cat videos.

I was going to give you a picture of a cute cat to close, but the block editor won’t give me an image block now. What a great improvement over being able to manage your own blog!


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