Best of Saturday Morning Cartoons – The Could Be The Start of Something Beautiful

I like it he is eating fruit. Nice and healthy!

I am not eating fruit. I am eating Lucky Charms and it gave me a story idea.


(To let you in on the family joke there – it’s a running joke that I was going to do A, B, and C today but FIRST I have to do Aa. Oh, and I need to do Bb. Shit, it’s time for Cc. WTF. The day is over and I didn’t do A or B, let alone C. Dammit! But first disorder)

Ahem. Today is Saturday and so I spent half the day watching cartoons and laughing my head off. True, I have a topic to blog on – but I would like to make a routine Saturday morning cartoon blog. So welcome to “The best of…” that I hope I’ll be able to keep up more than one Saturday in a row.

Today our candidates include; Wander Over Yonder, The Pink Panther, My Little Pony, Gigantasaurus, Cretaceous Camp, Pokemon Sun & Moon, a selection of Hanna Barbara from Boomerang, and Pinky and the Brain. Now, I hope I don’t go to jail forever for snatching a few screencaps from Boomerang.

I swear, I’m not earning a penny from this blog or these pics, okay? I just love them…

This week I have five best of moments, so in no particular order:

Camp Cretaceous – Season 3 Episode 5 there is a priceless moment when the kids are playing the blame game and Darius stops it. He says no more blaming, let’s just get things done starting from right now. And they do. There are a good many adults who could learn this lesson.

Carrotblanca is a Looney Tunes version of Casablanca. The casting of the usual Looney Tunes characters into their Casablanca roles is excellent and I couldn’t help but laugh at the punny General Pandemonium.

Cleocatra turns out to be a board game. Hmmm, must investigate this further. But the Cleocatra I’m talking about is an episode of Tom and Jerry Kids Show.

Here Kitty Kitty..

It’s a great 8 minutes or so, but the stars of the show for me are:


The alligators! If you didn’t know, I have a sort of a thing with crocodillians of all forms. This gang of 3 egyptian crocodiles that Cleo calls alligators and that speak with Aussie accents are fantastic!

But the big and unexpected surprise was Bewitched Bunny. A 1954 Looney Tunes version of Hansel and Gretel that is priceless to me because I LOVE THIS WITCH SO MUCH!!!!! You see, the thing is, like many cartoons I’ve seen it a few dozen times. I love this witch. But me, I don’t remember titles and stuff. So to run into today on Boomerangs cartoon versions of the “classics” playlist gave me a blast of sheer joy. I LOVE THIS WITCH!

Leading the children into naughty things…
Consider it a weakness…

And that last one – that zipping off with hairpins flying – for some reason this is the image my brain sticks on any moment when I have to dash off … hairpins flying…

Get used to these crappy screencaps because I may use them alot as sort of emoticons LOL. If Boomerang or whoever doesn’t sue me to death for it.

And last but hardly least. HARDLY. Pinkie and the Brain Season 3 Episode 26 and probably the number one most on point and total anniliation of the pure nastiness of the tobacco industry evah.

Look, I used to smoke. BOTH my parents smoked at one point in time – and my stepfather already HAD a lung disease when he started. I don’t care if you smoke, although I’d rather you not do it in my house because now that I don’t, I can really smell it. Icky. But as recently as 10 years ago we had a roomie who smoked. Long as you are aware you’re killing yourself, carry on.

My major protest is the nastiness of the industry that hid scientific results about the dangers of cigarettes, their addictiveness, and the health consequences for decades. Who flat LIED about it to their customers. You know, don’t piss on my back and tell me it’s raining. Don’t tell me something is safe when you know damn good and well it’s killing me – and to do it out of pure 100% GREED…

Okay, I’m going to stop. Go watch the episode on Hulu and you can LAUGH and poke fun while exposing their bullshit. 😀

TADA! Thanks for joining me for my cartoons this Saturday and

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