What I’m reading now

For a while now I’ve been doing a lot of rereading, and reading a whole lot of more or less fluff. That is painless sort of mysteries where the bad guy always gets caught, or fantasy where evil is always defeated. I imagine I’m not alone in that, given the way the last few years have gone.

But it had to happen, a description, a title, an idea intrigued me and I’m off into the non-fiction.

The Future of Nutrition by T. Colin Campbell tells me once again that whole food vegetable based nutrition is the healthiest diet for humans. But that’s not really what the book is about. It is about his initial amazement that his position, supported by scientific research, was so “controversial” and “new” and so vehemently attacked by the western medical establishment, which dismisses nutrition as any part of health care. None of this is news to me, but maybe I’m a little older than he is. Or maybe I’ve been fighting this fight longer on an individual basis. Anyway, it really is well worth the read. He makes good points about how this attitude became part of western medicine and has hardened into a wall that may never be broken down in western medicine. Be warned he beats a dead horse. A lot. Because it’s there he quotes history back to the Dark Ages, and often repeats over and over each individual speech by impassioned men (it’s pretty much men) who opposed any mention of nutrition.

One reason he does not mention, I ran onto recently in an article about a woman who collects historical cookbooks. She says that cookbooks aren’t considered literature, and in fact cooking for a long time was not in any way a subject of academia because it was “women’s work” or something the servants did, and therefore not worthy of commentary or consideration, and really, rather vulgar. I wonder how much of that lingering attitude in academia plays into the stigma against nutritional healing?

The next book I read was Kill Shot; A Shadow Industry, a Deadly Disease by Jason Dearen. If you take the time for this one, be aware you’ll probably never let them stick a needle in you with any drug in it again. Mind you, I don’t let them stick me with anything anyway without a thorough explanation and research – but this goes beyond that. You see, there is a drug industry here in the U.S. that is completely unregulated in any way, is run purely for profit and staffed largely with people who are either ignorant or simply don’t care at all long as they are getting paid and it is probably cooking up your steroid shot for your pain clinic right now in unsanitary conditions. We talk about counterfeit drugs in Africa – when this is going on in our own backyard. One company, basically one man, killed over 70 people THAT WE KNOW OF FOR SURE and got away with it – and millions of dollars he made on it, too. I dare say that far more people are made ill and killed here in the U.S. with contaminated drugs and never reported. The medical professionals lay on the “it’s the patient’s fault” if anything goes wrong, especially with a prescription. Doctors will cover for doctors – this is why we are only now finding out there are doctors and nurses who have been killing people on purpose for decades. Like the priests who molest children, they’re just let go for some other reason when it becomes obvious they are killing people, but the administration would never admit they know this doctor or nurse is a killer.

The western medical profession has forgotten completely the Hippocratic Oath they all take, “First, do no harm”.

But I set out some years ago to NOT get into that rant on this blog.

So tonight I just finished The Other Emily, the newest Dean Koontz. I am a huge fan of Dean Koontz, even though I’m not really a big fan of suspense or horror genre. This is because Mr. Koontz is a deep thinking human being, and he manages to bring that thoughtfulness into the midst of an exciting, tense story seamlessly. If you aren’t careful, you might find yourself stopping, setting the book down, and THINKING. However, The Other Emily is not going to be one of my favorites. Its from the library and I wouldn’t buy it for my personal collection. There is a big twist near the end, and I feel like perhaps it was just too abrupt for me, and too near the end so that all of a sudden everything changes and in a deus ex machina all is neatly tied up in a bundle and done. Poof. Tada! And I’m not quite sure I buy it, nor am I quite sure I get the point. I mean, I think perhaps I do and it’s simply the influence of these last couple of years. Some of the things we have all lived through and experienced, and learned about our “leaders” and the abysmal evil of some serial killers, and even perhaps some call back to my earlier rant about the scientific and medical community. But as a read it is exciting, can’t put it down, suspense and total mystery until the very last.

As for my fluff – no one needs me to tell them J.D. Robb (pen name for Nora Roberts) has an awesome series in the In Death mysteries. I had actually finished and caught up with that series – but the last two came available. I’ve sunk to rereading Harry Potter – no need to review that for anyone here is there? And if I haven’t raved about the Play To Live series by D. Rus, well, sorry ’bout that. It’s an awesome early dip into the Isekai I fell into my game forever genre, and a very intellectual, speculative look at how it might affect the world, game and real, even while it’s a typical fun romp through a game world. I was reading another series and dropped it. It got a little “housewife porn” for me after a promising start. No, I don’t generally talk about something I’ve dropped because hey, other people like it, and I’m sure the writer cares about their work.

I’ve got some interesting books piled by the reading light. Maybe I’ll even remember to tell you about them 😉

And wow, the first stage of Rally Portugal is really pretty. Maybe it’s all the lovely green contrasted to the hot wind and dust here in Vegas today.


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