Crisis Averted

Okay, far as I can tell everything is now secured – but let me know if you see something weird somewhere. I seem to have acquired a very stubborn sort of keystroke recorder somewhere some how that is sharing my passwords far and wide. I am no longer using the computer that it is on and all passwords have been changed using other devices.


  1. Fred’s right — make sure you copy your data to another drive.

    I actually have three copies of my data — Apple’s time-machine backs up in real-time, but randomware could still affect it. So, I also have an external drive I copy my important stuff to, and when the copy’s done, I turn it off. So if I get infected, there’s a strong change I can get my data back. Also, in case the house burns down, I also copy my important data to Google using Google Backup and Sync. It would also be susceptible to ransomware, but go lose everything, my house would have to burn down in the middle of a ransomware attack.

    Even I have limits to my paranoia.

    You have a Windows 10 workstation? If you can, maybe consider investing in Trend Micro’s AV. I’ve had the most luck with it. I used to recommend AVG until Avast bought them, and now Avast seems to have a business model of frightening customers into buying stuff they don’t need. I can’t recommend it anymore.

    I wish WordPress had multi-factor authentication. I use Authy on my iPhone, and I try to use it with any sights that support it. It backs up the keys and is really easy to use. That way, even if someone get my passwords, they’d need my phone to log in.

    So I’m only really in trouble if my house burns down in the middle of a ransomware attack and someone steals my phone after putting a keylogger on my iMac and stealing my phone’s passcodes. Because it’s set to self-destruct all data after 10 invalid login attempts.

    All that said, I hope everything works out. That kind of disruption is wildly frustrating!

    1. I don’t think you will ever be in trouble! These days I don’t have as much creative work and WIP to protect. I do back up to Google Drive, but since the problem seemed to be somehow attached to my Chrome browser I had my concerns about anything Google., although they swear it wasn’t their data breach. Hubby put the pertinent stuff on a spare harddrive he had, reformatted, put things back a little at a time with a virus scan after each. So far, so good. Limiting use for a week or so but I no longer have the constant freezes and instances of “drive 100% in use” when “nothing is running”… which I figure was the worm or trojan horse or whatever “calling home” 😛 Bottom line is the computer is getting dated and needs replaced anyway. Hoping I can do that when the stimulus trickles down to us. I haven’t the patience for two stage authentication, nor the trust in my phone (I’m old), and I have issues with constantly putting in passwords because I also have memory problems. I figure if I’m carrying around a notepad with all my passwords written down I may as well not have them at all, eh? I don’t have the bank and credit card apps on my phone because it’s too easy to lose or be robbed of in my mind. I’ve had too many issues with phone to trust them with anything important.

      When I had a lot of WIP on the computer I had backups on a stick, on Google Drive, and on an outside harddrive that was only hooked up for that reason. Nowadays I just read blogs, watch stuff, play games, who cares? My only real concern was anything that had a credit card on file (which normally I won’t let them keep), social accounts (in case someone posted something weird), and the bank and credit card accounts which I DO pay online and use online. Not that they were going to get anything at the end of the month but…

      All considered it wasn’t too bad a thing. Just a thing…

      1. I’m sorry you had to go through it — and I’m glad it wasn’t worse!

        I think the biggest problem is that it’s so easy nowadays to get infected. Sometimes it’s an ad on a legitimate site. So I hope everything keeps working when you get everything restored.

        “I haven’t the patience for two stage authentication, nor the trust in my phone (I’m old)’

        I think we’re just about the same age, so maybe we should say “experienced!” MFA’s easy once it’s setup, and it means you can use easier to remember passwords. So there’s a plus side!

        But I agree with you — if you’re not storing much on the PC, then there’s no need to make protecting it hard and distracting.

      2. IKR? I mean, I don’t create porn sites, or go to them anymore. I know there are a lot of gamer baity sites that are iffy so maybe that’s where I got hit. But really, yeah, I can’t imagine how they “got” me. Yeah, I don’t work on the computer like I used to so there’s not much to get. Honestly, anyone who WANTS our Identity, with our crappy credit is welcome to come pay our bills 😛 but they sure aren’t going to get any credit cards, loans, cars, etc. LOL.


    1. ACK! You got me! Actually this is my second nomination and I never did it the first time so I’m thinking of my own unique combo reply to this tag…

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