3 Things that made me go “Wow”

You must find wonder in life. Life is amazing. All the time. Every day I try to find something that makes me go “Wow”. Yesterday and today featured three WOW moments that were so outstanding, I wanted to share.

This story showed up in my news feed Sunday. A race car driver in a terrible accident, nearly dies, becomes quadriplegic – and is driving in a competitive race in a Chevy Corvette built just for him. Never give up.

Science and art combine to create unreal beauty – painted on agar with microbes in this story. It makes me wish I’d become a microbiologist. What a great way to combine the love of science, and the desire to create.

But this – this is the one that made me inspired to write. This amazing time in the Universe – when I can sit here in my little RV in Nevada, U.S.A. and watch a volcano erupt in real time in Iceland. And it is GLORIOUS. Because while it’s evening here, it is nighttime there.

I’m literally sitting here eating dinner while this runs on the TV. I could stare at this all night.

Hope you found something that made you go WOW today.


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