Scam alert – Zolucky

Isn’t this a pretty coat?

Looks like it is knit, with embroidered flowers and details as well as some lace, doesn’t it? I’ve wanted it for ages. I ordered it with the stimulus, because I also desperately need a winter coat. I went through this whole winter without one.

This is what I got:

Basically, it’s a PICTURE of the coat in the catalogue photo, printed on the thinnest, cheapest possible…felt I think it is maybe. There is no information on the label but a size and “MISSLOOK”.

I might be able to get some use out of it as a house robe when it’s not too cold.

If you look REAL close at the details on their page there is something that says Process….Printed.

This is the second time I ordered clothing online this year. The first was some scrubs I was also super happy about (I can’t afford to buy myself new clothes and I’ve gained 20 pounds). I went by their size chart, bizarre as it seemed, and got four pairs of pants I couldn’t have gotten into when I was 10 years old. Made of some really bizarre creepy slick plastic like stuff. With this charge and that charge I got about half my money back and blew it off.

Zolucky, of course, doesn’t do refunds at all. I waited almost a month for the arrival of the “coat” and the transaction over all was really weird with no receipt emailed to me, no shipping notifications from anyone, etc.

So, you know, just so ya know. Maybe I can save someone else a mistake.




    1. I can only say I am glad you did not. The site has pictures of all kinds of clothes I love. I literally have $300 worth of clothes in my cart – but because of the weird shipping goings on I was waiting to make sure they would make it to me okay. Am I glad I waited… (well, also waiting on the stimulus so it’s almost just a wish cart LOL)

  1. I see printed in the title… now so maybe they adjusted it but non of those coats seem like the actual clothes they sell! I am not sure where they live… but that is NOT fall or Winter thickness!
    I’d freeze my balls off and I don’t even balls!

    I hope these scammers will never sell a coat again!

    1. Ikr? I noticed printed in the url when I went back for the pictures, but at least here I don’t see it in the title or description. Yeah, I might get some use out of it as a house robe but it’s actually very tight in chest, shoulders, and arms so I’d have to take it apart and sew it together again. I think I may just hang it out on the curb and let some homeless person try and get some use out of it.

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