WooWoo FooFoo Friday

So – I broke my Friday art streak. I was going to restart at one, but then something else came up that I so very much wanted to share. After some thought, I’m making some changes. Some changes that mean you are going to get more of me. Sorry. 😛 You know how to turn off notifications, right? LOL.

From here on out, Fridays will be the day for “woo-woo stuff” as certain people refer to all subjects that do not fit into their world view – like meditations, astrology, numerology, crystals, spells, and spirit stuff. Like this VERY important and intense event in the heavens TODAY, November 27, 2020 that has the potential to change life on earth, or your life, if you let it. And if you don’t believe in this kind of stuff, well peruse with an open mind, or skip it.

Let us all make a few minutes today to stop and contemplate, to meditate, to peek through or even step through the gate and open to a new age of peace, love, acceptance, and enlightenment.

I know it is really difficult right now to open up and to send love when even the best of us look around and think how greedy and selfish others are who won’t even wear a mask or isolate when COVID numbers are surging and the most vulnerable are practically hiding in their homes . When the United States is so deeply divided, no, FRAGMENTED into a thousand little groups each with their own agenda and concerns and FEAR.

But we have to make a choice now. Do a Keystone Cops level door jam with each of us fighting for our own space and needs:

Or realize that the spirit has provided this abundant universe for us which does indeed provide enough space, food, air, and water for all of us to thrive (the problems comes from distribution, from people who gather and hoard out of fear and greed) and open ourselves and our lives to love and peace and trust and acceptance.

So right now you think I’m pretty woo-woo don’t you? I’ll remind you I am also a Science Nerd. And it’s so wonderful when science and woo-woo come together. Because if you walk outside after dark, right now, you can SEE with your naked eye this once in every 4000 years event happening in the sky. You can see some beautiful photos of this event right here (and I highly recommend that website for sky watchers) and read about it here.

Look at me – trying out a new Gutenburg feature. Well, I am talking about blogging more and I don’t want to have to reinvent the wheel every other day.

Soooo – woowoo foofoo Fridays. I want to start talking about my Saturday cartoons/analog gaming on Sunday. Sorry, I don’t have time to blog ON Saturday. I’m watching cartoons and playing analog games with hubby. I’m leaning towards Monday Art – as that would give me the weekend and you might get something other than a quick sketch whipped up when I’m tired after the Friday morning clinic run. There’s three designated days of blogging right there. I’m scared. I may even panic. I can’t think about fiction, let alone miscelaneous subjects I may decide to blather about (you ought to see my drafts folder) and this little dude in yellow who mostly hangs around Pinkies Paradise fishing but now and then runs over and asks me to WRITE SOMETHING. So I’m going to hold there for right now and see how it goes over the next…say…four weeks. Thanks for reading!


Summer Foovay


  1. I haven’t seen Sunny for a while but I imagine that is normal for him.. however for some reason all the rooms stay clean.. then one day Sunny shows up again covered in star fish with a bit of a beard and a wide grin showing he caught some yellow carp thing?!

    For some reason I read Woo-Woo like Wooooooo Hooo.. like Wooo girls that do shots or something. I do like the idea of seeing more about your Woo Woo stuff.. after all I think Woo Woo stuff comes with the Cauldron! So I am excited for that.

    Monday Arts will be fun as well! But I will have to check it out on tuesdays as on Monday I have my online tabletops and I usually spend most day preparing .. but this looks like a nice plan! Of course I look forward to your cartoon experience … because I know it includes certain things I really want to find out your experience about! So yay for this plan!

    1. Sunny has been tugging my shirt tails all month about getting something written, so I’m sure you’ll hear from him soon. He’s totally stoked about the themes, man. He also found a new fishing spot and got some shiny new lures. That is very distracting to the young man 😉

      I know, I know, I’ve had the Saturday cartoon thing on tap for months and the longer I go the worse it gets. Like, how do I catch up now? I’ll figure it out though 😛

      The Monday arts I hope will make it so sure they’ll still be some quick sketches I’m sure but I might spend a day or at least a few hours and show up with something more elaborate now and then 😀 That’s the PLAN (can you hear the gods laughing?)

      I feel like I haven’t been very woowoo for quite a while, but I haven’t blogged much for a while either because you know, I’m always woowoo. LOL.

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