It’s Hallotober!

It’s just altogether too perfect to skip this Hallotober tag my blogging bestie Pinkie shared. How could I resist? And if I do it RIGHT NOW I won’t be late!

So with no further ado:

Thanks to Ofaglasgowgirl for the graphic!

The Rules

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  2. Put the rules at the beginning or after the introduction
  3. Answer the 13 questions
  4. Tag 13 people to do the tag! Dear Pinkie went full on anarchy and broke all the rules. I’m only going to break this one. Well, and one other. Because Hallotober is nearly over and because I’d be hard put to list 13 people I haven’t tagged to death already, I’m not doing it. But if you want to do the tag, please, leap on in. Just comment, “I can’t resist” in the comments and carry on!
  5. Delete question 13 and add one of your own. I’m going to dent this rule a little. I won’t delete 13, but I will add one, in case anyone wants to do the tag 😀
  6. You are free to use the tag image somewhere in the post. Why thank you!

What’s your favorite thing about October?

Well, uh, HALLOWEEN.

But also now that we are living here in Vegas, I enjoy the week or maybe if we are lucky, two weeks of actually decent weather. Less than 115F, over 70F in the afternoon, cool at night to sleep. Enjoy it while you can. Next it’s blasting wind and cold outside but even colder inside. The stores and busses here think that 70 outside is TOO HOT and so they continue to BLAST the air conditioner so the indoors is about 50 degrees with a cold breeze. I usually carry a coat to PUT ON WHEN I GO INSIDE. Outside: jeans and a t-shirt, Inside: Parka, scarf, gloves, knit hat, long sleeve shirt over my t-shirt and I kid you not I have been known to wrap myself in a blanket.

Are you a big celebrator of Halloween? How do you celebrate it?

Yes and well, it varies. There is the secular; candy, trick or treaters, costumes, decorating – and the religious, because as a Pagan this is a religious holiday. And it has also changed over time.

As far as secular, I love to dress up in a costume and find a party, or host a party. This has been known to range from a bar party (at a bar where I worked or just hung out alot), to a public sort of party (in one New Mexico town everyone but EVERYONE would dress up and go walk up and down Main Street. Stores would open and give out candy, all sorts of stuff), to a smaller party of friends which tended towards gaming, treats, and scary movies. As well as tarot readings and ritual.

So, ritual. This is the last great harvest festival for Pagans, as well as the Witches New Year. I set up an altar to loved ones who have crossed the bridge with some photos, keepsakes, and offerings from a shot glass of whiskey to carrots and biscuits for four legged loved ones. The last few years in the RV I haven’t had an altar, or a place to set one up outside. I hope to remedy that by next year. Still, those things are safely tucked away and will probably get a visit late Halloween night. I set up two candles, an orange one and a black one. On small slips of paper I write down some things I want to go away, and things I want to bring into our life. With a bit of chanting, the things to pass away are burnt in the black candle and the things to come are burnt in the orange. It’s a good time for a Tarot reading, as the guiding spirits are all close by and it’s a good time to look back at last year, and into the next. And I pour a libation to the Lady under the moon with prayers. We generally share a shot of vodka.

What’s your favorite scary movie?

I don’t actually like scary movies all that much. I do have a little group of movies I watch every Halloween, or somewhere near. Witches with Bette Midler. The Nightmare before Chistmas. And the 1975 version of The Rocky Horror Picture Show (and my were THOSE some wild Halloween parties at the theatres).

Cozy night watching horrors or a big night out in costume?

Nowadays it’s mostly cozy nights in for various reasons. One of these days, though, I hear Fremont Street in downtown Vegas is a hella party and that might be fun.

Which has been your most favorite costume to date?

I make a really good Columbia (RHPS) and did so quite often in the years I went to RHPS at the theatre every Saturday at midnight. But I think one of the coolest I ever did was I had this spandex outfit in Cheetah pattern, and I got shiny gold metallic face paint and painted a Cheetah face and hands, and even had matching high heels. Not too long ago I did Pippi Longstocking. That was fun.

What is your favorite horror monster?

Besides Godzilla? For some unknown reason I’ve always liked The Creature From The Black Lagoon.

I think it’s a water thing…

What’s your least favorite horror?

I really, really HATE gratuitous violence and blood and guts spewing everywhere. Just. Yuck. And it’s one thing when it adds to the story, but when there is no story, just spewing blood and guts. Yuck. Oh, and I admit it – I never made it past the projectile green vomit on The Exorcist. I read the book. Liked the book. Haven’t seen but the first ten minutes of the movie. I had to leave the room.

Do you have a favorite trick or treating memory?

Yes, well, I was raised by wolves and we did not go trick or treating. I’d have to say my favorite memories were the few times I was lucky enough to live in a neighborhood that actually had kids trick or treating, and we decorated the house and dressed up and had a huge cauldron full of candy to share. I had so much fun seeing everyones costumes! More and more I guess that custom is going away. I understand why, but it’s sad.

What’s your favourite thing about Halloween? 

The fellowship. Followed very closely by candy because I have serious sweet tooth. But my favorite memories are ones with a close warm feeling of friends or fellowship like the RHPS theatre parties back in the late 70s.

Scary Costume or Silly Costume?

Can I have another category please? Campy costume? Nerdy costume? Fandom costume? Or beautiful costume? Beautiful and scary is okay. No silly costumes for me please.

What’s your favorite Halloween candy?

I love all candy, all the time. But probably my favorite Halloween candy is that candy corn that has chocolate.

But yeah, all of it, aaalllllllllllll of it!

Ghost decorations or skeleton decorations?

Witch decorations. Black cats. Witches. Pointy hats. And since we lived in New Mexico, I really fell in love with the wonderful, creative skeleton decorations and beautiful sugar skulls.

Me and Hubby last year with some interesting friends

So did you realize in the United States Halloween is now the second highest spending holiday after Xmas? Sorry, sidetracked. Story of my life today.

My new question is… Do you believe in the spirit side of Halloween, that the veil is thin and our dearly departed come to visit us?

Wheeeeeeee that was fun 😀 Now I’m ready! Blessedbe.

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  1. You did that so fast! There us so much nore to US holiday! I guessed creature from the lagoon right for you! Really liked your photo with the decorationa.

    But hey pssst it’s Hocus Pocus with Bette Midler, The Witches is the Roald Dahl movie with Angelica Huston ..or whoever plays her in the 2020 version. I love Hocus Pocus!

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