A few questions about fiction

I love mice. Aren’t these snuggling ikkle bebe mousies the cutest?

I have some purely curious questions I’d like to present to you, my beloved readers. I think I might be super brave and try one of these other fancy schmanzy “blocks” (I always think, “So named for the blocks they make to impede any work”).

I’ve noticed that some people write fiction on blogs. I’ve noticed some people read fiction on blogs. Admittedly, I do not read much of anything other than articles and blog posts on the PC because I find the backlit screen bothers my eyes after a short period, and I’m not able to relax and sit back like I can with a book or even the phone. I do read some fiction on the phone. I have read one or two books on the PC when I couldn’t get them any other way.

Second part is I have a ton of finished and unfinished stories and novels laying around here, none currently published anywhere other than some out there on Wattpad which no one seems to use any more. Every now and then one of my fictional characters gets up in the middle of the night, puts a sword in my back and says, “You ever gonna finish my story?” to which I admittedly say “Why bother, no one’s ever going to read it.”

(BTW in case you wonder why I’m not publishing even on Kindle or something, I cannot currently earn any income, not a dime, without a severe penalty – essentially a slow death – being imposed not on me, but on my husband due to constraints set by the gov’t on our income in order to receive the medical benefits he must have to survive.)

On a sort of related subject – anyone doing Nanowrimo? Anyone know what Nanowrimo is? LOL. I have participated with varying rates of success in previous years but I can’t make up my mind if I want to take a shot at it this year or not. I’m dealing with some depression. Could make it better. Could make it worse. Could lead to 50,000 words of ranting, or dystopian scifi, or noir in some form or other. I dunno. What do you think?


Please tell me, I really wanna know…


  1. Archive of our own is a much better platform than wattpad in terms of engagement, popularity and simple page design. Website also provides a lot of different media embed options. Mostly used by people who write fanfiction but they allow anything!

    There’s also Tapas, where people release chaptered novels as well. I think you may have both free and paid options there. They seem to have quite an audience so it may worth checking out 🌸

    To add a little something; it’s always harder to attract attention to a completely new story than to fanfiction because people already have an established connection to that particular characters. I hope you don’t lose hope and wish you and your family the best!

    1. I don’t write fan fiction. Nothing against it, just have never been called to write it. I don’t really care, to tell you the truth, how much of an audience I have. If I’m not trying to make money, it doesn’t matter.

      I am sorry if I made you think we were hopeless. We do quite well on what we have – well enough I think to make some people angry. We’re SUPPOSED to be miserable and suffering, but I see no point in asking him to go through what he has to endure to have that kind of life. I endeavor to make sure he has the best possible quality of life – and the same for myself. We live in the present moment and make the best of every moment we have together as much as we can. By and large, life is good. There are certain limits on it now – but don’t we all have certain limits? One of my limits, currently, is that I am not allowed to earn money. It’s a good lesson for me, because I have been earning money since I was ten years old, supporting myself and generally several other people as well. It’s been a real learning experience, being able to choose what to do with my time NOT based on what I can manage to earn from everything I do.

      Thank you for your time and suggestions! Blessedbe

      1. Oh I’m the one who’s sorry, it wasn’t my intention to sound that way,. When I said ‘don’t lose hope’ I meant that about your writing. I guess when you said you wouldn’t bother because no one’s going to read it, I took it in a way that maybe you were looking for a place that could provide better engagement than Wattpad.

        And I agree on what you said, occupation has become something that defines us, rather than a means of providing ourselves and salary became a measure of our productivity. Glad you could take time from such a hectic way of living and are able to make time for the things and people you love. Have a nice day ~

      2. We do have a problem with that here in America where our job defines us and once it is gone we are lost. I’ve experienced it a couple of times now – and you wouldn’t think I would since I’ve always had a dozen different interests, hobbies and so on. Yet unpublishing my books was a huge blow. I think it had to do with the abuse and being told my work (art and writing) was worthless – then I published and sold ebooks (so there, HAH) – and then that was taken away. It really kind of destroyed me for a time. But that was overall a very rough period of life.

        I’ve never had a lot of engagement on writing platforms, and some of it has been extremely negative. I don’t do squishy romance, or fan fic – nothing against either of them I just don’t happen to write that – and that seems like what is popular online. So I guess I’m looking at 20 some blog followers and thinking – there’s a nice group of victims, I mean, people who at least sort of like me, maybe I should inflict more of my schtuff on them. LOL. Then again, I’d hate to drive them away!

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