Merry Mabon and a little more

From ABSFreePic. Chosen because it made me smile – happy food. Today is Mabon, Witches Thanksgiving, a day to be thankful for food – for everything.

Think, for a moment, of the music of the waves upon the shore, of the morning as it breaks with the music of nature, of the night as it falls with the hum of the insect, of all the kingdoms as they unite in their song of appreciation to an all-creative influence that gives nature consciousness or awareness of its being itself, and harmonize that in thine own appreciation, as to bring music akin to the song of the spheres.

Edgar Cayce reading 2581-2

Merry Mabon! If you are not Pagan, you are wondering what the fuck I mean. Mabon is the second of the three great harvest festivals for Pagans. The first is Lughnasadah, Lammas, or I like The Green Corn Feast – which happens in early August. Mabon is the second and as the Green Corn Feast celebrates the harvest of the grains, Mabon is about the harvest of trees – specifically apples! The final harvest festival, and the end of the Pagan year (thus Witches New Year) is Halloween. 

One of the things I love most about Paganism, is the emphasis on giving thanks. Not maybe once a year while stuffing yourself with Turkey and watching football, but every day, and certainly most of the holidays are based on giving thanks for the harvest and feasting. 

You’ll probably hear all day on the news that it is the first day of Autumn. What it IS, is the equinox. The sun is directly above the Equator and day and night are exactly equal. Once upon a time, children, this marked the beginning of the cooler autumn weather, the leaves would turn orange and red and brown, and of course – the apples were ready to pick. They would be big, fresh, and juicy and almost fall off the tree into your hand. 

Now, in our post climate change world, cooling off here in Las Vegas means it is 102 instead of 115. The leaves have been brown for quite some time now. The orange and red are in the sky, as California is on fire. It is windy, and last night we had the great surprise of a few drops of rain! Water from the sky! But don’t get used to it. I suspect it was just the hems of the hurricane’s skirts as it rushed to die in the northlands. 

I’m sorry that young people here and now don’t know that crisp, fresh feel to the air. The scent of autumn, that combination of falling leaves crushed underfoot, flowers making a last show of things, and baking goodies! Autumn has always been a favorite season for me as it meant back to school! I loved school, and certainly enjoyed long days in the classroom far more than long days in the dark and unhappy home I inhabited back then. I walked blocks to school crunching through the leaves and kicking them into the air. All the animals were frisky and joyous in the cool air after the hot summer. 

One year in New Mexico I was so blessed to have a friend who lived on a little acreage with a real apple grove! We spent a wonderful day climbing ladders and tossing apples to a friend on the ground. Apples with worm holes or flaws were tossed down, too – because their horses were standing there with great impatience waiting for their share. They would crunch them up in their mighty jaws, the juices running down their chin whiskers before shaking their heads and snorting for more. Below the trees were tracks where the deer had made their harvest in the wee hours of the morning, and one cold morning the tracks of a bear that had visited overnight and taken his share as well! 

This little witch will be eating apple pie and ice cream tonight, and setting aside a few hours just to list all our blessings this year. I used to start a few weeks ahead of time cutting out colorful leaves from construction paper, and writing a blessing on each leaf, then leaving a big basket of them on the table for a few days to remind us just how blessed we are. Time and moving changed things, so that now we make a list in one of my many notebooks full of stuff. It’s the listing of it that counts. Because as you talk you think of more and more and more things you are thankful for. You share stories and laugh. 

You don’t have to be Pagan, to sit around and do that today. Think about it. As tough as this year has been, I’m sure you have blessings to list if you just think about it a little. You’re alive, right? There’s one. You have Internet if you’re reading this – there’s another. And some sort of electronic device that keeps you in touch with the world, right? So there’s another. See, you can do this and you’ll be surprised and pleased at how blessed you really are as you go on. 


So about that and more… Some of you probably know I deal with various emotional/mental issues, and that my main purpose in life these days is taking care of my hubby who has health issues. When WordPress dropped this block editor on us it was one more brick in the wall during a month when we had dealt and were dealing with a lot of different issues, some of them of considerably greater importance in life than blogging is for me right now. Blogging is supposed to be something I do for fun, and bashing my head on the desk dealing with this block editor was NOT FUN. Since I have plenty in my life that is already NOT FUN, I do not generally allow aNYTHING to add itself to that list. Thus, dropping the blog.

Then Pinkie tags me. (I’m looking at you, bestie) The supportive community here at WP that I’ve met by and large by quite enjoying reading and commenting on THEIR blogs all chimed in. Because I really wanted to keep up Friday Art, I stumbled onto the bizarro reality that it’s easier to blog from my phone with this editor. And yeah, okay, here I am. I will attempt to keep up with one or two posts a week, and Friday Art, of course. I intend to try and keep the tone by and large positive, which doesn’t mean I won’t rant now and then, it means I’ll try and sandwich a rant between a couple of happy posts. Taking it one day at a time. Thank you everyone who commented or wrote and offered to help and offered encouragement. Bless you. This is all your fault 😛



  1. Merry Mabon! An happy belated Luggage Lammas!
    I hope you will enjoy your apple pie! I am happy things seem a bit more improved for you! And glad that the phone works well for you! I am happy to see we will see a Summer post every two weeks and I do love seeing these Friday art things!

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