Before You Judge

Of late I have noticed more and more people (before COVID as well as later) sort of taking the attitude that if you are on dialysis it is your FAULT, you must have done SOMETHING that CAUSED your kidney’s to fail. (In many cases, such as my husbands, this is not true. Do you think it is his fault he was born premature?)

This is a new thing I’ve noticed in the United States that if you have any sort of misfortune, it is assumed by many people that it is YOUR FAULT and thus you DESERVE to suffer, and “the rest of us” shouldn’t have to “support” you through taxes.

I always think this is a pretty easy opinion to have – until you are the one with kidney failure, or any number of chronic diseases or disabilities, or homeless, or unemployed, or old enough to be discriminated against for THAT (which in the U.S.A. means over 40).

Go ahead and look down on us. We’ll wait. When you’re crawling around the bottom with us, we’ll help you adjust.

I’ve been venting a wee bit this week. I had some thoughts I just had to get off my chest. I’m done now. We shall return to our regular art, fiction, and fun things.


Yep, I’ve disabled comments for this post and others in this group of posts. If you agree, a simple like gets that to me and thank you. If you don’t, you’re welcome to not read these posts. This post is made up of opinion and some facts and in this case it’s largely not really open to discussion. I, personally, don’t need the upset from people telling me how wrong I am. You know – it’s just how I feel and I have a right to feel this way and you have a right to disagree with me. I have a right to say, I’d rather not hear it. Shared with perfect love and perfect trust from one old soul who’s worried about the younger souls around me.