Not A Burden but an Opportunity

Wow, do I hate block editor. Great job WordPress – going from something user friendly and intuitive to something I have to look up the help files to format or even add a photo. Ahem.

And here I was going to say; I know I’ve been ranting (and I’m going to go on ranting for a bit) and that is not really in the spirit of what I have made of this blog. Please forgive me, but sometime you gotta do what you gotta do.

Meanwhile on a person front; as some of you may know we have been dealing with some health issues with the hubby. Yesterday we finally got some better news and things will now be smoothing out to our regular dialysis trips and normally scheduled life in peace and happiness routine. As much as possible in such troubled times. But nothing out of the ordinary at least. Many thanks to my warriors of health and light who have sent prayers, white light, candles, and energy for healing. You’ve done it again!

Last but hardly least, as the scheduled rants continue to publish this week (yes, it was one long old lady rant that I trimmed and broke up into individual subjects in like three hours) I will endeavor to balance them with more sweetness and light type normal posts. So this week you might be seeing two posts a day! Feel free to read only half – the rants or the sweetness 😀

Oh and one last thing. We had a little incident with my computer. If you’ve tagged me recently, for a blog award or anything, please tag me again as I’ve lost all those notes. Sorry.



    1. I’m so much better now that my brain is not doing the pinball machine thing of “what if”. Big sigh of relief and now we can get on with things 😀

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