A Little Perspective

The coronavirus has killed approximately 180,000 citizens of the United States at this time.

I, personally, just my opinion, suspect this is very under counted as homeless people who die in the open, seniors and disabled who die at home with no one attending, seniors and people with chronic illness die and the death is attributed to their illness or “pneumonia”, the AMAs favored catch all are not being counted. I suspect in twenty years we’ll be hearing quite different figures.

The human mind simply does not comprehend large numbers very well. So here’s some comparisons that may bring this into perspective.

180,000 dead

The population of Knoxville, Tenn. as of the 2017 census is 178,874.

Fort Lauderdale, FL population as of 2017 is 180,072.

The population of Sioux Falls, SD – the state’s largest city – is 153,888.

Had any enemy or terrorist somehow wiped out one of these mid-sized cities in the United States IMHO we would be freaking completely out. Not denying it, or saying its a rumour or over exaggerated, or some political party’s ploy, or a “harmless” little flu most healthy people are just naturally immune to.

We would be holding vigils, sending memes, blabbing about the outpouring of our love, support and grief. We’d send troops!

But what I see when I do have to go out in the world is we’re refusing to wear masks. Complaining endlessly about the inconvenences caused by measures meant to try and stop the tide.

And some of us, good capitalists that we are, are sucking up the government money supposedly meant to help citizens (that’s what they say to us – it was always meant only to help corporations).

Just one example that I happen to know about because I’m close to the subject. Fresenius Medical Care, a multi-national provider of dialysis and dialysis equipment received $137 million dollars in federal aid from the CARES act. Fresenius Medical Care is reporting growing income in this quarter due to COVID patients who are experiencing kidney damage and who need dialysis (and who will likely continue to need dialysis for life). Unlike many medical services who have had to cut back on procedures, dialysis continues three times a week, every week, without fail, COVID or no COVID, – for if a person with kidney failure skips more than one or two dialysis treatments, they will die (depending on their condition) in a few days to a week or two.

Just sayin’

If what I told you here is my opinion, I told you it was my opinion. The rest of it is easily verifiable FACT.

Yep, I’ve disabled comments for this post and others in this group of posts. If you agree, a simple like gets that to me and thank you. If you don’t, you’re welcome to not read these posts. This post is made up of opinion and some facts and in this case it’s largely not really open to discussion. I, personally, don’t need the upset from people telling me how wrong I am. You know – it’s just how I feel and I have a right to feel this way and you have a right to disagree with me. I have a right to say, I’d rather not hear it. Shared with perfect love and perfect trust from one old soul who’s worried about the younger souls around me.