On Open Letter to #BLM Protestors

In 2019 1,004 people (all races included) were shot and killed by police. 

So we are demonstrating in the streets.

I’m not saying you are wrong to do so. I was sick and infuriated at the video of a black man being shot in the back by a police officer. Maybe more than you, since I’ve been exposed to stories like this since I was a child – sixty fucking years ago. You’re tired of it? I’M FUCKING sick and TIRED OF IT. 


180,000 have died (so far) from COVID-19 in the U.S.A.

Who does it serve if you go to a demonstration and refuse to wear a mask and stand shoulder to shoulder shouting slogans and marching? All activities that will raise your breathing rate and blow lots and lots of aerosolized COVID particles into the air you are all sharing.

If you catch COVID-19 and die, that’s one less person to stand for black lives. If you catch it at a demonstration – and so does a large percentage of those at the demonstration – who does that serve?

The very people who are trying to hold you down and shoot you.

And surely I do not have to remind you that COVID-19 is striking the black and hispanic communities hardest.

Think about it.

Back in the 60s when my generation was marching and shouting slogans, the FBI was infiltrating our grassroots groups with agents provocateur who would encourage violence so that in turn the authorities could say the groups were violent and arrest and jail them.

And BTW – since it worked so well then – perhaps you should wonder if they are doing it now? In fact, how easy would it be to send one person with non-symptomatic COVID into the middle of the march maskless to yell their head off? Not saying they have but…

How easy is it for the authorities to just let us kill ourselves by our refusing to take reasonable precautions against COVID-19 while we claim we are taking the high road because police killings are more important than COVID.

Even if you are black, you are more likely to die of COVID than a police shooting.

Again, I don’t think that’s right. I don’t think we should be dying of EITHER cause no matter what color we are.  Both are preventable. The U.S.A. is fucked up and I don’t know if it can ever be fixed.

But we need to take a step back and think about what we are doing – and who is controlling the narrative.

This isn’t meant as criticism. I’m not saying Black Lives don’t Matter. Although I am an ALL LIVES MATTER myself, since some of my ancestors – Native Americans – have been being killed in so many ways you can’t count them all since the white folk came over and began practicing genocide against the native peoples of this country.

But I am asking you to take a step back. Take a deep breath. And think about what you are doing, why you are doing it, what you hope to accomplish, if what you are doing will in fact accomplish that. I’ll remind you, we were marching 60 years ago over many of the exact same issues. Think about whether or not this is really the wisest course of action at this time.

As one suggestion (and I’m sure younger people on the forefront of this wave can think of a lot more) let us note the great concern that Russians can interfere with our elections using social media. Now if they can change our presidential vote using Facebook – what could we change?

Just sayin’


Yep, I’ve disabled comments for this post and others in this group of posts. If you agree, a simple like gets that to me and thank you. If you don’t, you’re welcome to not read these posts. This post is made up of opinion and some facts and in this case it’s largely not really open to discussion. I, personally, don’t need the upset from people telling me how wrong I am. You know – it’s just how I feel and I have a right to feel this way and you have a right to disagree with me. I have a right to say, I’d rather not hear it. Shared with perfect love and perfect trust from one old soul who’s worried about the younger souls around me.

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