Let’s Blog Award

Put on your red shoes and dance the blues…

Or sit under the fan barefoot and blog. Whatever.

My blogging bestie tagged me again! Yes, Pinkie nominated me for the Let’s Blog tag. So with no further ado:


1. Mention the creator of the award and the blogger who nominated you.
Let’s blog was created by  Renee from Renee’s Corner!  I only recently started following her blog and she offers a nice variety of stories and cartoons. Check it out!

As I mentioned already, Pinkie is responsible for nominating me for it – thank you Pinkie! I love tags – nominate me all you want 😀

2. Copy paste the rules.
3. Answer the 10 questions sent by the nominator.
4. Write your 10 questions for the nominees.
5. Nominate 5 bloggers for this award and let them know via comment on one of their posts. (Actually, I’ll probably link to one of their posts so they get a notification)
6. Keep the thumbnail as the thumbnail of this post.
7. Answer your own questions.

I get to interrogate, I mean, question my nominees? Muwahahaha. Ahem.

1)If you could live in any other country in the world, where would you live?

Due to my feelings about the actions of the country I was born in over the last few decades, I’ve actually considered and looked into this. For a long time Australia was my leading choice for practical reasons. I’ve also considered a number of tiny island nations that welcome retired Americans (and their steady Social Security income). Because you see in the real world, Americans (especially of the retired/self employed variety) are not all that welcome anywhere anymore. I mean, we can VISIT but then everyone wants us to GO THE FUCK HOME. (Not that I blame them)

My current practical choice is Saipan. Which isn’t quite a country – it is a “Commonwealth” of the United States, one of the Marinara Islands. (The U.N. doesn’t like colonization or colonies, so now we have “commonwealths” which basically work the same. Lots of brown natives with ugly old white men as overlords) It’s basically a piece of Japan we stole and failed to return. I don’t even need a passport to go there, and they have a dialysis clinic for the hubby. Because it is (sort of) part of the U.S., his medical insurance would also follow us there. (Again, most countries will not have us because of his chronic health issues). Saipan is a hop, skip and a jump from Japan, and many Japanese vacation there. However, it is NOT a hop, skip and a jump from the U.S. and Firefly can’t swim. Or float. Without help…

Mariana Islands - Saipan.PNG
(Map is in public domain, I found it on Wikimedia commons)

Suicide Cliff in Saipan 3

Suicide Cliff in Saipan.

Now if you want to go all imagination wild, I think I would like to live in Japan, perhaps Hokkaido where they have horses. I’d also enjoy Mongolia (again, horses), and India (THE FOOD). New Zealand is beautiful, but I think it might be too cold for me. A warm, mild climate is essential and I can’t be too far north because I have seasonal affect disorder. And I have always really wanted to live on an island. Don’t know why. I would really dig the wilderness of Canada or Alaska, but again, too cold and too far north. Nice place to visit. In the summer.

2)Do you believe in Ghosts?

Yes. I’ve written out all my encounters here at Wattpad. It’s pretty hard to deny something you know is real.

3.  If you’d reincarnate as an animal of your choice what animal would you be?

In actually, that’s kind of a hard choice. First, because there’s such a plethora of choices that would be really cool. And second, because if I went for my personal first choices – say horse, or cat – you can find yourself at the mercy of humankind. Which can be a bad thing. Even if you choose wildlife, you are basically still at the mercy of the species that is heating, polluting, and destroying the environment.

Luckily, viruses aren’t animals or I’d get snarky about choosing to be a coronavirus and jumping in a certain pumpkinheaded politicians nose.

I want to be a wild horse, and I want to live out my days in either the French Carmague, Assateague Island, or the Sable Islands. Basically, anywhere that wild horses are not being managed to extinction by the BLM.

Dülmen, Merfeld, Wildpferdebahn -- 2015 -- 4603

4. If you could learn any skill instantly what would it be?

Game design. Or at least, graphics design for games. I know, I know, I have had at various times both the Unity game engine and the one for Visual Novels downloaded and gone through the tutorials and they just make my head spin until my brain stalls out. Dammit. Pisses me off. I learned html. I learned digital art – and then they changed all the drawing programs on me and I can’t seem to deal with the new ones. Dammit. I have ideas!!!!

5. Do you ever use Weeaboo speech?

Daily. Thing is, I watch a lot of Japanese and other Asian dramas, and I notice that a whole lot of Americanisms and English words have worked their way into the everyday vocabulary of young people. So I see no reason, and no shame, in sprinkling my everyday speech with Japanese – especially since my poor hubby has managed to learn enough to know what I’m saying. Or it gives him an even better excuse to ignore me. 😛

6. Is there anything you are passionate about , that isn’t a subject on your blog?!

I have to say, I don’t think so. Now that this blog is just for fun, I pretty much talk about whatever I wanna talk about. I do keep the politics and medical rants down to a dull roar because I’m trying to keep it light and fun as much as I can and neither of those is any fun. I haven’t really talked a lot about Paganism for a while, but that’s just part of my life so I feel like it simply works it’s way in and winds through everything to some extent. I wrote about it over at Wattpad, too and I used to write and talk about it a lot. I’ve gotten a lot more thoughtful about writing about serious, I mean like life and death serious things on my blog. Or anywhere. I don’t need the negativity it can bring.

7. Are there any bloggers you take inspiration from?

Absolutely. In no particular order, Irina, Pinkie, and Biblionyan. They have to courage to step out and be themselves in a world that can sometimes be harsh and judgemental – and they are all incredibly talented.

8. Name an experience that would be on your bucket list. 

That I think I can still do? LOL Geez, I mean there are lots of things I’d like to do but I kind of don’t do the bucket list. If I make a list of things I want to do before I die and then I don’t get to do them, am I a failure? Was my life not worthwhile? Did I really miss out on anything? My answer to all of those is, no. There’s things I’d really like to do. That I might even get to do yet. I’m a pixie, you know, so I’m only middle aged. I’ll easy live to over 100.

Just offhand then, I would like to leave the U.S. and travel the world. For me, this would include lots of kayaking and hiking and wilderness adventures. One trip I’ve always wanted to make was to go to Washington, get on a cruise ship that would go to Alaska, hop on the train that goes through the wild (I hear the animals aren’t afraid of the train and come very close) and then cruise back down the west coast and see whales and visit the San Diego zoo. Why, yes, yes I’ve made this plan. Life…

9. If you were a flavour of Ice-cream what flavour would you be?

Bunny Tracks. Sweet with a harmonious variety of flavors and just a little nutty…

10. What is the next thing you have in your agenda/planned after writing this post?

I’m going to get up and go do the dishes by hand. Hubby cooks. I wash. While I do dishes I usually listen to a podcast. Currently I’m mostly listening to Conspiracy Theories by Parcast on Spotify. Then it will be time to sit myself down and watch “TV” (streaming services mostly really) with the hubby for a few hours and then bed. It’s Monday, so it’s “import” night. We’ll watch J and K drama and maybe some BBC stuff. I’ll probably actually finish this post tomorrow because I want to put some thought into my questions. Although it’s intimidating that I’ll have to answer them, too!

My Ten Questions

  1. If you could live on a different planet which one, and why? Any planet is eligible, real, fictional, or imaginary.
  2. If you were a Transformer – what would you be? You can pick one or make up your own.
  3. Let’s go out! What do you want to do or where do you want to go?
  4. You can have any anime companion/pet/sidekick – which one and why?
  5. What’s your favorite monster?
  6. What is the most beautiful thing/place/experience you’ve ever seen?
  7. What would you do if you suspected someone you knew was a serial killer?
  8. Would you use natural healing; supplements, reiki, accupuncture, etc.
  9. What is your favorite emoticon?
  10. What really makes you happy?

And my answers (and I’m going to try and keep them kind of short so I can post this like this year)

If you could live on a different planet which one, and why? Any planet is eligible, real, fictional, or imaginary.

Well, I like this planet but… Pern. I think I’d like Pern as in Dragonriders of Pern.

If you were a Transformer – what would you be? You can pick one or make up your own.

I love Bumblebee. But the beast Transformers are super cool, too. Maybe a fire breathing horse that turns into a steam engine locomotive!

Let’s go out! What do you want to do or where do you want to go?

A smokey old fashioned blues bar with live music and a dance floor.

You can have any anime companion/pet/sidekick – which one and why?

Madara/Nyanko-sensei because what could be better than a big, fat, purring kitty combined with an almighty flying wolf guardian.

What’s your favorite monster?

Half of you can probably answer this for me, Godzilla RULES. (But I do have a lingering fondness for Creature from the Black Lagoon)

What is the most beautiful thing/place/experience you’ve ever seen?

A long long time ago (mukashi mukashi) I woke up in the pre-dawn hours and walked down to a river. For no particular reason I settled on the bank, screened behind a thick bunch of cattails, but where there was an opening so I could see out into the wide, silver water with the mist hovering over it.

And then, materializing out of that mist a pair of wild swans floated majestically past.

What would you do if you suspected someone you knew was a serial killer?

Well there’s a lot of if this then that circumstances, but I’m really thinking about when Ann Rule realized she was working next to Ted Bundy (before we all knew who he was). And liked him as a person even. I do think, if I could get them to listen to me, I’d speak to the police. I’d also put some distance between us…

Would you use natural healing; supplements, reiki, accupuncture, etc.

Yes. Don’t get me wrong, I believe in science, too. I just don’t think science has caught up to some more ancient methods, and the model of medicine for profit means that methods that don’t increase someone’s bottom line don’t get researched or practiced.

What is your favorite emoticon?

I have a thing for the original smiley face. I remember this fellow from back in the 60s, before Walmart defiled him, before we even had emoticons on our phone.  But I probably use the one with skwinty eyes and a big toothy smile for laughing the most

What really makes you happy?

Every morning I wake up (that’s a great start) and the first thing I see is my hubby up at his computer playing games. All is right with my world then.

My next five victims, I mean, nominees are:





Terrance Crow

Anyone who happens to also want in, comment and pile on in! This is another nifty tag we can pass around forever because the questions are always different and I always think mine aren’t good enough 😛





  1. Nice answers, you know how in the Sunny introduction post, I compared Firefly with your magic schoolbus? For just a moment there I believed Firefly could easily get to Saipan! You could always do a go fund me campaign!

    Just start a story of Firefly’s adventures and its desire to go to Saipan, it sounds like an awesome place!

    Thanks for the tag I will tackle it soonish!

    1. That does sound like fun – the adventures of Firefly! I’m fairly sure we can have her shipped (yes, I did look into that too because…Firefly) but it would probably be a boring trip in a cargo container. Of course, once she GETS there!

  2. Double thank you! And you know, it’s so great to see you blogging lately. I always love to get a bit of Foovay in my day!
    Making my own transformer sounds fun. I can’t wait to give it a try!

  3. Thanks for the tag, Foovay! Not sure when I’ll get around to it, so I’ll answer your Qs here, if that works. 🙂

    1. I’d love to live on the planet Caladan. It’s a planet from the novel series Dune by Frank Herbert. It’s a rainy planet with such a rich and complex ecosystem, especially an underwater one. I remember it also flourished with mountains and lots of greenery and rocky coastlines. Just sounds like a paradise for me.
    2. I’d totally be Megatron. I love that bastard lol. A close second would be Cyber Raptor from Beast Wars, which was one of my favourite shows as a kid. Cyber Raptor was my favourite character because raptors are my fave dinosaur haha. (love this question!!!)
    3. I want to go back to Monterey Beach. It’s a very special place for me. It’s where my brother and I would go together whenever we needed to get away or make big decisions. We’d go there, sit on the sand or walk along the shores and talk to each other about whatever big things weighed heavily on our minds.
    4. Nyanko Sensei from Natsume’s Book of Friends. a) He’s a cat who can transform into a badass beast. b) He’s sassy and snarky (our arguments would be entertaining) but has a good heart. c) I’d have the ultimate drinking companion.
    5. Kraken and Beholders
    6. My late girlfriend, Mahiya. She was a stunning experience. It’s honestly the best way to describe her, an experience. Being around her was always so indescribably comforting, but also nerve-wracking because she was super unpredictable lol.
    7. Is it bad that I would be super curious and would want to follow them to learn about their killing process? Like a scientific observation? As long as they didn’t kill cats, I’d be curious as all heck.
    8. I believe in natural healing more than anything else, including spiritual cleansing. I like to avoid chemicals as much as possible as it actually causes more harm than good in the human body.
    9. I have four (at least I use them the most lol): 😅😤😬🖕🏾
    10. My cats and writing dark fantasy stories.

    1. Whee! Thanks for the answers! Yay for Nyanko Sensei. He would be the total package for a companion – and drinking buddy. Now if it was JUST drinking buddy I might take Mokona from XXXholic. Montery Beach sounds beautiful and peaceful. OOO – I love Kraken, too. Beholders kind of creep me out LOL. I wish I could have known Mahiya. She sounds wonderful. HHHH – I love your response to the serial killer question. I have to admit, I’d be tempted, too, but too concerned about you know, people dying… YAY for natural healing. I see major conversations in our future…

      1. Beholders are super creepy! But I love them because of it haha. I also have a strange obsession for Lloth (spider queen in Forgotten Realms universe), which is so ironic given my vehement loathing for spiders… Natural healing is great. I’ve been learning about different plants and vegetables and what can treat what. When I’m done with recovery, I want to limit my dependence on medication as much as possible.

      2. Doctors are always amazed to learn hubby is only on two medications. I got a big laugh from a dietician who very snottily informed me you could not lower blood pressure for a dialysis patient using supplements and diet. Simply not possible, and he must be on med. Actually, he responds terribly to bp meds so we always refuse them. His BP had gone up because of dialysis. And we got it back down to where it’s perfect for a dialysis patient. Our tech and RN keep the dietician away from us – LOL. I can generally know far more than the dieticians they hire – at least we finally have a team who knows it!

  4. “Pern. I think I’d like Pern as in Dragonriders of Pern.”

    Pern? Pern?! You mean _after_ a season of Threadfall, right?

    I’m assuming you’d be stationed at Benden. In fact, you kinda remind me of Lessa. Every bit as strong as Moretta, but quite a bit less tragic!

    Thanks a lot for the tag! Also thanks for giving your own answers. That helps me understand the intent of the question, as well as what I thought it meant. I hope the tension between the two will help me write something interesting.

    I need all the help I can get!

    1. Don’t we all? Need all the help we can get. Actually I was thinking of the Southern part of Pern, the sort of tropical jungle sounding area which at least at first, doesn’t get thread. I think I would love Benden though, and consider any comparison to Lessa a total compliment!

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