Let The Sun Shine In


Biblionyan tagged me back! I am a Sunshine blogger again!  I thought the song would be a fitting way to introduce this tag as we just had an Aquarius Full Moon (August 3 and 4) so it all sort of ties together. If you’re into that kind of thing.

In August the Sun (and his close friend Mercury, too, this year) is in Leo – a fire sign full of drama and excitement. As if that wasn’t enough, Mars is in Aries – which is the sign he rules – stationing (that is “standing still” in the sky) and then going into retrograde (“backing up” if you are watching the sky) which can cause all kinds of chaos. Since Mars rules war, and Aries is a total hothead prone to sudden rages (that just as quickly disappear and are forgotten) it is really lined up to be one hell of a month. On top of that, here in Las Vegas, our temperatures are expected to be over 110F almost every single day.

All hell is set to break loose.

But then maybe if we keep our hearts and minds aligned, the fire of truth will burn down the towers of lies we’ve been told. Maybe the fire of passion will lead someone to the answer to the Coronavirus – or even of all viruses! Think positive, try to stay cool, and (because of Mercury’s influence – the Messenger) watch your words. Try not to burn any bridges in anger that you may find yourself wanting to cross later.

Oh yes, the tag.

  1. Thank the human who nominated you and share a link to their blog so folx can visit them. – Biblionyan – Thank you!
  2. Answer 11 questions created by the Nominator.
  3. Nominate 11 bloggers of your choosing and create 11 questions for them to answer in turn.
  4. Notify the Nominees by dropping a comment on one of their posts.
  5. Share the rules and the logo on your Award post or on your blog somewhere. (DONE)

I am going to skip the nominations, as I’ve always had my turn at this. If you’re reading and you WANT to share in the Sunshine, drop me a comment and you will be magically nominated right here:

Oh boy! 11 New questions to play with!

1.) What is your preferred sockie-style? Ankle socks? Tube socks? Knee-highs? Or are you an adventurous type who goes *GASP* barefoot?!?

Socks! I love socks! My favorites are the no-see-ums, super low socks because the others choke my fat legs to death. Even when I was muscular, my legs were thick and socks taller than ankles tended to cut off my circulation. I also love the thick fuzzy socks for cold winter days. I have some old photos of my wildly colored sock collection but I should probably take a new one.

There. The sparkly black ones are a recent gift from a friend. And those unicorn ones I just bought today! Haven’t even gotten them off the tag yet 😀 SOCKS!

2.) What kind of munchies are your favourite while watching films or serials? Do you prefer salty or sweet or a bit o’ both, no munchies at all?

I like all kinds of stuff. Sweet and salty and even sometimes semi-nutritious. Like I enjoy fresh cherries with fresh (in the shell) peanuts. Don’t know why, but if I buy cherries I have to buy peanuts (and visa versa). Another favorite is those little seaweed snacks. And we go through a LOT of microwave popcorn. I love Pockys and Meiji Panda cookies but when it’s this hot chocolate never makes it home without turning into a blob.

3.) If you could have any flavour of ice-cream right now, right in this moment as you’re typing/writing this up, what would it be? If you’re not a fan of ice-cream… how? Why? (No judgement, just genuinely curious.)

Pistachio almond. Because I saw some today and I really like it. I also like Coffee flavored Haagen-Dazs, and Bunny Tracks (Bluebell) which I think might be a regional thing so for those of you deprived of such, here’s the official description. And I always drench ice cream in Hershey’s chocolate syrup.

4.) What is the one film, anime, or TV show that you love to shout about when people ask you for recommendations? The one that almost always immediately comes to mind.

OMG. I’m at a loss. No one ever asks me – LOL. It would depend on the person asking. I have a wide range of folx in my life of all ages and passions, so I might say Iron Blood Orphans if I think they would like the mecha, or Fruits Basket if I think they might like slice of life with a sprinkle of fantasy, or SAO if they are more into games, or even Silver Spoon if it’s one of my animal loving friends.

5.) You’ve just been zapped into the last video game that you played by bored-out-of-their-mind aliens who have invaded for funsies. Finding that you are now the protagonist of that game, who are you and from which game? If you’re not a gamer, then you’re the protag of the last anime you watched, film or serial.

You probably saw this coming. I am doomed to a lifetime of fishing. Could be worse. I would really hate it if I ended up in the last anime as that would be Transformers: War for Cybertron trilogy and its DARK. I totally want to be Bumblebee though. However, he’s not the protag. I guess I’d be Maximus Prime. He’s so SERIOUS. Sigh.

This beautiful fan art is by Goddess Mechanic on Deviant Art:

6.) Name one piece of technology that you would love to invent yourself if you were able to do so. It can be as realistic or as outrageous (or as inappropriate) as your heart desires.

I would invent an instantaneous fact checker app that you could install on all your devices. So if you were listening to someone’s speech, you turn on the app and scrolling under the picture would be ongoing fact checking for everything that person says. So if he says something like, “Communist China released the Coronavirus as a biological weapon” underneath you would see scrolling “Scientific research shows that the coronavirus most likely developed in bats and jumped to humans through an intermediary animal, possibly a predator like a civet cat.” along with links to the SCIENTIFIC PAPERS online proving that. Doesn’t have to be science, can also be distorted history, like “I was a successful businessman” and below is “Mr.X declared bankruptcy 15 times and ruined over 200 businesses, leaving 1,500,000 employees without jobs and benefits” and references to public documents, or news articles. I think it should be installed by default on all news channels and sources, too, though. So the announcer is going on about how someone did this or that and underneath is a scrolling thing saying they didn’t do it, or the facts surrounding it. You get the idea anyway.

7.) Do you have a place that you love visiting? One place that always helps bring you peace of mind or helps you de-stress. If so, where is it? It not, then what’s one place you like to visit and re-visit for fun?

Any river, the wilder and more remote the better. When we lived in Tulsa, Oklahoma I think the only thing that kept me sane was the Arkansas River runs ten miles through the middle of the city, with trails and parks on both sides. Lots of places to just meditate under the trees, or bike ride, or kayak. I miss that so much. Other things about Tulsa, not so much. I also had the Arkansas River in Wichita, KS and the big muscle-y Rio Grande (when it wasn’t the Rio Dribble – depending on the dam) in southern New Mexico. I haven’t really found anywhere like that here in Las Vegas yet. There is a cute little park about a half mile away with trees and grass, but no river. Sigh. Of course, I have the Kenai River and the Amazon River on Fishing Clash. LOL.

8.) If you had the chance to see a real-life giant sea creatures in person, which one would you prefer to see: the megalodon, a kraken, or Jörmungandr (Midgard Serpent)?

Gotta be the MEG. This is my Meg from Hungry Shark Evolution



9.) Which mythologies do you think are more interesting: Nordic/Norse, Greek, Egyptian, or any other ancient one (example: Ainu or Fijian)? If you don’t like mythologies, what is something you love studying/looking up for fun?

Another hard one for me. I love mythologies and especially all varieties of old folk tales/fairy tales. I would have to say that probably the Celtic folklore was my first love, but I spend more time now learning Japanese folklore.

10.) What film or serial (live-action or anime) has a brilliant soundtrack? Video games work too.

The latest – Guns Akimbo. We watched it because “Harry Potter” was in it (Daniel Radcliffe) and we weren’t all that impressed with the movie – but we loved the soundtrack! I immediately said I would buy that soundtrack if I could find it somewhere (I have always tended to buy movie soundtracks for some reason)

11.) Name three things that you love about yourself. Anything at all, whether it’s physical or more personal and deeper.

I’m a pixie. Other people have looked at me, squealed, and said “Look, a pixie!” and I was NOT cosplaying, just hanging out in a bar in what I consider normal clothes.

I get knocked down, I get up again. Nothing’s ever gonna keep me down. And it’s not just one of my favorite songs – it’s my life.

I’ve been really fortunate to have some really wonderful mentors pass through my life. And I’ve been really lucky to get to pass on much of what they have taught me.

That was fun! Let’s do it again! Oh, I’d have to come up with questions. Okay, if anyone wants a Sunshine Award, comment and say so and I’ll nominate and make up questions then and add to this post – how’s that?




  1. This was so much fun to read!! My sock styles change with the seasons, but I mostly like silly, novelty (cat related haha) knee high socks. I have scars on my legs, so I hide them all the time. I LOVE your technology thing. That would be so awesome to have, a sort of bullshtick meter haha. XD Thanks for playing. ♥

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