Gone Fishin’

The last few weeks I’ve pretty well been neglecting things. I reached a point with my usual games where it felt like I was just treading water. I need a new drug.


Fishing Clash 2020 attracted me at first because the graphics are pretty. IRL I haven’t fished in many years, but I did grow up with a Grandpa who loved to fish. Myself, I loved hanging around the water from little farm ponds to rivers and lakes. I bird watched, I swam, I caught bugs and lizards and even some fish. I’ve always had issues with putting bait fish on a hook – even putting worms on a hook. I loved the fish – I love fish in general. The pretty little sunfish who will grab a bare hook during their juvenile phases and pop out looking like a little gold coin. The big channel cats with their marvelous whippy whiskers who “bark” when you bring them up. I always wanted to put them all back unharmed. If there was some way to use rubber hooks and, of course, fake lures so that no one was harmed in the process, I might actually fish for fun. If I had to, I could and would certainly fish for survival.

But mostly I enjoy the pretty fish and the strange fish



and the impressive fish. So cyber-fishing is a great solution for me. Back when I played Fish World they had a mini-game of fishing in a pond that I used to love. It really was peaceful and relaxing to me – like real fishing.

Fish Clash 2020 does a great job of recreating all of those things. The fish look terrific and realistic and the landscaping of the ponds, lakes, and rivers is beautiful. They combine this with nice, realistic sound tracks. When I leveled up to open Loch Ness, I get such a kick of seeing glimpses of Nessie now and then. I was trying to get a screen shot of her to put on the blog post but you know how those lake monsters are. I swear, I see her in the background now and then. Otherwise, the loch itself is very atmospheric, spooky, and pretty.


In a few weeks I’ve easily advanced to Level 53 and only spent 99 cents for one pack of lures. You don’t get hit with ads every ten seconds and although they certainly offer you lure packages and tackle boxes regularly, they are not obnoxious about it. I also like that they have quite a bit in the lower price levels of 99 cents to $20 which is about my spending limit on any game. I’ve been playing long enough now that I probably will invest a few bucks now and then for a little jump start.

It’s perfectly nice to just hang out and fish, but they do have constant championship contests, duels, and tournaments going on that are unique, interesting, and challenging. I participate in some for fun, pass on others, and do well enough when I do work at it. The prizes are nice, mostly lure packs and tackle boxes. You get free lure packs several times a day, as well as hook packs (same thing basically) if you participate in 10 fishing duels, up to two packs a day that way.

The controls and quests and so forth are all quite user friendly and intuitive. You won’t need to go read the wiki for an hour before you can accomplish anything. Which is good because there’s not much there, but then, there’s no real need.

One of the things that has kind of been bothering me lately is that all or most of my current usual games tend to browbeat me or at least make it worth my while to drop by every single day without fail. Fishing Clash 2020 doesn’t do that. Yes, they will send you notifications that you have a free pack to open, or a championship is over come get your winnings, but if you take a few days off there’s no harm done. You don’t lose any streaks or progressive type prizes. So it’s a really nice game if you want to just play now and then when you feel the urge.

So if you’ve been wondering where I’ve been lately – I’ve gone fishin’.


  1. It does look pretty I was pre engaged with a d&d like game but I did manage to finish it so got more time for the great wordpress people again!

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