It’s Gypsy Feet I Got; The 90s tag

My blogging bestie Pinkie got me with the 90s tag. Thank you, Pinkie! I think it’s fair to say that we were world’s apart during that decade, and not just because she lives the Netherlands, and I was wandering the U.S.A.

Favorite TV Show

I married hubby in 1990. After he moved all his stuff into my apartment, he asked me where the heck the TV was. I didn’t have one. It says something about what we did with our time together that he had not noticed until then. Wink wink.

Crime is my guilty pleasure. Mystery and true crime books, especially gritty police procedurals, deep psychological dives into the criminal mind. So it will come as no surprise that I very quickly fell in love with Law & Order. Duh dun.

Being someone who read about crime all the time, I was often familiar with the actual cases many of their episodes were based on. I knew the details and the outcome. But the best part was watching with my hubby and discussing it later. Law & Order tackled controversial subjects, and showed all the shades of grey. What is justice? What is punishment? Who is really wrong here? It inspired much discussion after every show, and I loved every minute of it.

But lest you think we are that serious – we also waited every week with great anticipation for the latest episode of F. R.I.E.N.D.S. We were delighted when it went into reruns, and could happily binge it for weeks at a time. I did get really tired of the Ross/Rachel thing. I’m pretty direct, as you may know, and considered most of that bullshit. I loved Phoebe and saw a lot of myself in her, but other people mostly accuse me of being a Monica because I was a pretty fanatical housekeeper. Imagine if Monica relaxed a little bit and didn’t care if you spilled if you were having fun and enjoying the dinner.

Another big favorite of mine was Deep Space 9. Again, I really liked the stories and I also had a bit of a crush on this man’s VOICE:

Again, like Law & Order, we would often discuss the story line and details for days afterward. I was less of a fan of Voyager. What really made Voyager for me, was Captain Janeway played by Kate Mulgrew. I did a total little happy dance when I saw this actress in a leading role. I was a fan of hers back in the Ryan’s Hope days and, in fact, quit watching entirely when she left the show. Nothing left for me to enjoy at that point. She makes an awesome starship Captain and later an Admiral.

My hubby watches a lot more TV than I do. So in the 90s I’d be working on stuff in my studio and walking back and forth to the kitchen and so forth and I would catch glimpses of what he was watching. Which is how, heaven help me, I got interested in Buffy the Vampire Slayer. I went from thinking this was the most ridiculous show ever, to being intrigued and finally – okay, I’ll admit. I’m a fan. I have the hots for Spike. Another one I got hooked on the same way was Stargate SG-1, although I did find the world building intriguing from the outset. I’m a big believer in the ancient astronaut theories.

Favorite 90s Song

You know what happens when you ask me about music. These three songs combined pretty well describes where I was at in my life in the 90s. My theme songs if you like.

Favorite Commercial

I had to go look up 90s commercials to even remember any I liked. I was pretty sure from the outside it would be a NASCAR related commercial. I was at that time a huge NASCAR fan – and Jeff Gordon was MY GUY.

NSync or Backstreet Boys

Ugh. Alright, alright if I have to. By a thin margin Backstreet Boys, but I’d really prefer it if you never mention them again.

Favorite Music Artist

I never, but never have ONE favorite artist. Not even for a year, let alone a decade. How about a quick top ten – in no particular order; LIVE, NIN, Marilyn Manson, Korn, Robert Cray, Godsmack, Metallica, Indigenous, Jonny Lang, Prince. I’m sure I left some out that I really loved.

Jonny Lang I got to see live at a Bluesfest. This skinny little white boy who looks about 12 years old walks out on stage, fires up his guitar, opens his mouth, and Clarence Gatemouth Brown falls out. It was the most amazing thing.

Sadly, he got God and quit the blues and hasn’t done anything since that appealed to me. Too bad.

What did you collect back then?

Ah, back when I had ridiculous sums of money to blow. I collected horse figurines and anything and everything Jeff Gordon #24 related as well as lots of other NASCAR diecast.

How many Tomagotchi’s did you go through?

OMG, let me think. I loved them. I played them to DEATH. Then I got my wonder boy genius husband to tinker them into rebirth and played them some more. They were a little hard to find here, so when I did see them I tended to buy as many as I possibly could. I know at one point I had three of them going at once. So at least three, but I really think the truth might be more like ten or twelve.

Favorite Video Game and Console

It’s true, I managed to go through the entire decade without a game console, or video games. I played them a little in the early 80s but nothing impressed me enough to want to purchase one with my own money. From 1985 to 1990 I didn’t even own a TV. We didn’t have a computer until 1999 and I only learned to use it then because my husband refused to have my typewriter repaired – and managed to win that argument by showing me that we could buy a brand new printer for less $$ than it would cost to repair (again) my aged typewriter. I had a bad experience with a work computer back in the 80s and I basically thought they were shit. I could do far more with a pencil and a piece of paper than those old clunkers could do on a good day. I felt like they were a waste of time.

Cain’t miss what you ain’t never had.

Favorite Cereal/Cereal Toy

IF I ate breakfast it was either yogurt at home, or a massive 3 am breakfast at a 24 hour restaurant after the bars closed.

Who was your 90s crush growing up?

There was this girl at a bar where I worked – oh, you mean like a celebrity crush? I don’t really do those – but I did think Spike was kinda sexy. And I love this video.

I may be love’s bitch but at least I’m man enough to admit it.

What was your favorite Disney channel movie?

Disney? Was that a thing? Did I have it? Was Jeff Gordon in it?

Favorite Show? (Disney/Nick/Cartoon Network)


Weirdest Fashion Trend?

I had a mohawk a long, long time before it was cool, let alone allowed on girls. I don’t really do much fashion. I kind of do my own thing. Which, I guess, is pretty weird in itself. I did dress kind of goth and kind of grunge. But it was more like, grunge and goth caught up with me.

What Were your favorite toys?

Far as I remember I had collectibles that happened to BE toys in some cases. Like the huge chest full of diecast cars. But come to think of it, hubby and I had a series of cool cars that we called “zippy” cars. Those are the ones that you pull backwards to wind them up and then they take off. And “chasers” which are the remote control cars that have a cord that goes back to the controller – so you have to chase them. And we had a bunch of cat toys because we had a bunch of cats.

Disney/Nicklodeon/Cartoon Network

That was a thing?

What early morning/weekend shows would you watch?

NASCAR at that time had Busch races on Saturday, and the Winston Cup races on Sunday. Once the racing began, you could forget talking to me unless it was about the race.

And then NASCAR decided to get political and religious and commercial. Suddenly the drivers all parroted the same lines “Thank God, thank my family, thank all my wonderful sponsors, amen” Like, what?

You’re right – this isn’t my fathers NASCAR. And I don’t like it.

Right about the time I started getting pretty sick of NASCAR’s non-racing related bullshit, SPEED channel briefly (before NASCAR bought them) showed the highlights of the WRC – World Rally Cup – races. Their drivers could still (and do still) say “This car is a piece of shit” and they race over dirt, gravel, and pavement in wind, rain, shine, and snow so deep they use the banks to lean on and keep them on the road. NASCAR’s loss was WRCs gain.

Favorite McDonalds Happy Meal Toy

During most of the 90s I was making shit tons of money and I almost never ate at McDonalds if I could possibly help it.

Favourite Book

File:The Cat Who Saw Red.jpg

The Cat Who series by Lillian Jackson Braun featuring a retired investigative reporter and two Siamese cats. They were really kind of the start of the “cozy” mystery genre here and I devoured them as fast as she could write them.

What would you watch when you got home from school?

I wasn’t in school. I usually got home from work about 3 in the morning and generally watched taped NASCAR races until I went to sleep. If they sold the sound track from stock car races as a white noise track – I’d want it. Puts me to sleep like a charm!

What was your favorite thing from the 90s that’s no longer around today?

My athletic, hard body figure. ROFLMAO. It’s just ROUND now, rather than around.

I miss my father’s NASCAR. In case you don’t know, I’m making fun of NASCAR’s advertising logo of a few years ago – “this isn’t your Daddy’s NASCAR”. I did actually begin watching NASCAR with my Daddy, thank you, and it has certainly changed into something completely different.

“Years ago, you used to get out and fight and run around and chase each other with a jackhammer and stuff like that. Those were the good ol’ days.” – Dale Earnhardt, Jr.


Tiny Ugly Animal

I Drink and Watch Anime – Irina

Fred au Natural

And anybody else who wants to jump in on this, just comment.

Whew! I finally managed to finish this. It was a fun little trip through memory lane I must admit. The 90s were a pretty cool decade for me. I was working, traveling, making good money, newly and happily married, and such a car guy that I not only had a room full of die cast, at one point I actually owned like six cars at once – almost all classic muscle cars.


  1. Oh very different Indeed! I mean I guess it doesn’t help that I was like 4 till 13 ! But hey at least we both liked Buffy!
    The Power Rangers drove cars once or twice! xD And We both liked friends. though I was very young so I needed the 2000’s to understand. Spike was one of the guys I could get behind back when I was unsure about my preferences! But like only after the Fourth Season. So that means it was already the 2000’s when he became interesting to me! Vampire Willow I also found interesting!
    We also both did not like Mc Donalds! I mean I had a favourite toy because I was like 6 when it came out but by the time the 90’s ended and Mom was like.. we are going to Mc Donalds do you wanna come .. I said no thanks I’ll have some soup or something. Or went to a proper fast food place by myself to get something at least a bit crisper.

    I would not want my 90’s body. Then again to be a real life Moe girl could be kinda neat. I never knew you were a bit of a petrol-head! All I know about cars is they go vrooom.. and that the sound of a ford mustang or a Subaru is quite distinct. I totally want a Peel P50 or a Robin Reliant though! I just dont think those come in pink! Glad we are a bit closer now that I have grown up too! .. Though I am still a lot more childish as well!

    1. I am very much enjoying my childhood now that I’m old enough to have one 😉 Never stop enjoying being childish. Exactly – why would I eat at McD if I don’t have to? Actually, I DO enjoy a Happy Meal now and then and yes, in fact, I have a favorite toy, and I do decide if I’m going to buy one by what toys are in them. It’s more about the toy than anything else LOL. I thought Vampire Willow was sexy – and I liked Bad Willow, too. I much preferred Willow when she was bad 😛 I have to admit, I always kind of liked Spike though. Now I have to go find photos of a Robin Reliant and a Peel P50 – they sound cute…do they come in bright yellow? Can I even get them here (I’m always going – OH I WANT and then finding out you can’t buy them here) pout.

    2. OMG I looked them up and I LOVE your cars!!! I want a cute little city car for here. I’m thinking a Mini, or a Fiat (see lots of them here) or a Smart Car. In bright yellow.

      1. Mini’s are amazing but so insanely expensive! I was told by a driving instructor when I tried to learn that if I ever got my lincense I would kill one or my friends, he always rattled me to get more lesson money because if i got upset my headspace went terrible, I quit driving because I was scared to kill my friends, later health became a factor to so it didnt matter in the end but to this day I only look at tiny cars for 1 or 2 so i cant kill people with it hypotehically

      2. What a freaking jerk of a teacher! Seriously, that’s awful. Gearhead that I am, I’ve actually been through school to drive Semi-Tractor Trailers. Talk about something you could kill somebody with LOL. Never finished getting my commercial license because…lots of reasons really. Life changed. I happily drove our 5 ton Class C RV for years but two weeks driving it here in Las Vegas, two wrecks (I literally went 30 years without an accident before that) and I freaked out and parked it. Just not practical here. I want a zippy little city car to run errands and be super cheap to keep. I’ve always loved little cars, and most of my life had more reasons to have something bigger, so I only have ever had a couple of little cars (OMG I loved my Hyndai) but they were so much fun. Mind you – to me they are little rally cars…

  2. I was also a big fan of Janeway. At her very best she reminded me of Katherine Hepburn, probably the best actress to ever live. IIRC, she got her big start as Mrs. Columbo.

    The Cisco clip is perfection! Something I might have done. How many blog posts have I written only to hit the delete button? You don’t want to be too revealing of your inner demons online. There’s no upside to it. But the act of expressing things is therapeutic, even if you are smart enough to never tell your therapist.

    And of course Buffy was incredible!

    1. In fact, there was a paragraph of this very post that got cut and discarded. Inner demons should sometimes be just that, inner. 😛

      Yay, another Janeway fan. Yes, she is really quite an actress in everything I have ever seen her in. Is she Kate though? We will see if she leaves that lasting legacy…

      Oh there are things I would NEVAH tell a therapist if I had one…

  3. Yay, I got nominated! I was thinking while I was reading how fun this challenge is and how I would steal it and do it anyway. So, thank you. And I really love your answers. It’s so much fun getting to know more about you.

    1. This was such a great and fun challenge, I am seriously thinking of doing like a mini-series of follow ups for like the 60s through today for anyone to jump in on.

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