Just A Little Birthday Message

Image may contain: coffee cup and drink
To all the people who stomped me, the ones who kicked me when I was down, who tried to kill me or who tried to destroy me so I would kill myself. Everyone who sneered at me and insulted me or laughed at me. Who’s laughing now?HAHAHAHA…the best revenge is living well. To everyone who gave me your love, wisdom, kindness and support, thank you. You make my life worth living. Blessed be.

Now if you’ll excuse me – the hubby is baking…


  1. Happy Birthday Summer! I might be a bit late! Did the hubby need saving from baking or is het actual good at it and you wanted to eat his cooking? When I try to bake it kinda feels like Gremlins 2.. that kitchen scene!
    Hope you had an amazing birthday! And hope you have many more!

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