Sketch A Day check up

Last week I did six sketches and got 58 likes. I did break my streak though. Actually, I broke all streaks yesterday for a very good reason. We adopted a kitty. She deserves her own post, of course, so let’s see if this bright idea I had works to make it easier to get the sketches into this blog.

Not Found

Prompt – accept. Pencil on paper.

Not Found

Prompt – wander. Digital. Looks like I’m pretty settled on Autodesk Sketchbook on the phone.

Not Found

Prompt – snap. I had far bigger and better plans for this drawing, but for some reason my phone was not tracking finger strokes very well that day. So, yes, digital, on the phone.

Not Found

Prompt – hoop. Colored markers on paper, which I settled for because of time. I wandered off and watched Navaho Hoop dancing videos for a while (blush) This is the Navaho Medicine Wheel.

Not Found

Prompt – bloom. Another finger sketch on the phone. To my amusement, this flower that I whipped up in like two minutes is the champion for number of likes. You just never can tell what people will like…

Not Found

Prompt – Identify. Pencil on paper. Somewhere down the line it lost a lot of detail.

Now we post and see if this system worked to get the pictures from phone to blog.

I am not sharing to Instagram or Facebook as much because it’s such a pain in the ass for me to type any text on the phone to identify the prompt and media. So if you are one of the two or three people who care at all, you might find it best to follow it on the blog 😀


Summer Foovay

4 thoughts on “Sketch A Day check up

  1. I bet you can guess which one I liked most this time!

    Accept intrigues me to. She holds her sword in a weird way though I think. Then Again I only hold a Katana so what do I know! Identify was on last weeks post as well!

    How is the Kitty called?! What kind of kitty did you get?

    1. They give me one glimpse of this “report” and then it’s gone forever. I grab the last six sketches on the phone – or whatever they say I had. Ooops. 😛 Sigh. Damn, you’re right about Accept, that is weird. What was I thinking? I think in my head I was seeing one of the tarot cards where she holds a sword and chalice – so the sword is just held straight up, not like you’re going to use it but in a more symbolic way. Still I should have caught that. She could kill that person if she knights them. WHACK. Ahem.

      Kitty is Misty. She is a dilute calico kind of medium hair and bless her little kitty heart right now she is mostly scared to death. But she does like salmon and lots of cuddles and pets so we’ll get it worked out 😀 Best of all, she immediately took to James (some animals think he smells weird – because of kidney disease – and don’t like him which breaks his heart) with much cuddling and head butting so she’s okay by me.

      1. That is so nice to hear that your kitty took to him. As I am quite twitchy and sometimes have very mild spamsns cats usually dont like me much either, but my bestie has one that doesnt mind all that much so that is always nice.
        I hope Misty quickly gets used to her new home! I bet the salmon will help!

        As for the sword. She just holds it at the very bottom no pommel left so I feel it would slip or have no balance I held a another medieval tool like it once and it did not handle very well.
        I only know realise she was based on a tarrot card.. something seemed familiar about it!

      2. “I now knight thee Sir – CHOP – oh….sorry….”

        Glad you do have a kitty friend. I’m a reformed crazy old cat lady. I’ve always maintained that one warm purring kitty could cure almost any ailment. 😀

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