Level 100 at Castle Cats

2020-04-01 (2)

A few days ago I was thrilled to achieve level 100 on Castle Cats. It came with a few nice perks, as you can see, and I had also only recently scored the cool Samurai outfit for my avatar cat from a guild leader item box. And before I could find the time to blog brag about it, this happened:

2020-04-07 (3)

Yep, Level 101 and the black wings came from one of the Reputation rewards. This screen gives you a nice snapshot, with how many heroes I have, quests completed and so on. It’s a tribute to my addiction. I could probably give you 101 reasons I love this simple idle heroes type game. But that would be much too long for a blog post.

I believe what truly makes this game for me is the graphics. I love the cats. They are very well animated both when just walking around looking adorable, and in battle. In general, I am not impressed with animals that have been anthromorphized extensively, but somehow Castle Cats’ artists have struck the sweet spot between cats that look like cats, but who have distinct qualities of various heroic characters blended in with a good dose of sugary cuteness.

Castle Cats makes me chuckle quite frequently. The tongue in cheek text in stories and character descriptions, as well as the occasional speech balloon from a cat and the special graphics for the attacks by various cats. In fact, I have an evil plan to create an entire blog post devoted to all those amusing attacks.

Speaking of sweet spots, Castle Cats has also found the sweet spot between fun and obligation. They do have daily tasks, which can largely be accomplished in a matter of minutes if you are in a hurry that day to do more important things (what could be more important? Well, you know, RL) and even if I’m only doing a “drive by” I still generally get a little smile from something in this game. When I have more time, it is a real pleasure to just play around. I can spend ridiculous amounts of time “playing dolls” with the guild avatar cat’s variety of eyes, coat color, tails, mascots, costumes, and weaponry. You can let battles idle, or join in and tap your fingers bloody while chuckling at the unique attack effects. If you are like my hubby and I and play and do several things at once, it’s a fun game to leave running and open while you concentrate on something on another device. You never know what you’ll catch your kitties up to when you glance up.

Thus ends my first, but certainly not my last, little love letter to Castle Cats.

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