According to legend, a yokai named Amabie appeared and told the people, “draw a picture of me and show it to everyone” as a way to stop epidemics.

Here is my version of Amabie. Colored pencil and pen.


Be Well. Blessedbe.

2 thoughts on “Amabie

  1. I really like this drawing, it has something really femine to it I don’t see in a lot of other Amabie. I get a sense of melancholy when looking at the image a sadness to it. The lighting on the face also is really pretty!

    1. Thank you! You see such depth in everything. I love that about you. Amabie is described as mermaid like, so to me she had to be female and discernably so. And of course, I find women beautiful in form so she had to have feminine beauty. It makes me happy you like the lighting on her face. I wanted her to be beautiful and yet, of course, to have the beak fitted naturally to her face.

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