Happy Cat Day! 3 Fun Cat Things

cat1It’s Cat Day in Japan – as is every February 22nd. The Japanese phrase for this date sounds like a cat meowing; nyanyanya and so it has become Cat Day.

As a reformed Crazy Old Cat Lady I welcome this brief instant of indulging in cats, cats, cats and more cats. Sadly, I don’t currently have a situation that welcomes a real pet cat (weep weep weep) although I hope to maybe be able to invite a new kitty to our home later this year. How did I go from a crazy old cat lady with 50 cats (and 30 dogs) and other pets, to this little old lady with an RV and computers?  What a long, strange trip it has been. But that’s not what this is about.

This is about the cats you can enjoy today on your computer. And phone.

My Roommate is a Cat is a sweet, warm, and slightly sad little slice of life anime that any cat lover will enjoy. It follows a young man who has just lost his parents. He thinks he is just fine. He isn’t – which we cat lovers can tell in an instant when he is adopted by a kitten and trained up into a proper cat slave. The anime has an interesting set up. Each episode begins with a bit of the story from the human’s perspective – and then we get the same events from the kitten, later cat’s perspective. This series has the feels, from smiles and laughter, to sighs.

No less fun is Poyopoyo. This is another slice of life anime, but about quite a different type of family – country instead of city, and the full nuclear family instead of a single person. It is far more for laughs and happy times. With 52 episodes that are all of 2 and a half minutes long you can binge the whole thing today. It is one of my go-to happy places on a bad day.  It’s cute and perky and I even love the opening tune.

Haha – now you’ll have that stuck in your head all day. I know I will.

Last but hardly least let me recommend Neko Atsume for the anime/gamer/cat person. You can play it in English or Japanese – so there’s a little challenge for those of you learning Japanese. Most of us will probably play it on the phone. It saves locally, so if you change devices you have to – or is that get to – start over. It’s a very simple little game that takes up no more time than you are willing to devote to it. You put down food, some toys and beds, and go away. Wait a few minutes, come back to see which cats are visiting you. The idea is to collect all the cats, pictures of all the cats. The cats will bring you mementos, so you will want to collect all the mementos, too. You can adjust the foods, toys and so on to attract whatever kitty you don’t have yet, or need to see more often so you get their memento. It’s a quiet little time killer that offers the occasional moment of delight.


I got a memento from Whiteshadow!!  (He’s the Ninja kitty and you don’t see him that often)

So go forth and have a great Cat Day. Hug your kitty for me. Or indulge in these little happy cat things.




  1. I missed this post when it came out! But well obviously you don’t see the ninja Kitty around a lot.. he would be a very bad Ninja after all.
    As I told cat’s can react bad to me but drawn cats can still make me scream KAWAII out loud. I will definatly add My Roommate is a cat to my watch list!

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