#Irontomeathon Round up

It’s been real. It’s been fun. All of the TBRs I did not get to were due back at the library on today. I took all of them back yesterday except for Half A King, which isn’t due for a while yet and which I am really interested in due to interesting reviews.

I learned a few things.

The reasons I quit reading tons of adult fantasy are many. Most of them still stand. I did discover a new writer or two I may follow, new work by an author I already knew and sort of liked (you know, I like some of her stuff, I don’t like others of it…), and a few books by favorite authors I had not yet read – so there’s a few I’ll be reading or looking for to read in the future. I may dabble more than I have for the last several years, but very selectively.

The readathon itself was fun for me, and here I have to include the 24in48 Readathon as well. It was sort of gratifying to follow a little in social media and learn there are others like me who read as fast, or even faster, than I do. I wasn’t even halfway up the leaderboard by my estimate 😀 Although I was also reading books not part of the readathon.

Which is another thing I learned. I’ll go stir crazy if I read one after another of ANY genre, even one I dearly love. This explains why right now my TBR holds a three non-fictions (one about spies, another about UFO/aliens, and a scientific treatise about wild horses), three of the In Death books (I am working my way through the whole series in order finally. Knocking out about two a week on average), Stardust by Neil Gaiman, and Half A King.  I am unable to NOT have variety and still read.

Any future readathons, and yeah I think maybe there will be some, will be based entirely on some other type of challenge – preferably something like how many can you read in a month or how many hours in a week or something numerical that won’t force me to stay in one genre.

I didn’t get very involved in the social end of it, which isn’t too surprising. I’ve gotten very anti-social, which is my natural state. For a long time when I thought I would make money on the Internet or by writing I followed all that advice on being active on every social media there is. I met some great people and had some fun, but it’s a relief, really, to be out of it.  I find I don’t care for the format of trying to carry on a conversation on most of those sites.

So, there it is.

I am devoting August to playing games and tinkering with my new tablet as far as trying out apps for learning Japanese, drawing, games, anime, and all the other stuff I used to do with my Kindle Fire – only now I won’t be feeling handicapped by the limitations imposed by Amazon and the new android tablet has far greater capabilities in the gaming and graphics area that I’m very much enjoying already.

Hopefully by September the weather will break and I’ll be doing more active outdoorsy things.


man standing on stone beside body of water during daytime
Photo by mali maeder on Pexels.com