My Own Little Slightly Odd Halloween Story For This Year

kinginyellowRecently, I’ve begun selling plasma. After overcoming my initial panic at any sharp pointy thing being stabbed into my finger or arm, and all the medical exams and such, it’s become pretty routine if not painless.

Last Thursday I went in at the end of a day of errands. I had a lot I wanted to get done before Halloween and the hubby’s birthday – and that little bit of cash would help.

I take my Kindle, so I can play games or read one handed without too much trouble. I only have an hour to kill. The plasma center wasn’t very busy and got me in quickly and I settled down with a new book.

The King in Yellow is a very old book, published in 1895, of rather macabre short stories that share a theme of mentioning a play called the King In Yellow. The general idea is similar to The Ring in that if you read the play, you go crazy or die or something.. H.P. Lovecraft actually references the book in his Cthulu works, so nerd that I am when I heard about it I looked and found it free on the Kindle. I thought it would be fitting reading for the week before Halloween.

I was a little ways into the first story about a man just leaving an asylum. He had been misdiagnosed as mad after being kicked in the head by a horse. When he recovered a bit, the doctor realized his mistake and treated him for the head injury, then let him go. During his convalescence, the man found a copy of The King in Yellow and began to read it. He wanted to stop, but he somehow was obsessed and couldn’t stop reading…

Right about there my vision went blurry and strange and the blackness closed in. I sat up and tried to get someone’s attention but…

Well, next thing I knew I was semi-conscious and six people were standing around my bed talking about me, asking me questions, pouring saline into my arm, and taking my vitals. I had passed out for the first time during the procedure.

Once I felt a little better and could at least make sense if you asked me a question, they taped me up and let me go. Sadly, I did not get my red blood cells back, so I can’t donate again for two months. Meanwhile, I’ve enjoyed (NOT) several days of being a bit woozy and pukey now and again.

And I haven’t read any more of that book yet…