The Sky is Crying

Today is that most unusual of weathers here in southern New Mexico.  Rainy.  Not the monsoon storms, that swoop in out of a clear sky in the afternoon to pour gallons and then vanish as swiftly as they arrived.  But a day long soaker.  What some Native Americans call “the female rain” that is soft but constant.  Perfect for the plants and soil made delicate by drought. My husband and I call it “sleeping weather”.  For some reason, the sight of a sky like this wants me to crawl right back into bed with warm blankets, hot tea, and a good book and stay there the rest of the day to doze, read, and doze some more. I think nature means for us to take a break now and then.  I feel like the Goddess is saying – “You humans go lay down out of the way somewhere and rest.  I’m doing my washing today.” 

Source: The Sky is Crying


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