Yay – I’m a Nanowrimo Winner!

Winner2012NanoI’m proud of me for having at least accomplished the 50K word mark! I rewarded myself with a few days off out in the country to regroup and assess. First of all – the novel is nowhere near done – maybe half done. But writing 50K words was even easier than I expected it to be, especially given that the first part of November is a hard time for me to find time to write with birthdays and holidays and such. I actually finished a couple of days early, because as the end of the month came closer I started having 3K and 5K days – easy.

So I am setting myself a modest, I think, goal for December to write at least another 50K words for this novel – as well as finishing the fairy coloring book for adults that I have begun. I will also be bringing my sewing machine home for a few projects, hopefully allowing myself more time for coloring and jigsaw puzzles and I’ve also decided I want to finally take the time to explore Origami.

This is my idea of an “easy” month – ROFLMAO. Oh – and I am looking forward to having Sundays back to take off the computer completely and read. I suspended that for Nano, but I believe I can manage 50K without giving up my lazy Sundays.

Best of all, I believe I have finally found my little niche of time in which to write, and possibly draw as well. That would be after I put hubby to bed, until I am ready to sleep. It gets me to bed about 4 am, but everyone here is already used to me sleeping until 10 am and don’t seem too disturbed if I actually sleep until noon, or sneak in a little nap in the afternoon.

We shall see…

Summer Foovay