Sweet Summer Romance

A Time To Love is a sweet, beautiful summer romance just the right length for a quiet afternoon on the beach or by the pool. It will tug at your heartstrings, and make you smile with the HAE ending. This is a fade-to-black romance with no erotica.

Stephanies husband is dying and she has collapsed with the stress of running their business, taking care of the family, and watching her beloved husband whom she has known since they were children, slowly failing. Their doctor insists Stephanie take a short vacation. Spiced with the flavors of Alaska, California, and Australia and set in the 1980s, this will be a little romp down memory lane for anyone who lived in Anchorage, Alaska in that time period.

This is Jacqueline Wilson’s first novel. It was written over 30 years ago, but as the busy worker, wife and mother she was then, it never got published. Jackie is 83 years young and taking her first dip into the big Kindle pool of publishing. Please give her a big welcome!

Yeah, yeah, I did the editing and the cover art. Never mind me. Go read the book!

A Time To Love


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