Fedora Hats

It was over twenty years ago that a dark, handsome young man wearing a fedora hat walked past me in a bar. I dropped what I was doing and followed him to his table, sat down and introduced myself. He scared me half to death by replying “I know who you are. I’ve been watching you walk to the store in the morning.” (I had just gotten rid of a stalker – a real one – so this news took me aback!) He smiled that beautiful, charming smile and with twinkling black eyes explained that he was my neighbor in the apartment complex.

A little over a year later I married the boy in the fedora hat – and yes, he wore it at the wedding. I’m still married to him, and he still loves his fedora hats, so maybe I am a little prejudiced when I say that both men and women look sexy as hell in a fedora.

Or maybe it’s true! Humphrey Bogart looked awesome in a fedora, and a generation later, Indiana Jones made the look popular again. It is an ever lasting style that never goes out of fashion. A good friend of mine has brought together a great selection of fedora hats – click here to see them.


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