Fedora Hats

It was over twenty years ago that a dark, handsome young man wearing a fedora hat walked past me in a bar. I dropped what I was doing and followed him to his table, sat down and introduced myself. He scared me half to death by replying “I know who you are. I’ve been watching you walk to the store in the morning.” (I had just gotten rid of a stalker – a real one – so this news took me aback!) He smiled that beautiful, charming smile and with twinkling black eyes explained that he was my neighbor in the apartment complex.

A little over a year later I married the boy in the fedora hat – and yes, he wore it at the wedding. I’m still married to him, and he still loves his fedora hats, so maybe I am a little prejudiced when I say that both men and women look sexy as hell in a fedora.

Or maybe it’s true! Humphrey Bogart looked awesome in a fedora, and a generation later, Indiana Jones made the look popular again. It is an ever lasting style that never goes out of fashion. A good friend of mine has brought together a great selection of fedora hats – click here to see them.

Greeting Cards

Feb. 21st is Card Reading Day. You probably know, if know me, that I’m a bit anti-made up holidays. But I’ve changed my mind about Card Reading Day – you can read more about why at Foovay’s Cauldron, In Praise of Greeting Cards.

It is cold and grey and rainy here today – hope you are having better weather and enjoy a good long weekend if you get President’s Day off!

Summer Foovay

My Valentine’s Day Gift To You – My Readers – Free On Kindle

I have two, count ’em, two gifts for you my faithful and long-suffering readers for Valentine’s Day. And a third one if you can spare a minute.

FirstCutting Away The Painfree erotica ebook – which is, after all, a love story – will be free on Kindle starting today through Valentine’s Day.

SecondTales From The Webitchtress Mansionerotica ebook is live and ready to purchase for the Kindle TODAY.

Third – to find out what the third gift is, you have to read this post on my main blog Foovay’s Cauldron. If you truly want to keep up with all my news – that’s the one you need to following!

free erotica ebook
Cutting Away The Pain is an intense erotic novella (4600+ words). This is a story of a young woman marked by the harshest abuse who is discovered by an unexpected heroine. Her new Mistress shows her the ways of love and pain and devotion. I, personally, think this is one of the best stories I have ever written – with or without the hot sex.  Cutting Away the Pain will be free for the Kindle starting today, through Valentine’s Day.

 Fresh off the presses – so to speak –  Tales From The Webitchtress Mansionerotica ebook features six erotic stories set at the Webitchtress Mansion. The Webitchtress is a full time lifestyle dominatrix. She and her friends thoroughly enjoy no holds barred hot fetish sex in all flavors. Four tales feature the Webitchtress herself as she dominates men and women with bondage, spanking, pony play, knife play and let’s not forget the sexy shoes. Her bisexual girl friend Joey shares a story of her dream come true – when she discovers her lifelong best friend is also a lesbian. Good friends make the best lovers. KB, the most uninhibited of women, reveals that she has a nasty little secret fetish – she loves to watch men masturbate – and shares one of her most exciting experiences. This is definately an erotica sex ebook – if explicit fetish sex is too heavy for you, please don’t even bother buying this one.

There is one more big announcement – a free gift – but you’ll have to go to Foovay’s Cauldron to find it!

I haven’t gotten Moving On revised yet – but now that I finished formatting Tales From The Webitchtress Mansion I THINK I MAY know KINDA what I’m doing and I’ll be able to get Moving On fixed in a decent amount of time.

Thank you – and I hope you enjoy the books!

Summer Foovay

Blessed Imbolc

Whether you are celebrating Imbolc or Brighid’s Day or St. Brighid’s Day today (or tomorrow or the next day!) may the seeds of effort you plant be quickened into the success and prosperity you desire.


I’ve blessed our little yard and the inspiration for a container garden we hope to plant this year. I’ve cleaned the house and invited the Goddess in. I was going to take the day off to hang out with hubby and a friend, but I decided I should begin a couple of projects I have been incubating, as well as touch a few that are already growing with blessings. And so I am going to work a little today. Just not all day long.

May you have a blessed Brighid’s Day and may your work this day bring you abundance and blessings all year long.


Summer Foovay