Do you celebrate Brigid’s Day?

Do you celebrate Brigid’s Day in the first part of February? Are you Pagan, neoPagan, Catholic, or something eclectic in between like a believer in Fairy? My irrepressible curiousity got the best of me this week and I spent quite some time researching this article; Bridgid; Fairy, Goddess, or Saint. Maybe it will satisfy your questions, too 🙂

Moving On is Free on Kindle

Usually when my blog headline is “free on Kindle” I’d have a nice long list for you of delicious (well, to me) free public domain books on Kindle. But today the free book on Kindle is Moving On – my first published novel.

Moving On was a Nanowrimo novel written while I was going through menopause. I have laughingly referred to it is an “adult angst” novel (at the time my stepdaughter was recommending a lot of good teen angst novels to me to read). Like most first novels, it is largely based on my own life story – as well as on the life story and experiences of many people I have known. I exercise a good many of my own pet peeves, from the bullshit my old home town use to spew about the oil companies who owned them, to the views most “nice middle class people” have about homeless people, exotic dancers, and prostitutes. So “Moving On” is a real stew of things. It has a kayak, a river, a fox, some horses, a few river nymphs, and a woman protagonist who has been through hell and found peace – but who has also realized the time has come to move on to another stage in her life. It is the typical journey novel – doubled. Melanie journeys up the river, dealing with the moment to moment task of living, paddling, camping, and eating. But at the same time, she is journeying mentally and spiritually through the life she is leaving, her past, from an abusive childhood and early marriage, through homelessness, prostitution, and being an exotic dancer.

Yes, there’s a bit of sex in the book. Because the book is about life, and to me sex is part of life. It’s a long ways from erotica, but it also doesn’t “fade to black” for the sex scenes.

The book was well reviewed by the one reviewer who has ever seen fit to write about it at reviews. Originally the novel was published by Forbidden Press, an ebook publisher who claimed they published all genres but who actually published romances only. Except for Moving On, which is NOT a romance. Thus, needless to say, Moving On did not sell well and I don’t think was well liked by those who did buy it. It was simply a bad fit for the audience. No fault on anyone’s side.

When their publishing contract was up, I found another publisher who put Moving On in print – and requested that I change the name – which is how it came to be called The River Way. You can buy The River Way in paperback for a ridiculous amount of money – not one penny of which will be paid to me. Or you can get the Kindle version (now finally retitled “Moving On”) for free for the next five days. That’s a no brainer, isn’t it?

Moving On was my first novel. I like to think I’ve become a better writer since then. But I will say that Moving On probably is more from my heart than anything I’ve written before or since, or probably ever will again.

You can also borrow Moving On for free through the Kindle Owners Lending Library – and I will always keep it available there.

I don’t really know why – but no one has reviewed Moving On on Amazon. Readers tend to send me a personal email or message telling me how the book touched them deeply, even changed their lives, but they don’t review it publicly. Maybe it became too personal. I don’t know. But it does hurt sales, I think, to not have any reviews.

If you do read Moving On and choose to review it, please email me at sffoovay AT and I will return the favor in any way I can – reading and reviewing your book, following on twitter or facebook, or maybe doing a graphic or ebook cover for you.

Thank you and Blessedbe

Summer Foovay

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